beautiful garden paths

beautiful garden paths

hi there welcome back to get gardening!!! i really wanted to show you guys my beautiful walkway garden at its absolutepeak and i feel like in order to do that i wanted to show it to you over thecourse of several days maybe even a week just to show you how it changes andprogresses with the days the sun that's coming it's such a beautiful month ofmay right now today is such a beautiful day i hope you can feel the warmth andthe sunshine from my garden to yours let's go take a walk and see how itlooked today it's looking beautiful these irises just opened they actuallyhave quite a decent fragrance to them touched with a little blush of lavenderi mean the alliums over here like a

little universe so beautiful and yet even with howamazing it looks they're still from so much to come for example this iris i'mstarting to see the color on it there's a lupin behind that has a bud that'sgoing to open up over the next week here's another iris it's a blue oneit's going to open with the poppy behind it that's going to be a bright orangethe yellow iris is looking phenomenal right now but i have a feeling that itmight bloom for a few more days maybe a week that it might not be in the showforever but we've got so much more to take its place like this peony theclematis is starting to open these

alliums the purple sensations with thesegiant ones mixed in it's just absolutely wonderful the arm area to the left isnever looked so good before it makes me want even more of it so this coming falli'll probably start some more and there's a couple other things happeningover here i really wanted this flock to stay openfor the time that this clematis is opening and it's aids and look at thisjust a picture and there's so many buds on this colada right now just wait untilall those open up this is supposed to be a red iris in the front here neverbloomed before and another iris and in between here you can see this lupin isstarting to show so much color it's

going to open probably by tomorrow soi'm going to go ahead and leave you here and come back in a couple days and showyou how it looked but i'm loving it right nowoh it's been raining like crazy over here in chicago and we've had horriblegale force winds all just to give my walkway garden a run for its money buti'll tell ya it's holding up white iris looping over here is blooming todayanother lupin in the background there blue iris the alliums over here on theleft looking absolutely wonderful today but you can tell already that they'rebeginning to fade but i still love it i love everything outside this time of theyear here's a beautiful perfect lupin

and there's another one further down thewalkway garden this peony started showing its color today it really echoesthat little light pink lamotta there's one last bud on this cloth ofgold iris and i wanted to show you the clematis which is just absolutelybreathtaking couldn't be more loaded with flowersand here's a beautiful red iris called dynamite and hello darkness and anotherabsolutely perfect lupin so hopefully things will continue looking great i'llcome and do an update with you again in another day or two just to see how thisgarden progresses and i wanted to give you guys one final show of the gardenbefore i publish this video i keep

wanting to update you guys and show youit but every day something changes just love looking at these lupins that areopen with the iris in the background see the white one the purple blue onefurther back you see that bright orange of the poppy just open today the lightblue iris attemp peony in the background the clematis further back the iris evenfurther behind it i absolutely just i could sit here for hours i'm in heaventhe alliums over to the left look really nice let's take you for one last lookbefore i send this video off to youtube land this iris this lupin has been onethat bloomed in my garden for a few years last year i wasn't very successfulwith my seedlings i lost quite a few of

them but some are openingthis irish here looks really good another lupin the alliums over here tothe left are just finishing you can see the rhododendrons in the back areopening i have one more clump of irises over here by the vegetable garden thatopened up today a light pink one in the front with another blue one behind it ilove that color too so the walkway garden today these poppiesopened look at them oh so many more buds in there here's the loop in that didwell this year quite small it's a baby so next year in the year to follow ithink it'll get bigger and better this iris just started opening you can seeit's yellow and on the walls here

clustered purple and blue random peonythis is an unruly clamato that looks beautiful but it refused to climb upthis year so hopefully next year it'll decide to climb up on the wires a littlebit better so y'all iris still hanging on and boyam i happy for it because i love it over here you can see that these peonies arejust opening every day something new that loop in opening this one thatdamaged by the wind but and oh look at that kumada isn't that something thedutch iris is opened in the front here and the red iris looking beautiful theblack iris behind it there's a lupin and another iris open today for the firsttime right here in the front so i hope

your garden is looking beautiful tooover here the salvias are opening up the front with the see thrift nymeria thegeraniums started opening so i could just stand back here for hourslooking at the garden there's work to do - i've been planting lots of seedlingsand i got to go water them now so i hope you've enjoyed seeing my garden developthis year in the springtime and i hope you're able to like and subscribe andget out there and get garden

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