earthy kitchen decorating ideas

earthy kitchen decorating ideas

so i did not realize this until i had already made my tea, but i'm wearing a lot of red right now. that's a damn good cup of tea though... hi! welcome to i don't know where all this energies come from, i think it's because i had a really good veggie bowl for lunch so now i'm like hyper and ready to go. hi. hello. this is probably the most requested video ever on my channel. since i'm moving in a month, i figured that there's no better time. welcome to my apartment tour! wooo!

[music] love this apartment. i love it a lot i've lived here for about two years now. i'll have lived here for just under two years by the time that i moved and i loved it a lot. it's a very good apartment. i'm moving because i'm moving in with my boyfriend. we'll be moving in together in march and i wanted to make sure to give you guys an apartment tour of this space before i left it because it's such a good space. it's a little studio apartment but it's great because it doesn't feel i mean, it's a studio in that my living room, is my bedroom, is my office, but at least my kitchen is separated. so that helps a lot in making it feel more of a sort of complete space.

so i don't just have to stay at everything all the time. it's 500 square feet. i think it's just over 500 square feet. i have an interior designer for a mother which helps a lot. so she helped me a lot in getting sort of the whole space situated and especially helping me with storage stuff just because as a small business owner, and since i run everything from my house, i basically had to figure out a way to store all my stuff in my house, and that was not something that i had to deal with when i first moved here but i had to deal with that in the fall of 2017. basically fixed that by- i got this bed from ikea, this bed frame from ikea so i had storage space under there. also, i used to have one bookshelf, but traded it out for two bookshelves,

so that way i could also have more storage space and i got high up storage space in my closet. fun fact everything in my apartment is from ikea or goodwill then i think some of my pillows are from world market and maybe my sheets are from target but like pretty much everything is from ikea and goodwill, so shout-out to goodwill! like i said, i love this place a lot i've got these three nice big windows which are super handy and i love - i have this big tree outside i kind of wish that i filmed this in the summer time so y'all can see it full of leaves and blooms and things but winter!

usually i just wake up and this window is just covered in leaves and it's so pretty but there was definitely a storm recently that kind of - a windstorm that made the tree kind of teeter more this way, so actually in the summer time because the tree is pretty much pressing up against my window, i don't get a lot of light in my apartment because it's just blocked by leaves. so i actually in the summer time my apartments pretty dim. also, you'll notice that this side of apartment where my desk is and where my bed is and everything it's really nice and light but then where my living room is, the reason why i don't film videos in my living room and by my tv and my closet and stuff

is just because there's no light over there. it's very dim. this building is also almost a hundred years old. this apartment has a lot of character to it, which honestly i love, personally i'm not a fan of new construct buildings just because i feel like they don't have a lot of - the spaces don't have a lot of character and they feel very sterile. sterile...? ste-rile? sterile. i find that having an older place it's a lot easier to sort of view it with character and love and stuff. the thing is is that i spend 80% of my time at home working from home. i wanted to make sure that i did everything that i could to make this space as welcoming and comforting

as possible because my main thing was that whenever i come home, i want it to feel like - uh! like i can relax and i can breathe and i can work and it is a space that is not going to foster anxiety, but instead quell it and i think that i've done a very good job in that frankly. so when you first walk in you have my little super dark entryway. i've got some coat racks in there. i have a little side table that i put my keys on things so i could stop losing my keys and then i have my tiny little bathroom which is not glamour's in any way shape or form. it's just the bathroom. i have my closet and my closet is great actually because it's huge

a lot of people say that i could sublet it as a second room and they're probably not wrong. it is very big and it's basically just a huge storage space for me. i've got my clothes and also everything else in here, suitcases, toiletries, papers, stationery, shop stuff. a bunch of stuff just crammed in there. i also have an og one direction poster on the back of the door because i found that in a sticker book, one direction sticker book that i got from the dollar store in 2013 and it made me so happy so i had to buy it and so i just put that up on my door and i will never ever lose that poster. i'm gonna take it with me everywhere!

then as you come into the space. i wanted to - the guy that lived here before me had it where his bed was on the side of the apartment where my couches and i didn't want people to walk through my bedroom to get to my living room so i made it so that my living room was sort of the first initial space and then my bed was going to be further into the apartment as you walked through i've got these two bookcases which are from ikea they are they called the ivar shelves. they're kind of like part of the diy thing where you can make your own shelving units and stuff and they were super cheap and also great because

the wood is so light and because they themselves are open, it feels like it opens up the speaks a lot. i'm really really happy that my mom convinced me to get rid of my old really tall dark bookshelf and replace it with these two. i also have more storage space and then i have my tv and then my little media console which is very rickety because i got it from goodwill my old roommate got it from goodwill in like 2011 maybe, no 2011, i wasn't even in college. she got it in 2014. she got it from goodwill in 2014 for like 20 bucks thing it's falling apart. it's where i keep my games and my consoles and all that stuff. then i have a mirror hanging on the wall so that i can make sure i look good before i leave in the morning and then i've got my little living room area.

the table is from world market, the mirrors, actually my mom always says that hanging mirrors in a small space helps a lot because it instantly opens it up more and she's not wrong. also hanging stuff on these walls was a bit of a nightmare because they are concrete and so it is very, very hard to nail things into it. so to hang those up particularly we could have just gotten command hooks looking back. but instead we opted for like concrete nails so we found like a very sort of special, particular hook set up so we were able to get those hung up and those mirrors are actually from my family's old farmhouse in sweden.

