beautiful garden photos

beautiful garden photos

what’s up, everybody? philcaela here :) and we are in singapore! we’ll be spending a few days here and we’llbe taking you around with us to check out the most instagrammable spots in singapore! let's go!!! we’re walking through the gardens by thebay now, obviously one of the must-visit places in singapore and we just passed through thesupertree grove, unfortunately there’s a bunch of like toy story stuff everywhere (why?!),so we couldn’t get a good photo. why?!

it’s like 7:30am and it’s already 82 degreesand i’m already sweating. singapore is hot, if you didn’t know. we’re gonna try and get photos from a differentvantage point now and we’re heading to the waterfront and, again, this place get super,super packed, but we’re here actually pretty early, so there’s no one around so that’sa great tip for you if you’re trying to get great photos with no one in it. so this one only has 3 of the trees, but there’salso a ferris wheel behind us so you can get a great photo. it’s now 8:30 and the tour buses are arriving,so pro tip: if you wanna avoid the crowds

and the tour buses, you gotta come early. all the buses just arrived pretty much. you can see this crowd behind us, that wasnot there like 2 minutes ago, so come early if you want those empty photos. like a 5 minute walk away from the supertreesover there, we’re now at cloud forest and yeah it’s getting more and more crowdedthe later it is, so earlier is always better. it was $28 sgd per person for entry. right as you walk, it is like 20 degrees coolerin here. this feels so good!

soon as you walk in here, you’re greetedhere by so much ac and wind and mist and a beautiful waterfall, it’s amazing, it’sreally beautiful. really easy to take pictures in front of,and honestly it’s nice because there are crowds in here but the crowds come and go,so if you’re patient you can definitely get some really empty shots. obviously with this one, you wanna go at alow angle and get as much of that beautiful waterfall in the back as possible. and if you can, have a wide-angle lens soyou can see more of everything. and just outside of the cloud forest rightacross the walkway is the flower dome and

actually this came included with our entry. it was actually too hot outside and my camerafogged up when i was recording the flower dome entrance. a lot more instagram opportunities and photographyopporunties in here and just a lot of flowers. i’m not sure why but the flower dome issignificantly more packed than the cloud forest. here it’s pretty but the cloud forest wasamazing. here it’s so packed, not sure why, maybeall the asian mom love taking photos with the roses and flowers. and our last spot that we’re going to hitfor now around gardens by the bay is dragonfly

bridge. dragonfly bridge actually connects the marinabay sands area to the gardens by the bay area over the waterway. and you have a really, really beautiful view,unobstructed of the marina bay sands in the background. so 3 towers with the boat on top like that,that iconic singaporean building. and also on the bridge you have a nice viewof the silver garden, which is those 3 sprouting super trees and also the ferris wheel in thebackground, pretty good vantage point and there’s a lot of photo opportunities youcan have on this bridge.

and the next spot is in little india. behind me is the masjid sultan, the sultanmosque and it’s got a really, really beautiful golden dome roof up top. there’s a lot of different places you cantake pictures of this. there’s actually a walkway and a streetover there with all kinds of shops along it and you have beautiful leading lines leadingup to it. and right here you have also this gate, portal-lookingthing that’ll allow you to frame your subject really well. got some beautiful photos with the mosque,masjid sultan, now we’re heading not too

far away to haji lane, another part of littleindia. so we're at haji lane, this place is supercute, there’s like really tiny, cute small front cafes, boutiques, and everything, butalso there’s really, really cute architecture here, if you’re down the street you canget angle of all the houses and you can get a lot of great leading lines, which everybodyloves. overall this is a really cute visit if you’rearound this area. although we’re super jet lagged and exhaustedright now we’re going to power through this. so we’re in line for the skybridge for thesuper trees right now. yeah, it costs $8sgd per person to be ableto go up and you gotta wait in this line but

you’re gonna get a really, really beautifulview walking among the super trees and right now luckily it’s almost sunset, we’regonna get that golden hour, we’re gonna get some beautiful photos of the marina baysands in the background. we just got up on the bridge it took aroundlike 10 minutes in the line but it’s really nice up here, it’s really cool. we’re by the water so it’s definitelycooler here so it feels really, really, really good. and the sun’s about to go down in like 10-15minutes. so we’re waiting for the optimal goldenhour lighting.

it’s beautiful it’s like a 360 view here,up here there literally a view of everything there’s like a dome over here, the ferriswheel. marina bay sands behind me, i was like whereis it, it’s the huge thing behind me. and also at 7:45pm and 8:45pm all the supertrees light up and have a really beautiful light show so check that out, too! and the next place on our list is helix bridge,it’s a bridge that’s just north of the marina bay sands shoppes and what’s beautifulabout this spot is not only the bridge itself and the nice framing and composition thatit provides, but also the fact that you have the iconic marina bay sands and the art sciencemuseum behind you.

there’re a bunch of different ways you cantake photos here whether you’re just taking photos of the bridge or you can walk a littlebit down like we did and you can get the bridge, the marina bay sands building, and also theart science museum in the background. it’s a really cool spot for photos and it’salso really close to a lot of other things you might want to visit, so it’s reallyeasy to hit up. chijmes is a former convent building thatis now a mix of a lot of things. it could be a wedding venue, you can hosta lot of events here. there are tons of areas to walk around herewith great leading lines and the columns inside. also the front has a really cute background,so great photo spot there and not only do

they have a lot of restaurants, there area lot of cafes in the area. so definitely recommend coming here for cuteinstagram photos, also for coffee, tea, and food. and the next spot is this really cool buildingbehind me, this is the old hill st police station. you gotta rapid fire, because there’re,oh shit! bus behind me! there’re tons of cars going by both ways. you get kinda like a 10-15 second window,so once you get that window, you just rapid

fire, take a lot of photos. normally we’d love to go in the middle ofthe street and have a picture of micaela or me walking in the street across, but jaywalkingis illegal in singapore and this is a busy, busy street right here so we can get greatphotos from this side. and the next instagrammable spot in singaporeis inside the jewel, which is basically a big mall connected to the airport. this is the rain vortex behind me, as youcan see it’s a really, really beautiful waterfall cascading down. it’s huge, it’s giant, and it’s rightin the center of the mall.

it’s a great place to take photos. you will not be alone here, there are hordesof people trying to get their photos here, but whether you’re looking for a photo ofyourself in front of it, or you’re just looking for a photo of the rain vortex itself,it’s really, really beautiful here. so our next spot is something you probablysaw on instagram before, it’s the peranakan houses. this is just off joo chiat, which is a roadand this is actually called koon seng rd, this is a row of iconic, really beautifullypainted peranakan-style houses. you can stand on either side of the road becausethere are beautifully painted houses on both

sides. so here you’re got some pinks, some browns,and some light greens. and you can see behind me there are some purplesand blues and just a lot of beautiful colors to really liven up any photograph or any instagrampost. basically, these houses are really beautifuland there are tons of different ways to photograph them so definitely make sure to check themout. and now we’re on top of the marina bay sands,this is the infinity pool and honestly we’re saving this for last because it’s maybethe best view in singapore, but it’s also probably one of the most known.

we’re spending one night in the marina baysands and with that you get access to this rooftop pool and bar area that spans acrossthree towers. obviously this is not a terribly cost-effectiveoption if you’re just looking for a great photograph or instagram, but if you are stayingat marina bay sands, then you definitely need to come up here and check out this beautifulview. and that’s gonna do it for the most instagrammablespots in singapore! hopefully this video is informative and nowyou know some places where you can take great photos when you visit singapore. let us know in the comments how your photosturn out.

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