childrens bedroom color scheme

childrens bedroom color scheme

(laughing) (cheery music) - hello! - hi. - i'm keri. - i'm sam. - alexis. - i'm major. - what do you wanna do today?

- i want to have lightning bolt hair. - a lightning bolt hair? where do you want the lightning bolt? (she laughs) okay, here. i'm gonna show you some colors. - i want all of them but dark. kind of like tie-dye. - ooh yeah, i like that idea.

- this one. - we're gonna be dying my hair rainbow. - do you have any inspiration to show me? (she gasps) oh my gosh! - it's called cotton candy. - cotton candy? what colors are on your dog? - purple, pink and coyster.

- what is cloyster? - it's like a kind of really light blue. - do you mean turquoise? - yeah, turquoise. - okay. alright, well i'm gonna go mix some color and then we'll get started, okay? - mm hm. (laughing)- why does it say purple?

- oh, it says pulp riot. it's a hair color brand. (giggling) what does a lightning bolt look like? have you ever had your hair dyed before? - no. - [keri] are you excited? - yes. - [keri] it's gonna look great.

okay, i need you to bevery still for this, okay? (buzzing)(cheery music) (kid making buzzing sounds)(laughter) - [keri] okay, we'regonna make you blond first and then we're gonna do your color, okay? it's getting really light. (foil crackling) - it looks like robot hair. beep bop bop.

- [keri] okay, are you ready to go rinse? - i'm ready. - alright, let's go. - oh my god! what happened? (dryer blowing) i love it. - [keri] you ready to do the rainbow? - yes!

- what color are we starting with? - [keri] what do you want? it can be anything. - okay, let's start with that. - [keri] okay. look down, really far. can you see? - that's pretty! - [keri] yeah!

- wow, i love it. - what type of pattern are you doing? - [keri] i'm doing kind ofa freestyle, tie-dye look. does your school care ifyou have colored hair? - yeah. no. - [keri] i was about tobe worried for a second. - knock knock. - [keri] who's there?

- cow. - [keri] cow who? - moo. knock knock. - underwear. - [keri] underwear who? a cow wearing underwear. - [keri] got me. - what do you think about my hair, mom?

- [keri] crazy cool. - it looks great! - [keri] the color's all set,it's time to go rinse off. (kid making farting sounds) ready? (water running) - what does it look like? - [keri] like a beautiful, neon rainbow. - [keri] righteous.

do you wanna see your hair? - ooh. (he gasps) - i love it! - aw! - there's one more person we have to show. you ready? surprise! ah!

- alright, you're all done! what do you think? - it's awesome! - i super duper love it. - [keri] oh, yay! (kids making noise) (screaming) - what is that? - a rotten egg!

- pig's blood? - it's coconut. (speaking offscreen)

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