they're not quite like a family heirloom. i would say but it feels cool because it's a part of history and stuff. also i just think they're really pretty and i love the color on them. then i have a tiny little gallery wall to the left of my sofa. i have three gallery walls i guess but basically what i do is i just go to goodwill and i find pretty frames that i like and then i just print out pictures on the internet and i stick them in there and that's a gallery wall. so you don't even have to spend money on a bunch of paintings it's great and then you can put up the exact art that you want to put up or you know, if you have prints from your favorite artists, you can stick them in there so that.

couch is from ikea. the lamp is from target and then we keep walking over further into my apartment and you have sophie's little cat tree. which isn't cute, but she loves it. so i'm not gonna take that from her and then we have my bed! it's a bed. i kind of like - i'm going to be selling it because this is a full size in connor and i are gonna be getting a queen-size mattress, which i'm so excited about. we'll hopefully moving into a two bedroom so i can maybe get a bed that's a little lower to the ground, but i don't mind. i kind of really like the height of this one. tbh. so yeah, it's like kind of a four-poster thing. it's very cute.

i like having the poster above it because then i could hang up that little rainbow garland that i mad. i really hung that up for pride last year, then i just kept it up because i really like it because it's rainbow and fun and it makes me happy then i have another little gallery wall behind there. i usually change out the pictures with the seasons. i think these ones i changed out for last summer, but i just forgot to change them for the wintertime. they're still very bright and summery. then i have this little good vibes only banner that i got a while ago at paper source. i have this thing where i hang my necklaces i don't wear a lot of necklaces say for this one. i pretty much wear this one and one other one from madewell

but i have that there as a storage thing. anyway, i'm probably gonna be getting rid of a lot of those necklaces. i'm marie kondoing my whole place. so looking to downsize a lot. my bedside table is from goodwill. i got that within like my first week of moving here it was twelve bucks because i was like, i need a bedside table and there's that one. oh, i really like it but it is a little sort of like dusty and grimy. i'll probably refinish it like i was meaning to do when i first got it. then sophie also has a little bed right there because it's right in front of the heater. so she likes to sleep there when it's cold.

and then i have my window sills, which i use mainly as a source of storage and then i have right here. i have sophie's little window perch where she sits next to me while i work. yes, it is a spongebob blanket because she had this at the shelter and i did not want to take that from her. then we have my desk which i love. people ask me all the time about where i get my posters from and stuff and where i get my photos from and what i hang things up with i hang up my photos with washi tape it's just straight up washi tape and the pictures and things of stuff that i have collected over years and years and years of loving art. it's also even pictures that i find online, but i really like that i will just print out or it's prints from some of my favorite artists

and then i also have these little wall grid things that i got off amazon and these are more sort of for mementos and memories and my polaroids and stuff. the desk itself is also from ikea. it's the hilver desk and i have a set of alex drawers beneath it and i really like the setup because the desk is quite spacious. ideally if we are able to move into a two bedroom i would love having like a full-blown studio so i can have the two desks so i can have more space to spread out so i kind of have one area that's dedicated for packing orders and another area dedicated just for making stuff but right now everything's kind of consolidated and then also next to my desk i have shipping envelopes and stickers and an empty imperfect produce box because i use that to haul my orders to the post office.

i really love my desk. again, i spend so much time at home. it is so important to me to make it as calming and welcoming and as lovely to be in as possible. that's something that a lot of people say when they come over. they say that my space is very cozy and i was like, well that's on brand ain't it? and then we wander into the kitchen. my little kitchen. i love that kitchen. my favorite part of my kitchen is the fact that i have this cute little cupboard thing which is where i keep all my mugs so i can just constantly see on my mugs all the time so whenever people come over for tea, i'm like you could choose your own mug. it's like an adventure. i really like the kitchen. i wish that i had a gas range, but we can't get everything we want in life and

then i've got you know, your standard cabinets, there's no like designated pantry. one of my cabinets is just my pantry and then also i have a secret, hidden ironing board in the wall from when the place was originally constructed, so i don't know how old this ironing board is but it works and i use it. my dining table is also from ikea, it cost like $75, it's just like the basic raw wood one one it's covered in food stains. so what i'm probably gonna do is restain it or yeah, i'll probably do is end up just sanding it down and then just staining the top. so it's a little bit darker and then sealing it so that my shit doesn't get on to it anymore. then my dining chairs, fun fact, i got them for four dollars a piece from goodwill and i love them.

they're not a complete set but they all look so similar. no one can really tell. oh and then oh, so there was an old - the kitchen had an icebox from back before refrigerators were a thing and so there was an icebox and i turned it into my tea cabinet and the lighting again in here is so bad. so you can't really see it. i have a tea cabinet and it makes me so happy and it's just all my tea. but yeah, my kitchen's v. cute. i like sitting in there and drawing and spending time and stuff. but yeah, it's kind of my whole apartment. it's full of - i have so much, i just have so much random little things. so it's full of random knickknacks and whosa-whatsits it that i've collected over the years a lot of my random little decor things, again i get from goodwill or from local thrift shops and

i kind of just always have my eye out for things that will make me happy and bring comfort and joy to my home, it's definitely not sort of like - it's not like a picture perfect instagram ready space but it is a space that i live in and it feels lived-in and it feels like a home. which is the most important thing to me. i love it so much and i love being here which is also super important because i work from home so i need to enjoy the space that i'm in 90% of the time and little sophie has been the most incredible addition to my home. i'm excited to build a new home together with connor, i think that's gonna be - i think it's gonna be a lot of fun. that's my space! i love it a lot and i hope you do too

and the next one will be just this cozy and lovely it will be different, but it will still be good. so yeah, i'll be sure to do a house tour apartment tour of that once i get it all set up. i promise that i won't make you wait as long. thank you so much for watching. i hope you enjoyed this little look into my tiny little cozy corner of the world. i love you a lot. i will talk to you soon. stay brilliant. bye!