grove park inn blue ridge dining room

grove park inn blue ridge dining room

>>> there's an exciting newdining concept in the outer banks that's got travel writersfrom new york, l.a., and miami just blogging away. it takes a delicious menuprepared with fresh seafood and locally sourced ingredients andoffers it under the same roof with luxury spa and treatments. how can they do that? well, come with me to aquarestaurant and aqua spa in duck. if you want to stand out on theouter banks in a pretty resort

town like duck, you have to dosomething kind of special, and that's exactly what thisdestination is doing. >> it's all about treating yourbody well, about the food, the wine. you have the spa upstairs whereyou've got very talented therapists. it's all about feeling good. >> feeling good begins as youapproach the two-story aqua spa and restaurant, whose landscapeand design capture the essence

of coastal beauty and serenity. as you ascend the stairs to thespa, secluded on the upper level, decorative touches of thenatural elements transport you to a peaceful mind space. >> they're greeted right awayfrom our very knowledgeable spa concierge. we put a lot of love into ourconcierge of understanding all the treatments. we take you back to the lockerrooms, where we have an amenity

shower, lots of differentproducts for you to try with our eminence skin care products,too. we take them on out after we getthem all nice and in a robe and spa sandals over to therelaxation room that overlooks, of course, our beautiful soundhere where you fill out this brief intake form, then aregreeted by our many wonderful therapists to do anything from afacial, manicure, pedicure, to massage treatment. >> body work is available intreatment rooms with calming

views of the sound. aqua also offers ayurvedictreatments and cupping, an alternative to deep tissuemassage intended to deliver similar effects by drawingtoxins out of the muscles using warm suction cups. the spa lounge is the perfectplace to relax before or after your treatment, and i had achance to chat with a couple of the other guests, and we allagree. the therapists' work here istruly exceptional.

right now i feel like i'm onvacation, and this beautiful view of the curritucksound just seals the deal. you can enjoy it also on thepatio lounge while you're dining at the aqua restaurant. on the lower level of aqua is anupscale restaurant with a casual feel and fine dining menufeaturing foods harvested locally and fresh caught. >> i get it right off the dock,so it comes from the boat to a cooler to me, and i break itdown right on this table.

they're gorgeous. just coming into season. but tonight i'll be preparingfor you a mixed green salad with a dried fruit and candied pecansand a pan-seared crab cake followed by a grilled stripsteak, mashed potatoes, local asparagus, and a bourbonespresso demi-glace. also i have local mahi which ijust cleaned today. it will be pan-seared overisraeli couscous with caramelized onions, sun-driedtomatoes, local rainbow swiss

chard, finished with beurreblanc and grilled ramps. >> of course, at aqua, there's avery diverse selection of beer and wines at various pricepoints. the wait staff is knowledgeableand available to help you select just the right pairing for yourmeal. finally, to round out aqua'streatments for all your senses -->> in the summertime we have live entertainment outside onthe deck seven days a week. so this evening we have a verytalented, marvelous to

listen to. his name is sean olds. and he will also be with therest of his band. he will be part of our thursdaynight lineup for the summer music special. >> well, we waited for one ofthose famously beautiful outer banks sunsets but looks like theclouds decided otherwise. even so, on a night like this,the sound of the water and the ocean breeze more than make upfor it.

for "north carolina weekendafter dark" in duck, i'm deborah holt noel.

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