kitchen staging decorating ideas

kitchen staging decorating ideas

hello i'm jennifer, with jennifer decoratestoday we're going to tackle something that's a little challenging for peopleand that's how to accessorize a bookshelf, so stay tuned. so this is mybookshelf in my living room it's full of character and imperfections but i justlove it and today i really want to show you how to step-by-step decorate abookshelf. most people, they struggle to decorate their bookshelves and they endup looking really cluttered and unbalanced. in this video i'm going toshare some tips on how to make your bookshelf look gorgeous and visuallypleasing so let's get started. the first thing i'm going to do is choose somebooks. i'm really picky about the books i

choose i don't like to use paper back orbooks with sleeves my favorite is to use antique books and i like to choose onesthat kind of have neutral colors and have titles that i find reallyinteresting and of course here comes molly to join in on the fun on the floorshe cannot resist to get some extra attention.once i'm done selecting my books i'm going to add large bookends to themiddle shelf this is where the eye naturally gravitates. it's best to keepthe middle shelf simple using a statement piece so these bookends willbe perfect. i'm going to make sure the books vary in height and color but i'mnot going to go too crazy. i want them to

be different but not distracting. once mybooks are all in place i'm going to make sure everything is centered on the shelf.this looks perfect. i love the symmetry. this is also the place to put the booksyou're frequently reaching for since they'll be easy to get to from here. it's important to add a little greeneryto a bookshelf. so for something different i'm adding these moss ballsto a rusty wire bucket. this is a simple way to bring color and life to thebookshelf. my second choice of greenery is simply this container filled with twofaux stems that i clipped down, super easy, just make sure to fluff and it'simportant to leave plenty of space

between your greenery. a good rule ofthumb is to keep them at least one shelf apart. i usually use two greeneries whendecorating a bookshelf. good grief, i never get any work done. next, i'm usingthis awesome clock. i just love the shape. i believe every room needs at least onething that shines so this guy is heading to the top shelf. i'm going to add awooden picture frame to complete this shelf, love it!i found these amazing gear pot thingies um, i really don't know what they are buttake note of their varied height you could use candlesticks or somethingsimilar to easily mimic this. next i'm using some more books by setting them ontheir side. i can set this vintage camera

on top as a way to display it. this canbe done using any knick-knack that you prefer. the concept is to give height towhatever you choose to display. the final touch on the shelf is another pictureframe. finally, for the bottom shelf, i'm addingthis vintage metal lunchbox. my last touch will be this sweet candle holderjar and little key. i just love the charm they bring to the shelf. this littlemouse candle holder was actually one of my daughter's favorite things as a kidso it holds a special place in my heart and there you have it! super easy,everything on this shelf is correctly to scale and there is not anoverabundance of books or personal photo

frames. the use of greenery, antique books,and vintage finds, creates a perfectly accessorized bookshelf. thank you forwatching my video! molly thanks you, as well. be sure to subscribe to my channel.we're gonna have another fun video coming out next friday. have a wonderfulday.