neutral kitchen decor ideas

neutral kitchen decor ideas

[music] you hey all and welcome back to my channel today's video is going to be a clean and decorate with me for fall and i cannot wait to show you guys how i decorated my house this season now as you can see my house was a little bit of a mess so i wanted to go ahead and have a really

clean slate to start with before i decorated and i do this every single time i decorate for a new season i will clean beforehand and then i will go ahead and start the decorating process in today's video i'm going to be decorating the inside in my house for fall but then in a few weeks i will actually decorate the front porch and

that'll be a whole separate video just because i want to make sure that i get all the fall flowers and everything and they don't really have any of that stuff out yet so definitely be on the lookout for that video soon also in my last video i actually did a shop with me in haul and i went to hobby lobby and home goods and showed you guys all the things

that they have out for fall right now as well as some of the things that i picked up so later on in the video when i'm decorating you're gonna see some of those new items if you want to know exactly where they're from then definitely check out that video because i also share a lot of the stuff that i already had from last year in that video

and where you can fund those items now i'm also super excited because today's video is a collaboration with mica stauffer and you guys probably already follow her but if you don't she is a mama of five and she is superwoman y'all she is amazing she puts out the best mommy content cleaning content anything and everything to get you motivated you

will find on her channel so today she's gonna also be doing a clean and decorate with me for fall i'll have a link in my description box so that you can go check her video out as soon as you get done here and make sure that you are subscribed to her channel because you are going to want to get any and every bit of content that she puts out and if

you guys are coming over from mica channel then welcome i am so so glad you're here my name is amy and i live in the savannah georgia area i have two amazing kiddos and a wonderful husband and on my channel i share lots of content that is similar to micah's so here on my channel you're gonna find lots and lots of cleaning

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love my content and want to subscribe too now if you are new then make sure to say hey in the comments let me know where you're from and also let me know if you came over from micah's channel [applause] for the fame let me see so easy

play the part we are the curse in our all right so now that i have the mess cleaned up here in the kitchen the dishes are unloaded then reloaded with dirty dishes and then the sink is clean now i'm gonna start by wiping down the countertops and i don't necessarily do this every single morning this is

usually actually part of my nighttime routine but on the nights that we have baseball this most likely is not gonna get done or if we have other sports going on so sometimes this does become part of my morning cleaning routine so i'm doing that this morning i want to make sure that my house is spotless before i start decorating now for my

granite countertops i'm going to be using the method daily granite cleaner and i talk about it all the time but just make sure that if you have granite countertops you're using a cleaner that works good for your granite is gonna keep it lasting for a long time and this stuff is so amazing and then on my wood countertop here i'm using the method

wood for good cleaner and both of these products smells so so good now this is our little breakfast area and in here i'm gonna be just cleaning up the mess that we have over here we have lots of stuff from back to school over in this corner and then i'm gonna also clean down our tables from breakfast and we are using the mrs. meyers multi surface

spray i'm using the peony scent y'all let me know if y'all have gotten any of the new fall scents this year so far last year my favorite fall scent was the mum scent and i absolutely could not stand the pumpkin scent i know someone he loved it and then it was like somebody hated it but i did see that there's a new scent and i think it's

almond y'all let me know if i'm wrong but let me know if you guys have picked up any new scents from the mrs. meyers collection i am going to have to get some soon i placed my order on grove a few weeks ago and then completely forgot to get my new fall scents so y'all let me know if y'all got any now here in the living room i am picking up all the toys

and as you can see gracie june has the best little imagination she loves playing with any of the teeny tiny little toys she especially loves the my little ponies but basically what i'm doing here is i'm taking all the toys and just throwing them in this basket and then throwing blankets on hop and you will never know that they're

there except you just saw me put them there but you know what i mean if people come over the mess looks picked up it's not a big deal and then we can take the basket upstairs and unload all the toys into the playroom at night like two magnets we adult now here i decided because i had so many orange pumpkins i wanted to take just a few of

