lighthouse bathroom decor

lighthouse bathroom decor

we started our project with this beach chair that i got in a thrift store for $ 3.00 if i'm not wrong. it is super heavy because it is made completely in a thick wood a plank of the seat is detached, so with my gorilla glue for wood i'll be fixing it the stick that came out wipe it with a wet wipe i want to completely change the color of the beach chair, so i used my waverly chalk paint in agave color i paint the entire beach chair and taking special care with the corners to make sure they were also painted and did not see anything of the green color i gave two hands of paint to the beach chair for more coverage with territorial beige paint i will paint all the edges and details that the beach chair must create a distress look i love making the look distress to almost every project, i think i'm a bit obsessed :)

like i said, you must focus on the edges, you can also paint with the brush with just a little paint too if you want once it is completely dry, this is what the result would look like. i liked it very much and i hope that you also liked it for the second project, i used this dollar tree sign that i already had in my house for a while. i'm going to take off the plastic frame that brings this sign i will be painting this plastic with my waverly chalk paint in white. i give two coats of paint i decided to paint this because i had thought to put a contact paper that has light colors and i do not want to go to notice anything of the drawing in black color that has this sign once it is completely dry, i will use this dollar tree contact paper. i love the colors that it has, and they match perfect with my decoration then i started to stick it and taking care that it did not have air bubbles the protruding edges are doubled and stick it to the other side of the sign

we can now paste the sign that we line the frame. i used hot glue i was a little afraid that the sign would take off, so i hit four large popsicle sticks on each side of the sign now we are going to use this wooden anchor boat that i bought at walmart, i think for .97 cents i'm going to be painting it with my boat anchor with specific paint for wood in dark walnut color. i used a sponge and i made sure to paint all the edges of my anchor too once you have painted it, you must use a napkin and remove all the excess paint that your piece of wood has now i'm going to need a rope, at one end i tie a knot and stick it to the anchor the rest of the rope i'm going to spin the anchor as i like to see it and hit the other end to prevent him from going to let go finally, you must stick your anchor to your sign, i did not hit it because my anchor fit perfectly in my sign and it was not necessary

so culminate my two projects for today, i hope you liked them as much as i had fun making them one idea that i could give you is that if you do not get the same sign that i use, you can use a frame for photos too the contact paper you can paste it on the glass that frames bring for photos.

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