garden bar beauty

garden bar beauty

i'll try my best. wait. hang on. i'll call you back. sia! it's james! how you doing? i'm over here! no!

listen, can you help me get towork? >> i'd love to. i'm really good at directions. >> i'm in the car. no, turn around. wait there. i'll come and get you in. oh, my gosh. turn around.

okay. i'm just -- are you okay? >> yeah, i'm great. >> james: there's a curb. i got it. >> james: yeah, there it is. (cheers and applause)>> hey! >> james: thanks for this. listen, anytime.

>> james: such a relief i sawya. >> yeah, yeah, i got ya covered. >> james: do you mind if welisten to some party girls don't get hurtcan't feel anything, when will i learni push it down, push it down i'm the one for a good time callphone's blowin' up, they're ringin' my doorbelli feel the love, feel the love 1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 drink1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 drink 1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 drinkthrow 'em back, till i lose coun

i'm gonna swing from thechandelier, from the chandelier i'm gonna live like tomorrowdoesn't exist, like it doesn't existi'm gonna fly like a bird throug the night, feel my tears as theydry but i'm holding on for dear lifewon't look down won't open my ey keep my glass full until morninglight, 'cause i'm just holding o for tonight>> james: now, the last time i saw you was after a red carpetevent and you were wearing, rather than a bow, a witch'shat.

>> a big hat with the hair onit. >> james: with the hair on it. yeah. >> james: but then when we gotinside, you took the hat off. >> yeah. >> james: so we were face toface. >> i don't wear this unlessthere are cameras around. >> james: of course. i only wear this to try tomaintain a modicum of privacy.

>> james: talk me through thechoice to do that. >> well, i was a singer alreadyfor ten or eleven years to mediocre success. >> james: yeah. and i was an alcoholic and adrug addict, and i sobered up and decided i didn't want to bean artist anymore because it was destabilizing in some ways. i thought what doesn't exist inpop music at the moment, and it was mystery, i was, like, youknow, there is pictures on

instagram of everyone at thedentist. >> james: yeah, but it's adifferent style when you're talking to record companies orp.r. people and things like that. >> no. in fact -->> james: was that even insulting or were people likeyes! don't show your face! yes!

i would be distaught if someonesaid i tell you how we can make you a star, james -- cover thatup. >> james: there is a commontheme in your songs which is like a sort of -- whoa, oh! >> yeah, i love doing that. >> james: how do i get that? you mean --(singing) >> it feels like i'm making ittight or something. >> james: okay.

(singing)(laughter) >> james: i have no idea whatyou just said. >> i will stay up through thenight. >> james: yeah, but you singit like this -- ♪♪ >> james: do you believe inaliens? >> how do you know that? >> james: i know stuff. (laughter)>> you know, i only believe in

them because i watched a videoof the ex canadian minister of defense saying plainly he knowsfor a fact that the american government are working with fivedifferent alien races, and my blood ran cold and i thoughtthat guy is the ex-canadian minister of defense. he's not just like some guy onyoutube. >> james: but you've neverseen an alien? >> maybe they're among us. >> james: i hope i'm here ifthey come and, b, that they're

really nice and talk aboutlovely things and, c, that they only want to go on the "the latelate show." (cheers and applause)>> yeah. >> james: the "the late lateshow" is the one we want. that's all i ask of aliens. >> yeah, of course. you are a beauty. a beautious thing. >> james: i actually feelgreat.

>> it's comforting. like a head hug. >> james: the best way todescribe it. i'm hugging my head right now. do you know what i feel like? i feel like i'm just here, noteven james anymore. ♪>> this is powerful. i'm still breathing, i'm stillbreathing i'm alivei'm alive

>> james: there are peoplethere and you can't see them. (laughter)>> james: if we cut their heads in half, they would haveour wigs. (laughter)is this true that you can carry a dozen eggs in both hands? >> in both hands, yes. i can do six per hand. >> james: you're doublejointed. >> you found out the weirdestthings about me.

i have a ring on. >> james: three. keep going. i'm so shaky. >> james: you're just nervous. last egg. ready? >> yep. >> james: oh, my!

i'm doing it! ♪you shout it out, but i can't hear a word you sayi'm talking loud, not saying muc i'm bulletproof, nothing to losefire away, fire away ricochet, you take your aimfire away, fire away you shoot me down but i won't fai am titanium i am titanium>> james: high five. (laughter)do you need to see sia's i.d.? >> i trust you.

you're very trustworthy. >> james: thank you so much. thank you so much. >> james: thank you forgetting me to work.