beautiful garden paintings

beautiful garden paintings

[music plays] i'm going to paint a typical landscape with a tree, mountains, lakes and grasses lets start by creating a sketch on canvas i use blue acrilic paint for sketching you can use any color you want you like brown, red or green. you can also use pencil for sketching you can follow what i did on the video i started with random objects

like the tree then the mountains forests... let's paint the sky. mix blue and white and make it more lighter. carefully blended well cover everything above the mountain add the white using the white paint while the paint is wet for more good blending. let's assume that sunlight comes from the left blend a lower part with lighter color. let's paint the mountains.

mix blue, black and white. make it looks like a lighter bluish gray or something similar. this will be our base color. apply it on the farthest mountain that we sketch just cover it all until you see it light gray for the nearer mountain. just make a darker color of the first mountain. you can add more blue or black to make it more darker. we need to follow the rules of perspective. the lighter the farther and more bluish. again, same thing with the forest below the mountains.

make it more darker to make it look nearer from us. the trees should also be darker and more visible. you can see now a monochrome of bluish gray effect. anyway, everything you see are just base colors. we will apply the details later after the paint dries. okay. now, let's add more details to the clouds. just use plain white and make a curve shape using a smaller brush. then, let's add some details on the furthest mountain.

use a lighter gray color and apply it directly on the left side. don't overdo and don't cover everything. use a smaller brush so that the details won't spread. you can follow what i did on the video. do it until it satisfy you. the strokes with be a regular with almost the same direction. then, mix for the second mountain highlights. i use the greener light color to make it look like nearer to us. use blue, yellow, little red and white to make it more mature yellow green.

you observe that it looks almost like brown. carefully apply it using a bigger flat brush. i retouch it again and again until it looks better. create the strokes by tapping and don't overdo. make some spaces between details. same thing you will do on the forest below. again, use a lighter yellow green using bigger flat brush. do it carefully. make use of the brushes texture to create leaves like strokes

you can do whatever you want but don't overdo. on the nearest group of trees apply brown or you can use dark green to tone it. use a bigger flat brush. the more irregular bristle the better. make light yellow green for its highlights. use the same brush and tap it carefully to create leaves like texture. again, put it on the left side. don't overdo or just follow what i did on video. add a darker tone green.

more light green highlights. add vegetation on the ground. you can also add light brown for riverbanks. more highlights and highlights until fully satisfaction. makes lighter bluish gray color for the lake. apply it using bigger flat brush. for the reflections. just copy the mountain above like a mirror. so copy everything what you see on top.

the mountain should have a reflection below. same thing with the forest. just copy the shape and a little more similar with the color. add a little highlights. as you can see. same thing with the nearer group of trees. just copy. the white line you see is the disturbed water by wind. and then you can add more water ripples to make it more real.

just horizontal lines. more horizontal lines. add more highlights on the riverbanks and then just copy it under reflection. you can play with it. adding more details. anything you want. like more rocks. add more darker color to the edge of reflections. then, mix black and yellow for the vegetation base color.

cover the area all over. you can play with the color. apply it until it's done. use brown for the little road as base color. then, cover it with more darker brown. make it more gray or pale. mix blue, yellow, little red and white for the vegetation's highlights. red will make the color more matured. then, apply it using a bigger flat brush.

make a small downwards strokes to create a grass like texture. make it little by little and don't fill it up. make some spaces. create a lighter yellow green for more lighter highlights. again make small downwards strokes like i did on the video. add more vegetation and grasses. you can use the same brush type. you just have to play with the strokes. make more highlights.

the same with the other side. you just have to play with the vegetation. you can apply pale colors on the darker part. you just have to mix green with blue and add a little red to make it more mature. add more highlights same i did on the other side. you can use other types of brush. apply pale green on the darker side. add highlights on the tree. same brush i use when making the grasses.

then, we add the tree. you can use darker brown for its base color. make some branches. make sure the base is bigger than the branches. you can use smaller brush to stop making mistakes on its strokes. add the leaves using darker green color. use the same brush you use in vegetation. you can follow me or do whatever you want. mix black, yellow, red and white to make the tree highlights.

make it more light and use smaller round brush. carefully apply it on the left side of the trunk. again, don't overdo and don't fill it up. add a little on the branches. for the right side of trunk. apply bluish gray color for its bouncing light or diffuse reflections. the trunk will look more solid and round because of this. mix yellow, red, and white with a little black for the road highlights. carefully apply it as lane area.

do not fill it up. you can follow what i did on video. this will determine which area are shaded and which are not. it will also add some dramatic touch with the sunlight. you can use round small brush. you can add lighter highlights until it will look real. continue to add until it will satisfy you. on the darker area, add bluish gray strokes. this will make a contrast of warm and cool colors.

it will also make it more realistic. add some road lines, whatever you call it. use darker color or you can use dark brown. this time, it's more lighter. add holes on the tree's leaves. just put some light blue in it. just follow what i did. add some tree trunks using the smallest brush. apply gray color.

let's add some flowers on our grasses and vegetation. just use the smallest round brush in dotted strokes. you can add white flowers. use pure white for its highlights and grayish in darker part. yellow flowers. same what you did when you add the white one. just be careful with the strokes. the nearer the bigger. you can add many more kinds in colors of flowers.

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