little girl bathroom decor

little girl bathroom decor

like, were you made for this? i think you are. hi everyone, my name's kelsey. and my name is becky, and we are the sorry girls and we are back doing door makeovers again. this year, as every year, we make over real students dorms and it's really exciting for us. this year we are doing three dorm rooms. and today we are starting with natalia's room. so natalia is a second year student studying humanities. she loves pink and she's from dubai which is super cool so we've talked to her already. we have a sense of exactly what she wants in here. it's time to say bye to her so we can get on with the makeover okay, have fun at class see you later.

all right okay. so in this room, we know we want to make it a little bit more cozy it is a little bit like tall cementy grey. cementy grey walls. and then also i want to play with the height a little bit yes because we do have the height, so let's like use it and make the room feel huge. totally, but before we do anything, i feel like the layout we want to change up a little bit. yes. it's okay, but i feel like we can make it better, also it's like fun to just like rearrange your furniture yeah, so bed there, i think desk here, for a multi-purpose new ? uh uh huhu

okay, yeah, let's get to moving. you uh, you borrowing things?, um, i think that we have a really good box that will go in here. but this new layout i'm into. i like it, it feels bright and open. also i want her purse game. purse game so strong. purse game so strong. so strong. we had this amazing idea since she has polaroids kind of all over here and there to string them on this wall. yeah, that'll provide us some height and i'll be like a little deckle above here and then on this wall, i want to do giant watercolor art, because it's so easy to do, (yes) looks so beautiful. so, i'll tackle that here, and you will tackle that there?. on it. okay. so to do this super easy giant watercolor art

all you need is a basic watercolor kit that has colors that you like. the best way to do this is to go in heavy with a strong color and do kind of an organic line across the top, and then you can blend it out with a lot of water underneath. let that dry and then do another row of an organic shape kind of like mountains in a thick color, and then again blend that out really well with water underneath. you can repeat this for as many rows as you want, and, if you ever mess up, don't worry, water is the best way to basically erase watercolor. you can blend anything out and do it again once it's dry. that is cute i actually love this and we just kind of like maxed out what she was already doing with her... a little string we just, times-ed it by five. so cute. that's looking good. it's coming along, it's taking some time to dry, but it's getting there.

i've concocted the most delicious lemonade i'm actually thirsty so on her cork board here, we bought a little bit of batting and a little bit of fabric and some pins, and we're gonna make a tufted cork board. so we've covered them in fabric before, but we've yet to do a tufted version. i'm interested in how this is gonna work out. we're all along this journey together. our tufted board looks good, doesn't look like a cork board anymore. but now there's like a lot of empty space that we didn't need. so i'm just going to go ahead and clean up this little shelf here,

this shelf is like a nice added decor area, but it does need some tidying up. and guys, this light; we are going to replace it. this is looking great, we have a lot of different pink tones going on, which i think will work with all the other pink tones we have in this space. so i'm gonna set these aside to fully finish drying, but we have a vanity setup that we want to do next. okay, so i would love to give everyone all the plants all the time, but dorm rooms is like it's kind of hard for that. so we'll give her this little peace lily, which i think they're pretty easy to take care of. yeah. is it a peace lily?,

no, it's a... calcio lily. yeah, that. some sort of lily. we have a giant one in our office that won't stop growing so i assume this is easy and she has this massive window, so why not? we'll use one of these cubes as a plant stand. cute. and then we can move everything this way a little bit maybe. yeah. oh yeah heavy desk. i forgot how heavy it was. i think this desk, since it's so deep, it works; perfectly as a vanity. it's not like that's taking up any more space at all, which is great. and she still has room to do work. mm-hmm. mm-hmm. okay. so now that we know the placement of this mirror, and how tall it is, and all that, i think we can hang the art above it now. let's do it.

she is coming together. i like it but, can i put this up here? yeah, i feel that too. it fills this gap. but we have the floor lamp, that was gonna go back there, but maybe now it can go on the actual cube. yeah, do you have it? and be a tall floor lamp. is there a plug back here? oh, there is. true, true true. we just have to move this desk. you got this. whoa. yeah. oh i totally just could have gone under the desk. it's okay, sometimes we gotta do things the hard way. oh yeah. that's good, because these are tall, everything's tall, tall. so the one other thing that she really said that she wanted was like a big mirror because all she has is these little ones

and you can't ootd in this. i mean, you could try. that's a challenge. i think these would make really good like trays. oh, yeah, that's smart, that's really smart, but we did get her a big mirror, so, i can bring that in now yeah. place it like here maybe. let's try it. okay. it may cover our art. sometimes designers don't know everything, we tried. bring it in, we'll bring it in. oh, what is that? for someone who requested a vanity specifically, this is no way to house your beautiful makeup. i think she did say makeup storage, hold on. oh, oh, yes, yes, this will fix everything. okay, i got this, you go get the mirror. oh it doesn't cover it up that much. i dig this here, i think we need to anchor it with a

a rug, and then it's good for ootding. so with this extra mirror, i'm gonna place it on her cube. fits perfectly. something else is the perfect size is this storage box; it's like it was made for this. and then we found this lamp at the thrift store, which was like, actually the first thing we bought for natalia's room, natalia, this is the first thing you bought for your room. so this is like the pink that we were going for. it's beautiful, and we just added a new lampshade because it didn't have one, and now it's gonna be in your room

okay. yes, yes. yes, this is coming together so well. we just need everyone's favorite final touches. we need a final touch song. we do, that plays in every episode. (singing) it's the final touch time, tu tururu tururururu you guys can tell us what our final touch song should be below. oh my god yeah. yeah. okay, final touches and go touchdown. ohhhhh. just kidding. what are sports? it looks so good.

it's so homey and cozy and chic and pink. and i think it's time to show her. oh, i'm excited. okay. all right ready? okay, okay ready three two, one. oh my god do you like it? oh my god, i love it. ahhhh yeah okay, so we redid your cork board, to be like this like plush like fabric, we rehung your polaroids with more string lights, because i love that you did that already, but we wanted to do it even more. i know you mentioned a vanity, so we kind of gave you a full on makeup setup and, a floor-length mirror. we added things to the walls,

and becky did you some diy watercolor art. lamps we got multiple lamps in here. you wanted it to be a lot cozier so we did some rugs and some blankets and lamps and welcome to your new room. i'm so shocked. wow. i really really really love it oh that's amazing, well thank you for letting us into your space. thank you so much. and good luck at school. thank you, thank you.

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