beautiful garden parasols

beautiful garden parasols

how to restring patio umbrellas hi it's alaskagranny do you enjoy patio umbrellas and then you realize the cord is all messed up and frayed and coming unraveled i'm gonna show you a very simple way to restring your patio umbrella so that it can continue to be useful to you it's very simple let me show you how i bought very simple clothes line because it's aboutthe same

width as my cord so i am going to cut the frayed end off sizzle it like you would paracord to keep it from all unraveling again you can see where the cord has been tied onto an eye hook the old and untie it and tie the newcord in its place take the opposite end of the cord and follow path of the worn-out cord through allthe pulleys then you'll see

you come to the spot on the other end where you tie the knot but you wanna make sure it is long enough let your umbrella down before you cut the knot to make sure that your cord islong enough release your umbrella bring the umbrella all the way down make sure there is plenty of room mark that this is at least as long to make sure there's going tobe enough room once you have tied up the second knot

for about 20 feet of clothesline your umbrella will be just as good as new try it see if it doesn't help you enjoy yourtime in the out of doors please subscribe alaskagranny channel

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