them and actually paint them i ended up only doing like five or six but i pulled out a bunch more than that but i just used some chalk paint that i already had on hand and ended up painting a few white and then a few gray to you understand i try to fight you all but it's useless

now we're moving on to the dining room and i'm just gonna kind of pick up the stuff off the table i stash all the fall decor in here for right now and i'm gonna use that same cleaner that i just used on my wood countertop the method wood for a good cleaner here on my table and hutch there is nothing i can do i am madly

drawn to you jeez dangle dangle oh you got my heart strings vibrating for you now there's something but you don't want to admit it whoa we're perfectly apple say come on no with apologies holding back history all right so now i'm about to move on to vacuuming and mopping the floors and i honestly thought that i was gonna be

able to decorate this day too but i ran out of time so i did not end up decorating till the very next day which turned out fun because i'm pretty indecisive when it comes to decorating and it takes me a while i kind of play with things a lot before i decide on exactly how i want something to go so it was definitely a good thing that i took

a break after i cleaned and waited til the next day to go ahead and decorate got the same you wouldn't now this is our sweet dog cooper and you'll see in most of my videos he kind of follows me around the house and he has lots of different places that he likes to lay he'll lay on the rugs he

has a couple of dog beds but he just likes to be wherever i am so a lot of times i have to make him get up or get out of the way so i can actually clean because he is always there but he is the sweetest pup ever he's 11 years old everybody always asked me because he's going blind and deaf but he has the best sense of smell you can smell anything

and at least he's got that going for him but he is the sweetest so that is cooper now one more thing that i really wanted to mention right here while i'm mopping is i absolutely love my mom this is the o-cedar spin mop i shared it when i bought it months ago i think i was back in like april but i got it because some lot of other people were recommending

them in the comments and i was using the bone amount before which i still use to spot-clean but this thing is amazing i have several different mop heads for it so i can just toss one in the washing machine while i pull out the other so i will end up doing all the bathrooms i do on one day so i use a separate mop head and then i

try to do the rest of the wood floors on the same day with a different mop head if that makes sense but this mop is also less than 30 bucks so i feel like it is such a steal and one of the most highly recommended items that i would give you for cleaning your house and keeping it simple so definitely check it out i have it saved in my amazon favorites below

but i know that they have it at target and walmart they have it a lot to different places so i highly highly recommend this one to you all right guys so it is the very next day and it is time to start decorating and i'm gonna start here in the living room for some reason i always like to start in the

living room when i start decorating now in this video i'm not gonna tell you where i got every single item that i'm using to decorate with but if you have questions about any of them then definitely let me know in the comments and anything that's new that i haven't shared in a previous video then i will talk about here so first we're gonna

start with these pillows i just got the pillowcases off of amazon a few days ago and they were $12.99 for a pack of two and it's just the pillowcases it doesn't come with inserts but i do have i did get the inserts off of amazon too but it's been like a year or two and i have all that stuff saved in my amazon favorites below if you want to check

those out but lately i've just been trying to get the pillowcases instead of the entire pillow because i have tons of pillows stashed in my master closet and i'm running out of space so just getting the pillowcases definitely makes it easier for storage now for some reason i was really loving the mustard colored pillows this year and i love that all of

these are about the same color but they have different prints so these were perfect i like i said i got him on amazon super cheap and i just love the way that this turned out but now i'm standing in corner i see from across soon it's gonna crowded here but i know you see me too everybody singing all everybody singing all it is

about you you must be anyway just say we've got nothing no see looking so looking so i'm moving closer now i'm moving on to decorating our bookshelves and on the bookshelves i try to keep the decor basically the same throughout the year i might move things around on the shelves to make it work better but then i will go in and add the seasonal decor

so i just like to put little touches here and there of whatever the season is just say the word and we can leave this place i'll take you anywhere you want as long as we're together everything we do you got me going home you got me going now i'm moving closer to you and it's getting dark in this room tell me what you wanna do

ladies let me love now this little tray actually got from target before i did my summer clean and decorate with me and i loved it it has been so great for just having a few little minimal decor pieces here on the coffee table and then also housing our remotes because we are notorious for losing remotes in our house

