key west kitchen decorating ideas

key west kitchen decorating ideas

i can't leave this apartment without forgetting anything i swear like seriously every time i get to the car it's like ooh, what am i missing today? *upbeat music* hi guys and welcome back to decorate with me the mini series where we decorate try to decorate make it look cute my new apartment in this episode i'm gonna get furniture and i'm gonna finish the place we're gonna finish this apartment. alright, let's get into it. today's may be one of the most exciting days that i'm gonna have since i've moved into this place and that's because i'm getting a photo show delivery and we need to shout out to strucktube for

gifting me with some furniture for this empty room i have back here yeah you that empty room. we're getting a couch today. we're getting some stools, oh also a dresser because look at that mess. it's gonna be beautiful i'm excited okay, well show you start with stools couch i'm gonna do dresser last for sure because i have to build it okay, i guess let's get this couch in position i wanted these stools because they were stackable. not very many stools are stackable like this so i love them. i've got this built

before.. this is what after looks like. i think it looks way cleaner. wacha! yes, this dresser does come with legs but because of my fancy little bump at the bottom of my closet here umm does only fit the best so i'm just going to put these in storage aka back here for one day when this dresser isn't sitting on this ledge in my closet. cute! we like it, right? okay, so it's not the highest priority but i kind of want to go to the thrift store

just i have this feeling that when i'm not at the first time just like maybe i'm missing out on something at the thrift store so since i'm close to it, we're gonna go to the thrift store i knew i'd find something. i'm kind of like a mother - not a mother, but i'm buying pots for plant babies i don't have yet, but like any kind of slightly larger pot like this is really hard to find and they're usually really expensive so when i see them i picked them up and i know i'm always gonna want more plant babies. oh, yeah basket and this don't know what i need it for but isn't it the freakin cutest little basket? it just flips open like that it's so cute so i had to get it and it was a only two dollars

i was running around shopping, but i just came back because my strucktube delivery came i got the last pieces i need which is my mirror looks good because that's the mirror i love it. it's really gorgeous. it's like a metal black metal really beautiful definitely opens up is this bit i think tonight is the night that i do some lighting and some smart homey stuff, so you can't really see but this has been my kitchen light situation since i moved in it used to be a different lamp. so i upgraded to

just a pole with a bulb but it's still kinda sketchy unfortunately, there's no like under cabinet light which kind of seems like you'd be obvious, but i bought this off of amazon, so it looked into strip lighting for underneath here i wanted to do like the same brand that my light bulbs are gonna be but it was like upwards of $80 i ended up getting these. they're actually like a touch strip light so well i can touch it and it'll do different brightnesses and my plan to make the smart home is that i want to plug them into a smart plug so i'll just be able to say like okay, google turn on my kitchen lights and then it should work. so let's install this

one down two to go. hey google turn off my kitchen light hey google turn on my kitchen light ok jk it looks like the way that these lights work is that the only way to turn them on and off is by tapping them but that's ok. the lights that i have on either side my couch aren't yet smart light. so i'm also going to make those smart i got this off of amazon it's the lumiman brand this came recommended by my sister because it's a pretty affordable smart light oh, yeah multicolored, you know, it's like i have a luxury like i really only need them to be like cool setting to like warm setting as far as like whites go the multicolor just fun, then you can have a little bit fun

we're here um shopping i tried to go the thrift store. i tried to diy some stuff, but sometimes you just need to shop so we out here that's not that much character if you want character let's talk character beep beep beep i'm home and i don't really have time to do much, but i want to hang up these curtains they are easy to hang up because i bought them as-is and they're already out of their package. i went with the as-is curtains because

i mean, it's just the front hallway and this is gonna look good oh this stupid plastic zip tie just broke my scissors. oh my god boom i don't really like them knotted like this it feels too much like um i don't know some like high school stage or something like that but it will provide some coverage and i close them so you won't see that mess in there. okay, another thing ha this andrea actually gave me this today and guys i might have a problem because i think that i'm just going to put hats on everything and he did cover-up in this department

i hung this hat up to cover this and then that was just a nice detail and i thought it looked a little empty like it's um clearly missing something up here so i was gonna put like a little shelf with a plant on it. but now i'm thinking maybe this should i break this line? i think so *nails being hammered into wall* hell, yeah also, so i have this light switch. i don't even know does it do anything? huh it does! but guess what? we don't need that cause we have google. now it's just kind of ugly so i think we should where's my other one i have one more

