wainscoting ideas for dining room

wainscoting ideas for dining room

hello, i'm jennifer, with jenniferdecorates. how many times have you gotten so excited for a diy project only toland in the middle of it and be ready to pull your hair out? well, in today's video,i've got an accent wall that only took us an afternoon to complete. so let metell you about the product we used on this wall behind me.it is reclaimed wood, it's very thin but one of the coolest, most brilliant thingsabout it is we put this entire wall up with no nails. the product is an adhesive onthe back. it also comes with just an array of styles. this is a weatheredwhitewashed look but it also has a very modern sleek choices or even morerustic choices. now if you get kind of

confused, i don't know how much i'm goingto need, you just go on their website and make sure you've measured your wall andthen a little chat box will pop up and you tell them how big of the wall youneed for this product and they're gonna tell you exactly how much you need. thenit's gonna arrive in a box at your front door. when we open up the boxes we pulledout each piece and categorized them according to their similar links. nownone of the links are exactly the same, you're just putting them together in thesimilar links. next, scott and josh popped a level linehorizontally across the center of the wall. so they started in the middle,alternating with the top and the bottom.

by going back and forth it allowed theguys to take a step back and look at their progress and make sure that theywere not having a repetitive pattern and to also make sure they didn't run out ofone of the certain link boards they needed. we use the handy roller that wasprovided by stick wood. it evenly applied pressure to every wood board and madesure they all stuck in place perfectly. by the time we were done peeling all thepaper off the board's, the floor totally looked like christmas morning. so whenthey got to the end of the wall, some of the pieces had to be trimmed just sothey would fit in precisely. so the only other trimming that needed to be donewas the top and bottom rows to make sure

that they would fit the height of thewall. once the guys got into a pretty good groove, they really started to fly getting this project up and really, it just took a few hours to get itcompleted. as we made progress it was so easy to see the end result it wasimmediate gratification because there was no step 2 or step 3 to be done thiswas finished. well i tell you, this diy project was an absolute home run for us.we didn't have our normal 5 extra trips to the home-improvement store, all oursupplies in the right amount arrived at our door, i also didn't have to make the wood look the way i wanted it to. i didn't have towhitewash it and i didn't have to stain

it. you could also do this product on aceiling and there's actually a ton of different ideas on their website. i'llput a link below in the description and be sure to check out their inspirationgallery. i hope you enjoyed this video. be sure to subscribe to my channel becausewe're gonna have more videos up coming soon!