kitchen table top decor ideas

kitchen table top decor ideas

in case you were unaware, washi tape is decorative japanese tape that crafters are completely obsessed with. it also has a magic power that makes everything it’s stuck to the most adorable thing in the world. this is 56 adorable ways to decorate with washi tape

by peggy wang. sources for pretty masking tape include happy tape, cutetape, and ginko papers. 1. colorize your window blinds. 2. makes an adorable cupcake or sandwich decoration with this tiny flags. direction:

wrap washi tape around a toothpick and cut triangles out to create a flag. or use them as beverages stirrers. 3. transform a computer keyboard. first, i thoroughly cleaned my keyboard with rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt or oil that might keep the tape from sticking. then i created a template from cardboard

to more easily cut the length of tape needed for each key. i also snipped off the corners to keep them from snagging and peeling off the keys. washi tape is similar to masking tape or blue painters’ tape in that it is easy to stick and re-stick in case you don’t get

the placement perfect each time. washi tape by le box boutique @ etsy 4. cover a boring notebook. if you don't buy or use or trust a classic notebook anymore, check 17 washi tape tutorials link under this video. one or two of them might steal your attention. 5. line the inside of a lampshade.

1. i positioned my first piece of washi tape inside the shade at a 45-degree angle. 2. i left the piece of tape slightly long so it hung over the edge of the shade. 3. i used two smaller pieces of a different color washi tape as spacers. 4. i put my spacer pieces right next to my first stripe.

then, i invite you to visit a link under this video it will short your learning curve. 6. or line the outside of one. 7. decorate a planter. with the washi tape and some white ceramics check out these awesomely ’80s planters using recycled ramen noodle containers. they’re epic.

8. make your own washi tape. you can use tissue paper, napkins or even old newspaper. step 1: •apply the tape to the back of your choice of paper. (leave the backing on until you’re ready to use the washi tape) step 2:

•cut the strips to size. step 3: •wrap the strips around the wooden spools and secure with some twine. + 9. decorate your cups. wrap washi tape around some inexpensive plastic cups for a party. 10. make decorative twisty ties.

tips: 1• lighter-color washi tapes can be somewhat see-through, so it’s better to use a lighter-color wire like silver. 2• you don’t have to use washi tape to make these twist ties; any colored tape will work. 3• spend 40 minutes making a stockpile of

twist ties to have on hand for last minute goodie bags. 11. make the most adorable gift wrap that ever existed. using the washi tape, create a design of your choice all over a piece of printer paper. i made 4 different designs - classic washi strips,

stripes, houses and starbursts. once you've created your wrapping paper, reuse the tape strips.. grab some blank shipping tags and get crafty making up pretty tags to match your paper. 12. washi tape a car. 13. or a bike. 14. or a staircase.

15. i was sick and tired of pulling up the cord and then following it all the way to the device to see if it was the one i needed until i label those cords. this alone is a reason to order a shipment of washi tape. 16. it makes a pretty insane wallpaper.

imagine.. jumbo rolls of pretty washi-tape throwing a party on your walls and you get this clever creation. unlike classic wall coverings, this graphic wall tape has a translucent & fresh quality. cut + layer + create any design your heart dreams up using

multiple layers and patterns! plus -- this wall tape gets extra points for being rice paper based! 17. give yourself a washi tape pedicure. 18. decorate some wooden spoons. or your switch plates or door edges, or sofa legs

19. make washi tape coasters. 1. start on the top left corner so that your stripes would be diagonal. 2. wrapped the tape a little over the bottom then repeated until the entire tile was finished. 3. then finished them with a coat of mod podge. if you’re worry about them sticking together you can use a varnish instead. 4. once that dried glued felt onto the bottom

of each coaster. 20. best ikea hack ever: washi tape a boring table. 21. use it to mark a calendar. 22. make your clothes pins cuter. 23. and your binder clips. washi taped binder clips, courtesy of organizing queen marcia. i got an assortment of 60 red,

black & white mini clips at office depot for $4ish. to my delight, i found that the minis are precisely the same width as the washi tape, so one tiny piece covers the whole clip. 24. decorate a ceiling fan. 1. remove fan blades from fan and clean thoroughly. 2. starting from metal ornamental edge,

use a pencil to make marks at 1-inch intervals along both edges of the blade. step 3: place first piece of tape between first and second marks and around sides of blade. then click pasted tutorial link under this you have 2 more directions to follow. 25. make magnets that look like pieces of tape.

this is a real but magnetic version of real japanese masking tape inspired by digital tape. put your hand on your forehead and massage if your mind is threatening to explode with the outrageous meta-ness of it all. 26. decorate a candle. 27. make a garland.

28. or bunting for cupcakes. 29. create tiny bookmarks. 30. or cover your laptop. 31. decorate some vases. 32. and continue with your furniture using 10 ideas you’ll find after you visit a link pasted under this video. 33. make mason jars just a little more

34. now those polaroids are even more adorable than they already are. i really recommend washi tape for this project because the nature of it is it allows you tear away and re-stick should you make a mistake. also, its paper quality allows you to add on captions with pen/pencils. 35. use it to cover book spines.

36. be really artsy with it. or make it look like an art installation or gallery wall. 37. make a ribbon for a winner. 38. go to kitchen and wrap chopsticks with ‘em. 39. make a car track in a kid’s room. 40. and then ask your kids to help you decorate

your wall shelf. 41. update your sunglasses. after your job done... 42. wear it and spare time to make a really cute pencil holder like this. 43. decorate an otherwise boring corkboard. 44. redo your kitchen. 45. create a mural in a kid’s room. and if that’s not enough.

46. decorate glass candle holders. or 47. cover an embarrassing iphone case. or 48. use it as temporary wallpaper. 49. cover an otherwise boring box. 50. or you it to decor a playhouse. 51. decorate your fireplace mantle. 52. or take them to make adorable candy wrappers. (these are actually soaps by etsy seller prunella.) 53. decorate a door.

54. or use it to label and organize your jars. 55. make gift, luggage, or key tags. took a bunch of shipping tags you have and wrapped a little strip of washi tape at the bottom of each of them. and add them a ring. last… 56. you could just use it as regular old tape.

washi tape storage is a whole other ballgame. learn how to make this special washi tape storage box.... or learn to make this here at teal and with loads of cute washi tapes and paper tapes, it is easy to amass a collection quickly. that’s all for now, see you again next week,

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