hanging lights for dining room

hanging lights for dining room

hi, i'm colby with del mar fans & lighting.today i'm going to show you how to install a chandelier. if you haven't determined thebest size chandelier for your space, jump over toour how to choose the right size chandelier article for some tips. first it's importantto retest the wires with a voltage tester just to make sure they're not energized. verifythat your electrical box is mounted to a beam ora strut in the ceiling like this one. if your beam is directly in the center of the roomwhere you want to have your electrical box orchandelier hung, you can use an electrical box like this one. most electrical boxes thatare supported to a beam can withold fifty

pounds. the chandelier that we're hangingtoday is twenty five, so we're all set. now that we'veunpacked our chandelier and all of its parts, the directions say the next step is to partiallyassemble the chandelier and install it to the mounting box then complete the installation.to do this, we have to figure out some different measurements. since we're hanging the chandelierover a table the recommended height is usually between thirty and thirtytwo inches from the bottom of the chandelier to the top of the table, so we're going toneed a few measurements. we're going to need theceiling to the top of the table, we're going to need the recommended height of thirty tothirty two inches and then the chandelier

height, which you can usually find on thewebsite you purchased the chandelier from or on thebox that the chandelier came with. and then we're going to subtract all those elementsand that will give us the answer to how much chainlength we need. we've measured our ceiling to table at sixty five inches. we have therecommended height of the chandelier above the table which was thirty two inches. andthen the exact chandelier height assembled is twentysix point five inches. we subtract all these elements from each other and we come up withsix point five inches. that will be our chain length. next we're going to install the mountbracket to the electrical box in the ceiling.

now we're going to hang the chandelier tothe junction box. it's always important to remember that the lock nut goes down the chainand the canopy goes down the chain before you mount it. can't tell you how many timesthat i've forgotten that. we're prepared to wire our fixture. now we're going to assemblethe lower part of the chandelier before we put the lamps in. now that we have the bottomassembled we're going to add the light bulbs and add the shade and that'll wrap up ourinstallation. leave a comment below and let us know what you think of our how to installa chandelier video. thanks for joining me here atdel mar fans and lighting. bye.

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