living room table decor

living room table decor

hey, homeowners! this is bianca for mf home tv so we've been getting a lot of comments lately like hey i have this kind ofliving room with this kind of measurement and this kind of room shape what's the best thing i should do bianca? well for today we're gonna give you fiveliving room layouts that you can try and see which is best for your home we gotchu the first layout we have here is what i like to call the classic look

because it's the usual layout we do on our living rooms the three seater sofa in front of the tv two chairs at each side and the side tables are in betweenthem this layout is for the people who want the tv to be the center of the living room let's say they're a family that is revolved around tv watching dad likes watching boxing mom likes telenovelas and the kids enjoy movie marathons

next is the conversational layout the sofa stays in place but as you noticed the chairs are moved to the front and middle this is ideal when youthrow a party because in parties nobody really has the time to watch the tvbecause everyone is mingling the tv is turned off now this is why it's called aconversation layout because it makes people talk because you get to look atone another it's perfect for having drinks over and catching up

the third layout is casual and balanced and from the title itself it's a balanceof a living room layout that is revolved in tv-watching and in mingling it's the best of both worlds this is ideal for families orindividuals that don't have the time to rearrange their layout every timethere's a party coming up the tv is in perfect view if you want to watch the from sofa and there are two chairs with its side table in the center for drinksand or books if you want to talk with

someone or if you have a guest passing by number four is the angular layout this is for rooms with a difficult shape or you like the casual and balanced layoutbut you want more tv watching no problem! it's just simple from the casual andbalanced layout you just have to give the furniture a little slant the sofa will be placed diagonally like this as well as the coffee table we just have tochange the positions of the side table

so it will look more cohesive and in theright flow the side table between the chairs will be placed at the sideinstead of in the middle of them like before and since we have a side table in this side already the side table of the sofa will be placed at the opposite end nowthe coffee table works for both the chair and the sofa since everything iscloser because of the angular layout we're down to the last layout thislayout we call the l shape because it's basically arranged like an l shape or asectional sofa but with separate chairs

we just have to put the sofaperpendicular to the tv and the chairs in front which makes it an l this layout gives an easy flow to your living room if your walkway is on the other side youjust have to place the sofa on the opposite direction either way the traffic movement is smooth to the space beside the set-up so what kind of layout do you think willfit best in your home? why don't you just do a trial and error method and start from there and i'm sure that you will definitely come up with something evensomething that's not part of our list of five

and you know what that would beawesome because here at mf home tv we really aim and believe that you can beyour own interior designer in your own place again this has been bianca for mf home tv

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