champagne color bedroom

champagne color bedroom

today we have celebrity guest nicole, of rescuedfurnishings in st. louis. nicole won best custom mix of milk paint in general finishes’2015 design challenge with her entry, galapagos blue. welcome nicole – we’re super excitedto have you here. thanks! i have never been a celebrity beforeso i'm super excited to be here. we have always thought you were a celebrity. i will be creating a customized metallic finishon this wall mirror using a combination of argentine, bronze and burnished pearl effectsthinned with 5% extender. extender increases open time and workability, and makes the paintperform more like a glaze. the mirror had an existing finish, so it wasscrubbed clean with a scotch brite pad and

a 50:50 mix of denatured alcohol and water.then we scuff-sanded with a 220 sanding pad. then we applied 2 coats of driftwood milkpaint, let each coat dry 3 hours, buffed with a 220 sanding pad, and removed the dust. the milk paint has been sealed with one layerof water based topcoat high performance satin, dried 3 hours, and finished with winter whiteglaze effects. once finished, we thought the mirror neededmore pizzazz, so we decided to pounce on this combination of argentine, bronze and burnishedpearl effects to create this look. to make the pearl effects glide across thesurface easily, we added one more coat of high performance satin first.

the supplies needed are: extender, syntheticor foam brushes and blue shop towels. we love these new round krex brushes from chalk supply.they don’t shed bristles. they don't flare and they clean up fast - makes a great investment. all right, nicole, take it away. thank you! whenever i glaze i want to accentuatethe details of a piece. so i actually learned this particular finish yesterday and i'm goingto start with the argentine. so if i learned it yesterday, anybody can do it. i love what we are going to do is take the argentine and this brush is really great to just wipeit on everywhere. we are going to wipe it on the entire surface and the extender helpsyou have some more open time. so you want

to just make sure you're getting it in allthe details. i tend to kind of pounce the brush in to get it there. okay so once i haveenough of the pretty silver color on here. i am going to switch to the blackened bronze.and this color i absolutely love and it's going to help darken it. notice i am not actuallywiping or doing anything yet. i'm just going to take this brush and start kind of pouncingit. so you're just going to dab it over the entiresurface? exactly! i want it to blend in so that's totallyfine that it kind of looks messy. glaze is not about being perfect it's just about havingfun. so you don't want to get caught up in any little detail. again, i really like mydeep parts to be kind of a little bit darker

so i am going to smash a little bit more inthere. okay, so when you have what you think is enough, because you can always go backand keep adding more of the different colors. i am going to switch to this color. so thisburnished color is kind of like a copper and its going to help kind of give it just anall over soft look. it kind of looks scary, glazing can look really, really scary whenyou're doing it. that's okay! it's totally fine. so once you have some more, becauseagain we can go back and keep adding more colors. you want to take some damp clothsand you are going to start just dabbing it. so you're going to dab it until you get thelook that you want. again it's going to look scary in the beginning but that's okay youjust keep going and your going to keep dabbing.

so for example on this little part right here,it's a little bit too gold for me so i am going to go back with some more silver andthe bronze here in a minute to just kind of make it blend a little bit better and whenyou get too much glaze you can just switch to a new spot on your towel. it's not thatserious. what we are going for is a really hammered finish. you can tell there is multiplecolors but you cant really tell what the colors are or how you got that look it just looksawesome. but the secret is you did it yourself. okay, so i am just going to add a few morelittle spots here. if you get too much just wipe it off on the edge, especially towardsthe interior you don't want it to be too filled with color. okay, so i think this is goingto finish it. so just dab it. and i am gonna

grab a new fresh towel. it's looking great. another thing you can do too, especially ona piece that has this much detail. you can take a smaller brush, i will show you herein a second, and really get in those deep spots, if you want. you can just have funwith it. you can make it more gold, you can make it more silver, you can make it morebronzy - totally up to you, kind of the look you are going for. but if you really wantedto accentuate any particular color, you could take one of these brushes and for exampleif i wanted some more of the gold kind of in this area you can just blend it with thebrush. if i wanted some of the dark brown

kind of in the deep parts. sometimes you liketo draw your eye to the center of the piece. you can just do the same thing kind of makeit have a little bit more dimension in another spot. i think i kind of like how that is looking.what do you think? it's gorgeous. it's gorgeous! to save on time, we finished the mirror inour studio, letting the pearl effects dry for 12 hours, and finished off with 3 coatsof water based topcoat - we used clear-drying high performance satin. here’s how the finishedmirror turned out. nice work nicole! thank you!

you can find nicole’s work online at rescuedfurnishings.comand on her facebook page. tara’s tips:- apply pearl effects over sealed surfaces only.- always seal pearl effects with topcoat. - dry-time to touch: 2 to 4 hours.- dry-time to recoat when using as a paint: 12 hours.- dry-time to recoat when thinned as a glaze: 2 to 4 hours.- dry-time for for light use: 7-10 days - cure time: 21 to 30 days. our finishes are engineered to be compatiblewith each other. test to your satisfaction when using with other brands.

for more videos about specialty finishingtechniques, check out our other demonstrations linked at the end of this video. thanks nicole, can i have a hug? yes! thanks for having me!

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