grey dining room table

grey dining room table

good day everyone my name is belinda of mf home tv i'd like to invite you all to join me as i wish this week's episode overflowing views positive comments a massive wave of thumbs up and of course an abundance of subscribers to this episode!

how to style your dining room according to your age hey, homeowners! bianca here! sorry about belinda she's a bit you know old anyways now you knowwhat we're going to do today so our first dining setup will be for thepeople in their 20s it's going to be light it's gonna be quirky and of courseit's gonna be instagrammable so let's go first we bring in our firstdining set it's a six seater and as you

can see it looks very simple and neutralit would go with anything we'll be hanging frames here frommandala foam that we have di wide so do not miss that episode it's pretty cool we're going to play stuff like weeklymeal plans for teh recipes some grocery lists and the like in this way it isinformative and at the same time decorative for our client profile anadventurous creative individual that likes to cooka console and an ottoman set will be added at the side for extra seating andstorage if not used a lot be a problem as this area can serve as deck work andof course we have to add life to it so

we shall add plants even if it'sartificial lights are also important becausesometimes general lighting doesn't suffice and i swear accent lighting goesa long way and lastly we have a truly behind enemy my heat a cinnamon jennagrab in ohio it works as extra storage plus it's easier to attend to the guesssince it's movable all right so let's pop some champagne but wait there'ssomething not quite right about the setup i want the designing room to bevery creative and it just hasn't cut hey you know what we're gonna do we aregoing to break some design rules and go for something adventurous andnonconformist will change your original

chairs into a story that once you'll seehow good this trust lalaeven though it's assorted there's a youthful beauty in the fact that it'snot your usual dining set up like now we're gonna move on to our next standingsetup not 30s be careful because i hear she's like bobby salazar hello there i'mgoing to cut this short because i have a meeting in ten minutesmy name is brenda and it's very nice to meet you let me give you a tour of mydying room as you've noticed my personality is reflected in this spaceit's simple minimal and efficient i don't have a hard time looking for thethings that i will be needing for the

day if i want wine wine is just therecoffee there additional plates there cooking books cups extra storage therethere there and there i just keep things that i need andthings that spark joy in me has even noticed just thinking about my condoputs a smile in my face moreover i like the feeling of space so that i canbreathe thus i am so into glass it makes the room more open light and bigger workcan be so stressful so i made sure that when i go home i should feel relievedand not suffocated to conclude my color scheme as black white and gold just likemy soul it's time for my meeting it was apleasure having you tore my humble abode

today my best regards oh hijo aha it's early for a dinner partywe haven't prepared a dining room yet i apologize for the emptiness of thedining room because we have just disposed of my previous set and i boughta brand new one at mandala foam specifically for this party but ithasn't arrived yet oh speak of the devil i think that's itlittle boys yes you can set it up here it's an eight-seat resigning and i justfell in love with the leather chairs and the chrome black legs combination alright now let's set the table

as you can see i like the timelesspieces the glass the crystal it reminds me what i aspire to be for my childrenand grandchildren a grandmother filled with wisdom and care and beauty thatendures through the ages that's why i like to place photos of myfamily here in the buffet cabinet to remind me and my family all the goodmemories so we can share stories while we feast these for fake happiness mightbe my favourite piece of furniture aside from being polished and locked it canstore a lot of silverware and glassware i love throwing parties so i need easyaccess to bring them out how do we are all set and i think thatdinner guests are coming where's my

champagne oh oh thank you so much dearthank you thank you welcome welcome hey homeowners how are you all doing ihope you guys had fun today because i absolutely did i did not even recognizemyself anymore and i really hope you've learned something if you've noticed wereally did maximize the dining furniture we used a console table we used adisplay cabinet and a buffet cabinet which any of you guys can use andincorporate into your place that's it for today please don't forget to likecomment subscribe and click like this is bianca miranda and belinda 4mf home tvinspiring your home congratulationslast week's winner here's this week's