flower beauty rosey garden

flower beauty rosey garden

hey guys thanks for joining me this isangie chic n scratch in my video today is another product preorder from stampinup so we were able to order some more new product that's going to be availableon june 4th that's one of the awesome benefits of being a demonstrators we getour hands on this product earlier okay so i'm gonna start by sharing with youthis pack of paper this one was not on the pre-order before this this is calledwoven threads okay so this is the first pattern and that's the second this isthe next pattern and that's the flip side and the next pattern and the flipside those coordinating really well together the next pattern and the nextone those not so much but that's okay

it'll be good for a card or a scrapbookpage and then here's the next one one more set this side and this sideokay so again that is the woven thread designer series paper next i'm going toshare with you the scalloped note cards and envelopes aren't they so cute i lovethese cards so anytime i can get premade no cards i love them yeah so what isthat five colors really cute so envelopes and the note cardsthe next item is the in color designer series paper stack so you guys know i'vebeen saying that the designer series paper stacks that we currently have inour catalog is retiring so we are getting new stacks and we were only ableto order the in colors so i can't wait

to get my hands on the other onesbut here are the pattern so let me pick out the purple posie because i thinkthat might be my favorite new in color and let me show you the patternsalthough it would probably show up better on thesethe ones so we've got the gingham on this side yay for the gingham love itlove it love it okay so that's that side and then the flip side is this sohopefully you can see that maybe i should show you the other color and thenwe've got the script along with this design so you get four of each patternyeah let's look at the other color it might show up a little bit better oncamera

okay so gingham versus the other side there we go okay i'm excited about thati love monochromatic you guys already know that these are the 20 19 20 21 incolor faceted dots so these are really big yep right the stamp set that i'vegot this time where butterfly wishes you who love it over the moon i'm gonna usethis one today so don't be shocked if you see something really quickly love itlove it the next one is wove woven heirlooms andi got this one because of the greetings lately it seems like i've made a lot ofsympathy cards and so this one's gonna be perfect for that the next one isparcels and petals and that has

coordinating dies and look how cute thisis look at this okay you can tell that's like a box right there's more to thisthing so here's the other side okay let me get the camera view and then thisone's a hostess set so yeah i love it love it love it it's so cute and thenthe last one is delightful day so those are the stamp sets that i got now let meshow you the new punch this is what's it called delightful tag topper punch soi'm sure that's going to be popular next i'm going to show you the ribbonand the final thing i'm going to show you is this new stamp cleaner thingstamp clean and pad that has everybody puzzled so i'm super excited to sharethat with you guys because i did already

use it really quickly and i went aheadand opened the ribbon so this is the new in color ribbon and everyone's beenwanting to know how easy is it to tie a bow so i figure and i haven't done thisoff-camera yet so this is just me doing it now on screen i suspect that thisribbon is not necessarily for bow tie in so much as it is for using like laceokay so you can see if you tie a bow the backside of it doesn't really have thepretty decoration but what i've thought about using it is like let me get myscissors and let me cut this let me show you what i mean so you can use it likethis so like on this box i brought it up at the top and then i tied it so youcould use this and then tie some linen

thread around it kind of like that youknow the other thing you can do is use this as lace on your card look howpretty that is so it's not necessarily maybe bow tie in ribbon but it'sdefinitely worth a try right especially the purple posie what is it with me andi love the blue and the sea side and the purple okay so these are the in color solet me get these back in the camera for you again here are the five in colorsokay now let me show you the other ribbon that we were able to order themint macaron what is this called text textile really yeah textile ribbon so ithas a little sheen to it i've almost unwound the whole roll therei love how small it is so it's not too

big not too littlethis one is the organdy striped ribbon this is really solved this is gonna makea beautiful bow in fact let's just makeone real quick oh my gosh it just ties bows so lovely look at that and they'rebeautiful what is this code this is petal pink organdy ribbon yeah beautifulthe next one is this lace tram and then the final ribbon is this sahara sandwoven threads tram so again this is trim you know not not bowtie and ribbon buttrim okay the last item i'm going to show you is the stamp cleaning pad and iwant to read the instructions because i want to make sure that everyoneunderstands what this really does it

removes ink from rubber and photophotopolymer stamps warning to avoid damaging your photo polymer and clingstamps use water to rinse the cleaning solution from the stamp as soon aspossible so i have my stamp that's why this isbeing filmed last is because i want to go wash it with water as soon as i'mdone so this removes the excess ink from thestamps you can see that bella and france has had a lot of love and i have cleanedthis with my simply chamois you can see that it's already been cleaned and allthe ink that can come off we're just simply chamois has come off so what thisdoes is it actually takes the extra ink

off of here okay so i've got myself adry cloth when i go to ikea i always pick up a couple extra of these thingsthey call $0.79 and i cut them into pieces this is like maybe an eighth ofit anyways because it says down here is that you want to wipe it dry wipe thestamp with a dry cloth after you remove the ink okayso what we're gonna do is take the stamp cleaning pad and i'm just going to iwant to make sure you see how dirty that is it is stained it could be morestained but in my book that's pretty stained i thinkmy old lovely is at reset is probably the most stain step of stamp set i haveokay so i'm just rubbing this on here i

think you can already see that the inkis coming off right now this solution in hereit's not water so be careful with it i don't know what it will do with our gelnails our gel polish okay so i can't really show you a before and afterpicture because well i should have taken it before and after picture right butyou can see now that it's it's pretty clean i think if i wanted to get it evenmore cleaned i could come back in here again and plane it some more this itemwill be available on june 4th when the annual catalog goes live and if you haveany other questions you know reach out to me stampin up has said they're goingto do some more training videos look how

clean that is looks pretty perfect rightnow i'm going to go upstairs and wash that with water just like theinstruction says okay so thanks so much for watching my pre-order haul video andif you have any questions let me know thanks a lot bye

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