small bathroom wall decor

small bathroom wall decor

you must have one bathroom in your home. there are many homes that have problems withthe small bathroom space. you can make changes and turn the small roominto a room that looks great. there are many ways to trick your eyes. you can enjoy your bathroom after doing oneof the 10 small bathroom decorating ideas next. 10. hang curtains as high as possible. the proper way to trick your eye on the smallbathroom was hanging the shower curtain in

the highest part. the curtains were installed in the highestpart can make a bathroom look great and relieved. this also applies to the curtains in yourbathroom. if you hang a curtain to touch the roof ofthe bathroom, the room will look bigger. you can purchase extra-long curtains for yourbathroom. you will get benefits in accordance with themoney you spend. 9. paint your bathroom walls. the bathroom can be a serious thing for theguests who visit your home.

the decor in the bathroom can create a lastingimpression on people using the bathroom. if you stayed in the hotel and use the bathroom,then you will realize that the hotel bathroom has a unique decoration. it is a natural thing because the hotel wantsto satisfy all the guests who visited the venue. you can bring the decorations to the bathroomin your home. you will surely be pleased when the showerat your house looks like a hotel bathroom. the decor is very easy to do in your home. the easiest thing is to paint the walls inyour bathroom.

you must choose a paint that is in accordancewith the items contained in your bathroom. you can consider the color combination ofpainting the bathroom. 8. add contrast with accent colors you can add visual appeal to your bathroomby using a particular accent. you can provide a neutral color on the wallso you can change the accent you want every week. changes require a neutral background decorationwithout any painting. you can decorate your bathroom with any color.

there are many small bathrooms that have justone accent color because the two colors will make the room cramped. you can add decorations and the right styleto your bathroom with a neutral accent and contrast. you only need to use a mix of black and whitecolors for appliances in the bathroom. it's a way that does not require much money. accessories with contrasting colors that canbe placed in the bathroom are baskets, mats, simple accessories, shower curtains, artwork,soap, bath soap, and towels. one of the most appropriate ways to add coloror accent in your bathroom is laid carpet

in the toilet. you can replace the carpet in accordance withyour wishes. 7. make the towel bar. it is a brilliant idea yet very simple. you should not let the bathroom door becamevacant. you have to utilize all the space in a smallbathroom. this is the best thing to do for the thickdoor in your bathroom. the door is not only useful to open and lockthe bathroom but it can also be used as extra

storage space. you can put an extra towel rack behind thedoor. the door will provide a space to dry towelsfor the whole family. this door is a practical storage place. you do not need to pay extra shelves to decorateyour bathroom. 6. light it up you have to keep the bathroom light as decentas possible. you can put all kinds of drugs in the bathroomwindow.

if you want to use a divider to create privaterooms, then you should still let light get into your bathroom. if you do not have a window, the toilets shouldremain bright. you can install lighting on the roof of yourbathroom. you can install a very bright light bulbsand lights in the room. 5. utilizing the storage space in the vanity there are many people who have a bathroomvanity. you can add shelves to the vanity, but thereare many people who could not do it because

it was blocked by a water pipe. you can put one shelf to utilize the spaceon the vanity. you can use the open space near the waterpipes so you can save toilet paper. 4. make your shower see-through. any object into the separator in your bathroomwill make the room look small. doors and curtains can make a bathroom looksmaller. you can install a bathroom door that is reallysmooth and transparent so that no visible separation in your bathroom.

if you do not have the budget to buy the glass,then you can buy a transparent shower curtain so it looks clear. if you do not want to put a glass or curtain,then you can let your bathroom is open and does not have a separator. 3. use open shelving you need space for toilet paper and towels. outdoor storage is the perfect thing for allthese problems. this is the storage at an affordable cost.

you can move some objects to the open shelves. you can free up your cupboard of things thatare not important. open shelves with neat arrangement will makeyour bathroom look beautiful. 2. keep everything white! if you have large furniture for your bathroom,then you have to buy furniture with white color. you can choose the white color to paint, tilebathroom, walls, sink, toilet, and so on. all these colors will surely fool your eyes.

you would be surprised because the room looksgreat and are not separated by any furniture. you can use light colors for your bathroom. bathroom with lighter colors has many advantages. the bathroom with a lot of light will makethe room appears larger. this bathroom will feel relieved. bathroom with dark colors will look smalland crowded in your home. 1. use the mirror a mirror is an object that is very importantin a small bathroom.

these objects should be placed in your bathroom. this is the main requirement to get a smallbathroom with an atmosphere of relief. mirrors can reflect light making the roomto be open and free. you can put a mirror in the medicine cabinetor on top of the sink. the mirror is a natural way to make your bathroominto a large visible. you can select a frame in accordance withthe concept of the mirror in your bathroom. those are 10 small bathroom decorating ideasthat you can try by yourself and make your bathroom looks bigger and comfortable. to close this presentation,before you leave, make this video attract

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