calming bedroom paint colors

calming bedroom paint colors

normally when i blog about the area at the top of the stairs i shut the blue door that leads to the hallway that leads to the bedroom. because it’s like all tan. not… not my style. so we are going beyond the blue door with this project. we want to go fresh and fun

and not walk through the hallway like this. my design inspirations are kind of straight from father time and mother nature. i love taking something old and using it in a new way. having the washer and dryer out in the open isn’t ideal. so, we went to a salvage place and we found an old door.

we’re gunna basically make it into a countertop, mount curtains, and hide the appliances. which will help with the sound a little bit. but also just look really pretty. we broke out the brushes and we painted the ceiling first. we used dutch boy’s ceiling paint. the have a really cool

twist and pour container. we painted the trim second. and then we followed up with the wall color. which really made the biggest difference. i knew i wanted a green paint color and waterslide was the perfect choice for the hallway. “before” “after” this is pretty rad, right? it’s just so

fresh now. i love it. the old with the new. that’s where it’s at. yeah, that’s awesome! and now i want to work on the bedroom “dutch boy – the lettered cottage. to watch more colorful transformations, visit”

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