small bathroom decorating ideas on a budget

small bathroom decorating ideas on a budget

hello, welcome to my channel. today, we are going to be talking about ways to make your bathroom feel more like a spa. i have a very small bathroom but i love it because i've taken the time to make it feel like my little sanctuary i want to spend all of my days at a spa so making my home feel that way makes me really happy and there's steps that i've taken to make my bathroom feel this way and so i wanted to share that with you guys all the things that i've done and all the things that i want to do so without any further ado let's get in to the tips the first tip that i have for you guys is to update your showerhead i did this right when i moved into my apartment like three years ago or so and i changed it to a rain shower head, which is so nice. it is the perfect pressure

it feels so good to have all of that water just dripping down on you as opposed to a very small basic showerhead that has one little stream coming down that you can't even get the shampoo out of your hair cuz that's how mine was previously, so i'm just really happy with that update it's super simple to do easy to do inexpensive you can do it in a place that you're renting and i think that it's totally worth it the second piece of advice would be to mix in nature whenever you can so adding a plant to your bathroom is gonna. make you feel calm. it's alive it's something that you have to take care of plants in general just always make me feel good and they clean the air, which is definitely a plus

i have a plant that hangs from the ceiling of my shower, which i really like when it's hanging down and i'm washing my hair i feel like i'm in a jungle and i really like that but you can put plants anywhere in your bathroom if you don't want one in your shower with you personally i think it's amazing and i highly recommend if you know me you know i love me a good robe and having a robe on hand one or two at all times so that when you get out of the shower you just throw a robe on and have a cup of tea or before you shower after you take off your clothes you want to just have a robe on while you're drawing the bath

and setting candles just a way to make you feel like you were at a spa, and i love it i love adding lovely scents to my bathroom like a diffuser with some lavender essential oil candles for sure, incense... all of the things, any scents that make you feel calm, have them just flowing through your bathroom adding a bath caddy to your bath tub my best friend got me this bath caddy about three years ago, and it is probably the best gift i've ever received you can put a glass of wine on a bath caddy you can put a book and just be lounging in the bathtub just loving life you kind of have to have spa tunes going on when you are taking a bath. if you go on spotify and just type in

spa music, that's the playlist that i click on and it just instantly sets the mood there's nothing better than super relaxing music that you can just zone out to in the bath last but not least the products that you keep in your bathroom i went to france over the summer and i fell in love with the body wash that was at the hotel i was staying at i just loved the way that it made me feel it was peppermint and lavender so i decided to buy that and bring it home with me so that i could have that same feeling at home i think leaving out the things that make you feel relaxed even if you don't use them every day for instance i have hot stones for at-home massages

i like having them open and visible for me to see because they just make me think relaxing thoughts when i look at them that is it for my video on how to make your bathroom feel much more spa-like i hope you guys got some good tips from this video. doesn't matter how small your bathroom is you can totally make it as relaxing as you'd like it to be and if you guys take any of these tips let me know because i'd love to see what you guys do with your bathrooms tag me in them on instagram or twitter or wherever in the meantime follow me on those platforms as well because i'm on them all of the time all of my handles in all of the social media lands is at carrie rad. if you guys liked this video, please remember to give it a thumbs up and if you're not already, please make sure that you are subscribed. remember i have a new video up every sunday at 10:00 a.m. so i will see you guys very soon in a new video. i hope you're well, see you soon. bye

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