lime green and grey bathroom decor

lime green and grey bathroom decor

i'd like to think camper vans first becamea thing because of the many nights partying that left drivers sleeping in the back. ifyou ask any of my southern-bred uncle cousins they'll tell you stories that hint at thatvery truth. i'm reacher...whether it's fact or not, there'sa market stretching back around 70 years. so to carry the torch a bit longer, in thisvideo we're bringing you 10 camper vans to check out in 2020 number ten. expanding on the existing jumper biker solution,citroã«n added a new model to the line offering more room and versatility. the new biker solutionmulti measures just under 20 feet long and

6 1/2 feet wide, differing from its predecessorby utilizing a flat loading floor which allows the van to hold cargo as large as an atv. behind the cab area is a small counter witha flush mounted sink, mini-fridge and a removable dining table. like the others on this list, the multi alsoserves as a camper, having room to sleep up to four people using the bed in the pop-uproof and a fold-down bed in the back of the van. there's also a large awning for those timeswhen lounging around outside is a must. number nine.

the large white logo on the side of this onestands out, hinting to everyone that there's more to it than the plain, black exteriorwould have you believe. inside is a small kitchenette next to thesliding door, which allows it to be used both inside and outside. across from this is afully enclosed wet bath with a fold-down sink. the back of the van has twin beds on eachside that can be joined, creating a larger sleeping area. underneath is a storage areathat can be increased via the fold-up headboards. the 19 1/2-foot yucon 6.0 and its sister 7.0lounge model are the first camper vans from german-based frankia. they're well known fortheir motorhomes so it stands to reason that they'll make a mark in this corner of theindustry as well.

number eight. another one that made an appearance at caravansalon 2019 is the volkswagen california 6.1 beach. it measures just over 16 feet from bumperto bumper. a large sliding door opens to reveal a kitchenette with a dual burner cooktop,sink, and a 42-liter cooler. a removable table that can be attached to the side of the counterto serve as a dining area. the pop-up roof houses a bed which can beshut off from the rest of the van using a sliding panel in the ceiling. this, alongwith the bench seat in the rear that converts to another bed, provides room to sleep fourpeople.

number seven. although it can function as a camper, thetrakka buro kamp orp isn't your typical camper van, instead having a set-up geared towardspecial purpose vehicles. sliding doors on both sides provide accessto an interior sporting a cabinet stretching the width of the doorway. this can be usedfor multiple purposes, serving as a vendor-style sales counter as well as a meeting space usingthe folding table. dual side awnings provide protection from the elements, allowing thework to be taken outside if needed. the kitchenette flanks the floorspace havinga sink on one side and a microwave sitting above a mini-fridge on the other.

taking up the rear of the van is a bed thatcan be folded away to open up the back for extra storage. number six. this list wouldn't be complete without atleast camper van from winnebago. built on a mercedes chassis, the 23-foot boldt is oneof the newest models the company has to offer for the coming year. taking up the rear of the van is a wet bathspanning the width of the vehicle. a sliding door separates this from the twin beds founddirectly to the front of it. a flex bed system utilizing a framed series of slats slidesout to connect the two, creating a single

queen-size bed. forward of this, on the driver's side is thekitchenette having an induction cooker, a flush mounted sink, a microwave, and a mini-fridge. not only is the boldt an all-weather vehicle,it utilizes the pureâ³ advanced energy system which provides 11.6 kilowatt-hours of electricalpower. these two features guarantee that no matter the destination, you'll be comfortableduring and after the ride. number five. dethleffs globevan e.hybrid was first introducedto the public at caravan salon 2019, creating quite a stir as it's the company's first campervan as well as a hybrid.

although compact, the 16-foot layout provideseverything you'd expect, having a small kitchenette with a glass-covered, stainless-steel sinkand dual-burner cooker next to a 16-liter cooler. next to this is a bench seat that folds downinto a twin-size sleeper. this provides room to sleep up to four people using the twinbed in the pop-top as well. power on this one comes from a 13.6 kilowatthour battery coupled with a 1-liter ecoboost generator that allow for a maximum range around310 miles. for maximum efficiency, there are four driving modes allowing the driver theirchoice of which power source to use. charging time on this one is 3 hours on a fast chargeand just 5 1/2 hours on a standard wall socket.