here it is. put a hat on it! this i got from the one-of-a-kind show the artist was like "maybe don't put plant in it" i was asking if i could put plant in it and i was going to maybe even though i knew it's like kind of hard for the small and there's no drainage but i also bought this air plant it was like ten dollars, which is pretty good for an air plant of this size and you might one day actually give me a flower is that a thing? i don't know but i thought this look really cute. just kind of sitting in this like this and putting it up here love it. i have a sus about today and i have

that sus, is that it's gonna be a really good day for completing things in this apartment jinxing it. i don't know i have a whole list places i need to hit. parents are coming over today to help me hang the tv just cause like that's something you probably shouldn't do alone especially if it's a real big tv, and i'm going plant shopping probably don't need to go plant shopping but wants to go playing stuff well we have some selection here but not as much as i'd like, so i guess we're just gonna have to go to the big plant store

we clearly don't have a choice we're just gonna have to do it okay, we got some new plant babies, but i do a few more stops to make but i'm gonna have to cut this short because i need to get a home because my parents will be there it's a long day, but it's a good day. i'm so excited. i'm feeling accomplished. remember that time i bought three carpets? and i want to try them all out in this space i like how it brings the white in the brown in and they're great. i feel like it's too small though kelsey: what do we think of this one? kelsey's day: i'm saying no. kelsey: okay. kelysey's dad: i don't like the color of it. kelsey: yeah, i would agree it's so cute though the way it brightens up the space a lot. look! i match

no? okay, we love this but we also need to add tassels though. all of these new tassels. diy tassels okay tv's up we need to deal with that and then i think this is the carpet. i'm gonna go for i think so. i think it's just more light and airy it's an okay size for sure it's just like better cause like realistically this is where you're gonna eat and stuff, and i put a little ottomans under it everybody is like a hiding but i decided it on on this

i know it's big. it's large and in charge, but it's very functional. bye. thank you. bye bob ross i'm donating it to my mom bye bob ross okay another day another bunch of diys were in try to tackle. i'm gonna try to frost my sconces um and originally was gonna do this with spray paint but then i just don't want it to be uneven on the inside and i was like what else could i use to frost it and then i remembered that etching was a thing. so at the crafts store i'm gonna to pick up some etching and

also, i wanted to make tassels on my carpet i cut off a little piece of my carpet so that i can match the right white i mean overall looked a little sketchy, but now i have my piece of carpet so you apply the etching cream in a thick layer and then once it's left on there for a couple minutes you wash it off and this is what it looks like all washed off it's kind of splotchy i think we might have already ruined this and by we i mean me you guys didn't do any part of it since the etching didn't work

i'm going to try to frost spraying over it to see if it saves it and while i'm at the office doing that i'm also going to make something for my kitchen out of this extra butcher's block. so stay tuned to see how this turns out this grey wall's feeling super empty to me so these if you guys remember were up in our office and nobody was using them so i said take them and i just need to figure out what size i wanna cut them buh-bam now, i'm just gonna give these a quote cookbook. oh, what a quick coat of paint to match the wall, i think. that's what i want i'm going to also make some tassels with the yarn i bought and i found scissors

these are my hair cutting scissors cause as you guys know my other scissors broke to make my tassels i'm cutting three pieces of thick yarn knotting it together at the end and then braiding it and then i'm taping together the ends and then hot gluing them to the bottom of my carpet i'm going to also hide these cables and my internet router by putting them in this basket and it has air flow so all these electronics can breathe freely and these black cords hanging from my sconces totally weren't the vibe so i'm wrapping them with white yarn and yes it took a while and finally, my shelves are dry

okay, we have some shelves up and remember that piece of wood i was cutting out? check this out cool jk yeah extra counter space. so the only thing i want to do is drill a hole in it, but i think i'll do the middle so that the water can drink through and then if i'm like cutting something i can put it in a hole and it'll just go like into the sink ta-da!

