child bedroom paint colors

child bedroom paint colors

for our mural, we're going to be paintingthis whole wall. everything on here, this pale color is going to go away entirely. thatmeans that we need to prepare our wall and floor just like we would a normal paintingproject. starting off with taping. get your good blue, electrical, painter's tape, andstart ripping off pieces of it. what we're going to be doing here is we're going to becovering up the trim. you can already see i've done an awful lot of this, but we wantto make sure there are no gaps and the like. areas where you could see where like paintcould drip over and basically ruin our wood. now sometimes you may get a little bit ofpaint on the wood no matter how good your efforts are but painting, putting on the paintingtape helps avoid a lot of that. to put this

on, basically what you want to do is havethe edge up as close to the gap as possible. now for tape placement, what we want to dois put the tape edge as close as we can to the gap. press down with your fingers to makesure you have a good grip. also, don't leave the tape dangling off the edges. your thumb'sgreat at wrapping that around the corners. so next, we're going to be removing all ofour faceplates in the room. these include electrical outlets, light switches, cablephone jacks, because we don't want to be painting over this as we're doing our mural. now somepeople like to put more of our good old blue painters tape over the outlets as well tocover them up. i don't like doing that, i usually find that the protection is not andthere's a much easier way rather than doing

all that taping. namely getting a good flatheadscrewdriver and taking the face plate off here. basically put the flathead into thescrew, start spinning counter clockwise until it comes loose, and you remove the, i am going to use some blue tape to cover up the remaining outlet here. usuallyone strip will do it, kind of tuck it around to where it's still covering up the metalbut not the wall because you want to be able to paint all the wall surface that you can.tuck it underneath there, make sure it's a good seal. there you go. you can go over thiswith a whole brush and your still going to be fine when you take that tape off. justa few more things to cover before we can actually start painting. one of these is putting adrop cloth down. this is like protecting all

of your carpet area by having your drop cloth.these come in actual cloth, more commonly now days, they come in a nice clear, you unfold this which it'll unfold many, many different times, and you'll be able thento cover up your carpet area. now again, there are different styles here. some people willjust leave it like this, other folks will actually want to more directly stick the dropcloth to the wall to make sure that it stays because it can drift when you're walking overit. it can definitely get snagged and pull away from the wall. but make sure your carpetis entirely covered, that'll protect your carpet from the paint and you're ready forthe creative process to begin.

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