number four. located in willoughby, ohio is advanced rv,a company that offers upgrades to existing vehicles along with custom-built camper vans. built on a mercedes sprinter chassis measuringalmost 23 feet long, the silver paint scheme is a misleading contrast to the bright colorsfound throughout the interior. upon entering, the first thing that pops outis the contrast of the lime green against the original black decor. the cab of the vehicleoffers a roomier feel due to the inclusion of a large touchscreen integrated into thedashboard. directly behind this is the side entrancewhich has the microwave and a 6.8 cubic-foot

fridge/freezer directly opposite. a centrallylocated wet bath with a stainless-steel accented sink is located across from an extra-longstainless-steel countertop and sink that includes a folding, slide-out extension. the rear of the van houses the lounge areawhich has an electric sofa that converts to a sleeper. supplementing the six-cylinder turbo-dieselis an 800 amp-hour battery bank for those off-grid moments. number three. this second entry from australian based trakka,the torino 4s is their most compact camper

van. built around the fiat ducato xlwb, this21-footer still has plenty of space for all the needed amenities. starting in the back, there's a fold-downdouble bed running in an east to west configuration. when it's raised, it provides an extra loungearea that can be used as an alternative dining space. directly in front of this is the galley havingan induction cooker and a flush mounted sink. sitting opposite is a microwave mounted abovea mini-fridge while next to that is a fully enclosed wet bath with an electrically controlledretractable toilet. the front has seating for four using the rotatingcaptain's chairs and the bench seating. a

removable table allows for this to be usedas a dinette as well. hanging around outside becomes easier thanksto the remote controlled, electric awning and the table that can be mounted on the sideof the van. number two. offering the quality one would expect fromgerman-based knaus, the boxlife 630 me is an upgrade built around a 21-foot long fiatducato chassis. located directly behind the cab is the dinette,which has an adjustable, extending table. moving back finds a centrally placed wet bathwith a rotating toilet and fold-down sink. the shower is unique, located in the middleof the floor and utilizing a sliding-door

to curtain it off from the living space. across from this is the kitchen, having aflush mounted cooker and sink, multiple drawers for storage underneath, and a 90-liter fridge/freezerwith a chilling drawer below. the rear of the van houses the main sleepingarea. an upper, almost queen-size bed can be lowered as needed while below is a king-sizebed. the rear beds are versatile with the lowerone being able to be stowed away to create space for two bicycles as well as convertingto extra seating in the form of a couch. number one. you might call it a concept but the companybuilt a prototype so there's that designation.

feel free to debate that one in the commentsas you see fit. when hymer designed the visionventure, theychose to forego the standard conversion kit, instead building on a heavily modified mercedessprinter. the rear houses a lounge area that has twincouches on each side, flanking a dining table that folds down and lowers telescopically,then retracts under the seat to offer a clear floor space between. this area can be expandedand opened to the elements by raising the large panoramic window and lowering the gateto create a small terrace. a small, slide-out electric grill is hidden away underneath thesofa, complementing the outdoor element. forward of this is a transforming bathroomthat utilizes an expanding wall and a sliding

partition that keeps the shower separate fromthe vanity and toilet. directly across is a centrally located kitchenwith a flush mounted induction cooktop, a large, basin style sink that has a faucetcoming out of the wall, and a refrigerator drawer underneath. next to this is a staircase mounted to thesidewall that leads to a loft-area created by the pop-top roof. the roof of the pop-topis covered in solar panels, taking care of the electrical needs along with any off-gridmoments. another small but handy feature is the inclusionof a workstation behind the passenger seat that includes a fold-down desk and built-inled lighting.

citing this one as a study in design, thecompany has stated that some of the features in the visionventure will find their way intofuture production vehicles. alright, folks. there's a few camper vansto get the coming year started. if you have a favorite or any you think should've madethe list, feel free to let us know in the comments. and if you have any stories fromthe past about your camper van days, throw those in as well. i'm reacher, and we'll see you on the nextone!

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