small space hack but honestly not the easiest thing to do like what is this? look at this beveled edge. i don't know how to do that, but i did that bam and then when it's not in use yeah, it's an exciting day and that's because today is the day i'm going to just finish all the final touches on the apartment and film for you guys a full apartment tour so i want to quickly sum up everything that i've done in the space just when i were all on the same page so i did my little diy coat rack here

and i ended up putting curtains here to cover my slightly messy closet and um i did like a knot at the bottom, which i'm really into because i think it just makes them look like less princessy and a little bit more like modern i have my shelves here. i'm kind of liking them. they're not like perfect yet, but they're a little bit styled i love this that i got it's the thrift store and my scent so right when i walk in the door, i can smell the good smells and obviously the whole theme of my apartment is just plants and i even tried to do a little bit plants in the washroom

i did like low light friendly plants and i am planning on switching them out and like putting them towards the window when i like go away or just like for a weekend because they are gonna need a little bit more sunlight i love all the like wood accents in here i feel like it makes it a little bit more homey and warm and less like cool because there's all the tile and you also see a lot of like these amber bottles are on the apartment. i can link them below i got them off the amazon in a big like a box of them so i'm just using them for everything because i think they're super modern so i'm really happy at the kitchen i was a little nervous because i

mean, it's the biggest part of the apartment that i couldn't really change like the walls i painted i could do a lot to all the other parts of the part but like this was here and i wasn't changing it what i did add /change was give myself more countertop space with this butcher's block diy that i made and of course my kallax unit which i love. i think it matches perfectly like it looks like it came with the apartment, right? i think it looks like it was meant to be here and i gave myself a little bit more storage but i'm actually okay on storage a lot of you guys in the comments were like "that's like that such a small kitchen," but i actually had a lot of empty space in my cupboards right now i'm just living that minimalist life i guess and then i just obviously had to have more plants and i'm i'm not done i

need to say that about this place. it's not it's never gonna be complete you're always gonna be like i into it living in it a little bit like i originally wanted to extend this a little bit so that i had somewhere to sit with my stools but right now like i don't really need that and i'm liking it how it is in my living room, i think it's one of my this whole thing is one area i can't even see it's my favorite area but i just like how cozy it is and i'm glad i switched out the coffee table i really did love the diy-ed one but i think this one just makes more sense that i don't have like a proper table

this is kind of like my "i do everything on it" table and having a bigger one just makes a lot more sense this is also where all my plants live because they need the light and this is where like the most of the light is but i think it looks great surrounding my new strucktube couch also, can we just talk about my carpet? i think make they look way more expensive with the tassels i also just think the tassels help blend it into the floor if that makes sense instead of being this like square chunk that's on the ground it's like oh i have tassels, so i kind of like fade into the ground also this wall as soon as i moved in i pretty much knew i was gonna be putting a floor length mirror near here because i honestly don't know how anybody can live without a floor-length mirror. it's just necessary and it opens up the space and i love it

my bedroom is actually probably my favorite room because i was the most nervous about it i knew that in my bed would look really big in this room and it is a really small space but i think i made the most of it with the big mirror this diy which was like my first diy is this apartment this macrame i think it's better than having the closet just open and i didn't want another curtain because i feel like i just i don't know. it doesn't provide depth like a solid curtain doesn't provide depth. so what i thought would make the room feel smaller and the focal point of this room i think is this shelf that i did above the bed instead of like a headboard or something i went for the shelf and i love it so much even though it was a pain in the bleep

to put up i also didn't get to work on the deck because it's winter here in canada. so maybe that's something else. maybe this series will continue just some of the other projects that i want to do. let me know if you want to see like updates if they happen thank you guys so much for joining me for this little mini series it's really important to me to make a place feel like home and for me that's through decorating it and really making it look like i wanted to look and feel like i wanted to feel and honestly smell like i want to smell i got like a diffuser reed diffuser just so that when i walked in it smelled like a scent that i picked out and that i really like and thanks again to structube for providing me with some furniture pieces for my new space and lastly before you guys go huge announcement we have some new merchandise out alongside our patches and

it's it's this t-shirt. if you guys are part of the vlog fam, you probably heard this a lot. our nervous laughs a little inside joke, but i love this. it's like a little graphic tee, but super modern and minimalist and just as nervous laughs and if you guys want it it's only gonna be available for a short period of time so you should see the merch shelf below this youtube video. if not, you can click the link in the description, but that's available for sale it's a an eco organic cotton if you're interested check it out only available for like a couple weeks. so if you want it, you gotta get it soon thank you guys so much for watching if you liked this video and that you give it a like and if you loved it make sure, you sub it and we'll see you next time. bye!

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