grey dining room

grey dining room

jen and i are here at elte mktbecause today we're facing off in a special design challenge. our challenge was to design twodifferent rooms around the same piece of furniture so we met up with andrew tofind out what piece we'd be working with. jen: hey, andrew! andrew: hey, guys! how's it going? jen: good! andrew: youguys ready to see the anchor piece? jen: we're really excited. andrew: awesome. so here we've got our nomad modular sectional. one, you got a beautiful gray performance fabriccovered around that sectional. two, it's a really great comfort story, cloud-likecomfort, really amazing trillium cushions that we use and then above all else it'sa mix-and-match collection, so you've got

an armless chair, corner chair and anottoman and you can create basically anything you want from the small scaleloveseat to a large scale sectional. jen: wow, that's amazing. andrew: so we're gonna send our nomad over to the house & home studio so why don't you guys have a browsearound the showroom and pick some things that might go well with it. jen: great, let'sget going. i was pretty excited about getting to use all the different thingswhatever we wanted from elte mkt. it was kind of fun, we just run around and pickwhatever you want –â it was pretty cool. kai: the shopping spree. jen: yeah. kai: an imaginary shopping spree where you return everything at the end. jen: yeah, you pretend that you're gonna have it.

jen: these are kind of cute. kai: those are really cute. i feel like they might be better for what i'm doing. i think not having a budget or a client was kind of amazing. jen: always much easier. we did want to however make sure that what we were doing was different so we keptthat in mind. kai: i like the look of these. i think i'm gonna go for a sort of aglobal bohemian look and hopefully that'll be different enough from jen's. ilike to start off with sort of a colour that i want to use and then things sortof flow from there. jen: your creative juices are flowing. kai: gross. jen: look how pink it is. this is a nice rug. i love the stripes on it. ithink kai might be layering more colour and

patterns, so i might try and stay awayfrom that, and go a little more clean and sleek. modern. kai: there's so much in the store actually, it's really fun just to sort of walk around and see all theirlittle vignettes. they have great accessories, it feelslike you could spend like the whole day. that's really nice. jen: yeah. jen: no. kai: i might be a little bit more competitive than you because i'm the middle child. so, that edge that maybe... jen: yeah, i typically am not but sometimes. my setup — i call it soft modern. first i painted the wall a really soft putty-coloured pink. i didn't want itto be too bright or too bubblegum-y and

then i started slide in the pieces ofthe sectional. they fit together really well. and then i unrolled my rug which i maybe in theory should have put the rug infirst but then getting the sectional in might've been harder, so there's abit of a catch-22 there. it's cushion time! the pillows are really really fluffy and cloud-like, which was nice, just sort of tossing them on. alright, nobody sit onthat now, thank you! and then i brought in a coffee tablethat had a really warm wood tone to it. well this coffee table is really coolbecause it only looks like it has one leg but there's actually a piece ofglass down here that's holding it up, so

it looks like it's floating. and then ibrought in a black cane chair which was really sleek. i'm a fan of that chair.i think it's a really cool looking piece. i love the way it looks — it's got areally strong shape to it too which i really like and i love the caning. then ibrought in some toss cushions. kai: those are beautiful. browny gray with a touch of pink or purple in it. jen: there's a little bit of pink in there that i thought picked up nicely with the wall. brought in some books just to sort of fill it in a little and give it sometexture and some life. kai: and then your art. jen: oh yeah, my art. the art was good it was white and black so it seems very simple but i loved how much negative spacethere was and i think that's pretty

dramatic. i call this look soft modern. iwanted to keep the colours pretty neutral and mostly a little bit pale too, to go for that softer look and not have too much heavy or dark, but i did go fora few hits of black just to add a little bit of edge. it's really soft andsophisticated. okay, good! well, first we painted the wall. maybe you don't know this about me, but i'm aterrible painter so i needed a little extra help, and i was really happy withhow the wall colour turned out. we put in the sofa as well because we needed tosee how the art was gonna hang. it seemed

very large but because it's modular itactually fit really well in the studio and i feel like well-suited to thechallenge because you can really change up the look. jen: just depending on what you do around it it completely transforms the look so i think it was a really goodpiece to work with. kai: we rolled out our rug so then we had to figure out how tohang the artwork. i had two pieces of rather large art. i'm gonna need helplifting i can't lift this on my own. thankfully reiko was around. we rolled inthat lovely coffee table. jen: i love that coffee table. kai: yeah, it's a great coffee table and it's not too heavy too. like it's quite large and sturdy but it's easy to movearound and we threw down the floor

cushions. there was a little bit ofhesitation — i wasn't sure to go full out with the cushions on the sofa, but wedid and i feel like it worked well. jen: i'm glad you did. i love all the cushionstogether that you chose. kai: you don't really know until everything is totallyin there how it's all gonna play out. you have ideas but i was pleased with how itturned out. who would live in my room? i mean i would live in that room. it'skind of comfortable but approachable and colourful. i think someone that obviously likes stuff. jen: not too much stuff. kai: no, but you know, appreciates colour. jen: all the colourswork so well that nothing is jarring, it's just like a beautiful vignette. kai: thanks, jen. jen: the sofa has a really

relaxed feel to it. it has clean lines but it's not severe or harsh — it has really sort of soft and inviting lines.kai: it was a really nice piece, really comfortable and it didn't have toospecific of a look. jen: you can pretty much use it in almost any decorating style i think. kai: i think the comfort factor too for it — both of usapproached it as a more laid-back, casual without being sloppy. you know whati mean? jen: yeah, cool comfy. i would be up for another challenge. itwas a lot of fun, it was a bit of work. kai: it's nice to see the finished product, too — you know everything comes together and then taking a look at what your frienddid

kai: vote for me! jen: what is this? kai: you can't see what i'm saying.

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