light grey bathroom decor

light grey bathroom decor

adorning a room can be started from choosing the right curtain for your windows. although it may be considered as the second or third thing you should pay attention to, picking the right curtain can beautify the bedroom in a way it looks much more appealing. curtains can have so many colors, patterns and sizes depending on your choices. you can either blend it with the surrounding color scheme or opt a different color to make a stunning contrast that would make the bedroom has a characteristic that screams your personality.

if you haven't made up your mind yet, check out these 10 curtain ideas for small bedroom that you need to see when trying to decorate the bedroom. more info inside description area and it will lead you to my site, 10. make it blend this room has brown color schemes that give a sense of a warm and welcoming vibes. the bed is covered with a white bedsheet along with black and white pillows.

two male faces artworks hung above headboard and it comes with a right size. since this bedroom lacks of patterns, incorporating new ornaments would not be hurtful. and the curtains do the job well. white curtains with large medallion prints add a nuance and the owner hung them close enough to the ceiling. it expands the window visually and make the room look more spacious. 9.

beautiful floral curtains a curtain can improve the appearance of a room with its beautiful pattern and color. as always, first, properly measure the dimension of your window, choose a pattern and style that is matched with your wall color. if you want to make your room looks fun and energetic, choose a curtain with a vivid color. these floral curtains for instance is a perfect match for greenish accents. if you combine it with furniture that also has bold white and green color scheme,

that combination would make a big splash in your room. 8. glamorous in brown these brown curtains are dangling way up to the ceiling. this style is comforting and it glams anyone who stay in the room. the room is coupled with big window panels and they are accessorized with blending color window drapes. stay on the curtains. it comes in dark beige hue;

the curtains match with the walls and decor immensely. instead of drawing them back, try tying them to add a more upscale look. 7. stunning in grey curtains aren’t just for covering windows or blocking the sun. they have a role that can make the room feel complete in terms of beauty. they also add a certain style to your bedroom, just like these grey drapes.

grey hues often make a good pair if combined with white or even any color of your choice. more importantly, the grey drapes match the rug nicely. smooth linen curtains combined with a simple design makes the bedroom possess elegance of a modern bedroom. 6. window treatment idea for a traditional small bedroom it is awkward finding bedroom windows without any curtain. it just doesn’t feel right in so many ways

and it makes the beautiful ceiling, cosy bedding, and stunning floor becomes incomplete. the owner of the room designed his room with matching curtains pattern and curtain rods. the curtain itself is lightweight and designed to be easily opened into several parts, which allows anyone to either open or close some parts of the curtain. 5. white hue curtain idea the feel of clean and beauty is real

and you can feel it in this all-white room that looks flawless and cluttered-free. this what makes a person won’t leave the bed in the morning due to its sheer of comfort. again, special for the curtain. the room owner chose high ceiling curtain that cover all part of the door and window of the room. the installation is set to reach the ceiling to give an impression of a wider look which bring a relaxed and airy feel.

this is what many homeowners strive to do when dealing with a tiny space. 4. see-through curtains this systematically-organized room looks simple yet amazing. it has a sense of monochrome style with only two major colors here black and white. the sheer curtains are transparent with clear stripes that are almost unnoticed. the curtains do a double-duty. besides screening the windows and alleviating the glare of the sun, they can also make a great accent wall.

thus, the rod is installed along the wall. 3. bold in red don’t be afraid of opting for a bold or vivid color. the room owner collaborated a neutral color with a bright color of red and this is the result. the windows set in a different position which are in front and in the left of the bedroom. they also have two curtain types to cover those windows.

if you were there, you can open the curtains fully and let the blinds cover half of it. or you can just pull them up to let the windows wide open. in the corner are some artworks that decorate the room to some extent that makes it looks a bit more attractive. 2. a calming curtain idea this room may be small in size but it has stunning grey curtains

that make the room more than just a cramped space. the sheer grey curtains allow you to get ultimate privacy while getting sufficient natural light at the same time. rattan blinds are used to overcome glaring sun light. other function, they add an exotic touch of traditional look to this bedroom. the room is also embellished with a rattan planter too. and it leads us to our final point. before we get to number 1,

i suggest you to press subscribe button if this channel is new to you. get new updates automatically every time i upload new video and let’s find out last idea sitting on our top chart. and finally number 1. beauty in the air this adorable floral curtains will make you feel as if you’re in the middle of a garden with a variety of beautiful flowers and leaves. the window panel is lovely and it matches with the style of the bedroom. it blends in with light green wall

and floral curtain chose to cover the glass window. even the pillows are covered with a similar color and pattern that make the room much prettier. with white and green bedsheets, the bed is nicely wrapped up that leaves the room to have harmony. the bedside tables come with lamps and flowers, which suit well with the curtains’ color scheme. and i think my story will be different if the curtain rod is black. so, the idea of compiling these curtain ideas for small bedroom

is to help you decide which one is best for you so that you won’t be at loss anymore when picking ones. share your reaction in a comment area if you have any, and see you again later with 10 small box room bedroom design ideas. that’s it for now, before you leave, like this video (if you truly enjoy it), comment it, or share it with anyone close to you in your social media account or email list. browse and follow simphome website for more home dã©cor and makeover ideas. lastly, see you again later with more video like this in a near future.

and, until that time…. thanks for watching.

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