carpet colors for bedrooms

carpet colors for bedrooms

what is up guys move here back with another minecraft video and today we're going to be looking at the newest mob in minecraft 1.7 and that is the llama so these are the four different kinds of llamas and we're going to look at everything you could need to know that's been added about them so first thing

over here they are a passive mob but will attack a player if they are hit so let's test this out really quick i'm going to go into survival mode and just going to give all these guys a quick little love tap and as you can see hey they will attack you back so there are four different skins of the wool color depends on which by him there in

at the moment they spawn naturally in extreme hills and savannah biomes so these again are the four different looks so they have 22 health which is 11 hearts and they do one damage which is half a heart and use the spinning attack what you saw earlier we're going to show you one more time so you can see him actually do with the projectile yeah so

that's actually the infamous llama spit that you can see right there so they also drop 02 leather and any other items that were they were holding a planned out so let's kill these guys quickly and see how much we got them so that one drop some weather there that looks like oops get these guys first name account the loot afterwards one more that's

putting up a fight there we go so 20 1 and 1 so this pretty much is a good representative value all right next up wolves are afraid of llamas and will run away from them llamas leaves are spinning attack on them as well let me go actual stay in a stay in survival mode so let's take a walk over here and a couple llamas

so let's put him down right over here wolf la and you see here will start running away and the level approaches you get spit attack off looks like the wolf is a little bit too far away you guys get the idea they are not friends all right next up llamas can be tamed with hay bales and melted a player can control movement when riding them even

when tamed right so let's grab alarm over here and some pay bills so let's put one down right over here head let's give them some hay and you can see he's taking it but let's try to write them you'll see he won't let me guide them anywhere i can't really do anything even if he was fully tamed it does give me up please give me that backwards over

just kind of funny actually all right let's get to the next part they will follow a player with the lead attached and they can form a caravan of up to ten llamas following this is actually really cool so let's put down a whole tunnel was over here alright let's grab one with the lead so can i put down like 21 but let me just

go in a circle so i can get as many as possible and you'll see the village they're going to form a perfect line i think it behind me so let's see how many i got here let's go back a little bit further 123 even the babies follow kate 123456789 10 and you see these other ones over here they want problems coming just wandering

around but i do have a caravan of 10 let me just only this guy there we go all right let's get back to the next part alright they can juan mess that one up they can be equipped with team blom's can be equipped with different of 16 different carpet colors alright so i'm going to grab a bunch of them actually go into creating more once

again let's get rid of all this stuff over here and grab some of these carpet colors you can see all the different types there are 16 and there we go so here's just a generic problem oops get out always make sure to shift and then right-click them so now i can see it has an inventory space over here let's put

the sign competent and you can see he now has a different look let's go to them again let's put the purple carpet instead there we go you see once again he has a different look so i put a bunch of llamas over here with the no way i tag and you can see there is a different variety for every single different type

of wall as well as carpet and i'm going to go over some of them in specifics because some of them have really unique looks that i think are worth mentioning again the orange no nothing too fancy the white nothing too fancy purple is kind of interesting you'll also notice that some of them have different up these looks like they have

scarfs while there were some of them might have like a looks like a big balls and blue is kinda cool yellow is this see where the call this one has some polka dots i'll show you some of my favorites over here so this one over here at the at the dark grey wool he has like a like a bandit mask which is really cool and

also this one over here the the light grable it has like things around his ankles one of the only one that hasn't i think there's one other mistaken or this might be the only one actually looks like that is the only one see how this one has the purple and has an enderman on it on it's a back really cool and the green one has a creeper again really

really cool and there's a lot of variety without what you can do so if you want to design your base for like a certain color aesthetic you can definitely pull some cool stuff off all right next up if given an item they don't like if given item they don't accept they'll make a funny noise let's put these carpets away and let's grab some some lana is over

here let's get an oak sapling and a lab is block so let's put this down over here so i don't keep hearing all that noise over there alright so let me just make sure i get an adult 30 i'm going to try to get a little sapling and listen to what happens it makes a really funny doors and again

not to be withholding right click down it doesn't every single time you click else i'll do a little bit slowly against avery with lapis block so yeah they don't respond well to things they don't like all right next up they can be equipped with the chest and function as a beast of burden so this is their main function so let's grab

against some more spontaneous get rid of that stuff let's put these in a pile of some chest and a lead alright so let's put down a one over here let's put down an adult and i think i have to get the team first let's grab some hay bales so there we go see how much you can take all right let's see if

we can put one on yet no he's not responding well your instructor more i'm gonna go to this one over here since these are automatic contain but let's try to put a chest on them see there we go so you can see it just like that you can now use hsn if i right click on the file right-click on him

again he has three inventory spaces so there's a little bit of there's some specifics about how that actually functions were to set the time today very quickly so each lama has a strength value between 1 and 5 they can hold three items for every point they have in strength so each llama head so each lama has between three to fifteen inventory

space when chested so this one i showed you over here that has three inventory spaces has a strength value of one that's why it's only one times three so a full-time llama caravan can have a maximum inventory of a hundred and fifty can wall a full ten mama caravan can have a maximum of 150 inventory slots that's because with a maximum strength

of five can have 15 inventory spaces 15 times 10 is 150 also when breeding there is a three percent chance that the offspring will have a strength score one higher than the stronger parent that still means that there's a maximum of five so it's going to take awhile to breathe maximum strength llamas but it is possible again it's going to just

take a lot of repetition anyway guys that's just this video this is pretty much everything that you need to know about mama's i'll throw in a couple extra commands of the description so if you guys want to spawn some of them add that are here you can do that as well anyway guys i hope you enjoyed the video please leave a like if you did as

it does help me out a lot and subscribe if you wanna see video similar to this one in the future my name is smooth and i'll see you later take it easy guys

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