havertys dining room

havertys dining room

hello and welcome to ashley homestore's youtubechannel! my name is nadia, of styled b casanova, alsoa creator here on youtube. so ashley has sponsored this video in orderfor me to share with you guys a room reveal. the room that i'm going to share with youguys in the video today, is my back porch. so the beginning phases of that started offwith pressure washing the porch, getting full measurements, so i could at least figure outwhat was going to fit in the space. and lastly, shopping at ashley homestore. now i'm going to share with you guys, my shoppingexperience at ashley homestore. now that you guys have seen my shopping experience,i am now going to welcome you all into my back porch.

so without any further ado, please enjoy! so stepping on the porch, the first thingyou're met by is the moresdale dining table. the moresdale dining table can seat eight. but to save on space, i have paired it withthe moresdale dining bench. the bench is paired with an all-weather foamcushion, which is wrapped in a nuvella fabric and the fabric is 100% water-proof. the dining room table does come equipped withan umbrella hole, but because my patio is covered, there was really no need. the dining room table adds a really nice farmhouseflair with the crossed legs, which i really

do love. i really wanted to keep the top of the tablereally nice and soft so i simply placed a runner, some metals and also some color, tobring everything together. not far behind the dining room table, youwill find the loughran 4-piece outdoor sectional. the sectional is made with all-weather resinand wicker. very similar to the moresdale dining table,the loughran is also paired with a nuvella cushion. these cushions are lined with a brown piping,which adds a really nice detail and again this is also waterproof. due to the size of the patio, i was able tofit two of the loughran sectionals in the

back, which means i have two ottomans andalso two cocktail tables. so an extra added bonus to the porch, oncethe furniture was delivered, we went on ahead and got the it screened in and you guys, we'reabsolutely loving it. this is really going to help out with keepingthe frogs and the bugs off the furniture. of course, i did not forget about lighting. for this, we went with double rattans overthe living and the dining and also twin blade ceiling fans. the space overall has become my family's favoritespot. the lighting over the dining room table hasto be my favorite, only because it adds just

the right ambiance. i hope you guys enjoy and don't forget tohashtag #myashleyhome on your design. i really hope that you guys enjoyed seeingthe porch, like i am loving the space. it is so comfortable, it is so nice. i wanted to bring that same like really nicewarm, inviting feel from inside the house - outside. and i really feel like the ashley pieces thati picked out complete that for me. so if you end up creating your own room reveal,or even a room refresh using ashley homestore pieces, please do not forget to tag @ashleyhomestore.

so this brings the video to its final conclusion. i really hope you guys enjoy. i will see you guys next time. and as i like to say on my channel: don'tforget to like, comment, and subscribe and i'll see you next time! bye!

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