now here on our mantle we have a piece of driftwood that we picked up from the beach a long time ago and i love the way that the driftwood looks but we are always having to dust here on the mantle so here i'm actually using an e cloth which is a dusting cloth that i got off of amazon a few weeks ago and i picked up i think i got two of them off of

amazon and i'm absolutely loving them they are so easy to dust with i've actually used them to dust just like randomly around my house but also my baseboards and i absolutely love this thing so it is also linked in my amazon favorites love you now we are moving on to decorating the kitchen and in here i

keep it super minimal lightly just because i want the least amount of things stacked on top of my counter as possible just because it makes cleaning so much easier way that you talk to me the way that you now i'm going to add just a few touches here as well but before i do that i needed to dust off the hutch now i use

the mrs. meyers multi surface spray usually on anything that i chalk paint just because i'm not really sure what products to use i've always just used the multi surface spray and it seems to work really well so if you have any chalk paint in furniture you'll let me know if you have heard anything or know what to clean with this is just what

i've always done and it's always been fun but i would love to hear your opinions as well i think i'm going crazy oh i just want you and now we are going to decorate here in the dining room which is my all-time favorite spot to decorate in my entire house and just recently when i did my summer clean and decorate with me

i took it and just tried to do so much more minimal decor in here just because anytime that i look on pinterest and look at pictures and i'm pinning them i always am drawn to the ones where there's just not a ton of stuff out so i decided when i did my summer clean and decorate with me i was going to make it super minimal but really cute so that's

what i did i'll sing until my lungs give out you're beautiful now here i'm gonna go ahead and set out our table and i don't always leave our table set up like this because we actually use our plates on a daily basis but i'm just showing you guys if we were to host a dinner or something like that

then this is how our table would be able to be set up for that i'll sing until my lungs give out you're beautiful i did a lot of never did i give just cuz the thought of being vulnerable made me feel less than i am i have never felt home till you answer and from that moment knew that a home is whatever

you the best thing i did and i want you to know was letting you wish from that moment i knew i miss baby integers i can finally let god the rest oh is outside when you make sure now this is the entryway in our house and i am gonna go ahead and just really do things around here add a few touches we

actually have a big round gold framed mirror that i got from target a preview months ago honestly it's been a while and we still haven't hung it up here i'm really wanting to hang it up but it has where you have to screw it in the wall and i really don't want to do that so i'm trying to figure out how we can put it up on the wall without making any

holes i usually use the picture hanging command strips but i don't think i were going to work on this one so if you have any suggestions let me know in the comments now the last little space is here in our guest bathroom and i am just changing out the soap in the candle and i'm using the mum scent like i talked about earlier i absolutely love this

scent and then a little pumpkin scented candle alright so that was the last bit of the decorating that i'm gonna do for fall and now i'm gonna just give you guys an overview of what everything looks like by room and hopefully this video is giving you guys some major inspiration for decorating for fall i lay here on the grass i don't need to

feel the leave i am finally all mad no cuz the best thing about it is a known oh of all the magic places in the world of benzene this is where my heart is or you know it's you no matter where i go i'm coming i've been walking down the street so many times my feet know every breaking

sound could wear a blindfold no matter what i do i'm coming home i'm always really home oh this is where my heart is i've seen any well if you never - going jesus

i've got more i love you then i can be in the world no matter on the street so many times no everywhere don't know of all the magic places in the world event 2 this is where my heart is now

you know it's true no matter where i go i'm coming home to you alright y'all so we are about to the end of this video and i just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has stuck out to this far in the video and i hope you guys enjoyed it so so much if you did leave me a sunshine emoji or the word sunshine in the comments so let me know

that you're still here and that you love this video y'all don't forget to go check out micah's video as well i have a link to her video in the description box i am sure it's going to be so amazing i cannot wait to see how she decorated her house for fall now if you're new to my channel then don't forget to hit that

subscribe button before you leave and i cannot wait to chat with you guys in the comments i hope you guys loved this video and i will see you guys in the next one bye

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