dining room french doors

dining room french doors

hey guys what's going on i'm joe maleckiand in this video i'm gonna show you how i built these doors these doors arecompletely solid wood construction i use dominoes instead of mortise and tenon'sand i've got a super easy way to inset that glass panel check it out so nowthat we got a wall we've got a doorway we've got this pretty bar wood on theoutside we need to make some doors about three years ago a buddy of mine gave mesome wood and it's finally dry so so this from looking at it and from what hesaid we're probably looking at a little bit of oak a little bit of hickory ifthey're oak that be sweet so we're gonna plan this all down to the same thicknessand then i'll pick the parts i'm gonna

use for the door out from it and havingit all plain won't hurt either for putting it back in storage if i don'tuse it so get it all done one so i'm going to lay out the wood nowthat it's kind of skip playing and rough cut so i can look at it see what thegrain is and then choose what parts i want to use for what on the door it'sall this all white up which is pretty sweet so we're gonna take the twist out hello i'm john malecki if you're liking thiscontent subscribe and hit that bell icon but if you're curious on why i'mjointing these boards we cut these a

couple days ago and after we got themout of the long board a few of them actually acclimated to the temperaturein the shop and twisted slightly so i'm gonna rejoin them reface them and thenwe'll rip them and plane them down to final dimensions and they should be goodto go from there be careful when you're mixing pigment into epoxy if you're using a liquid pigment add a little bit more hardener inthere because it will dilute the mixture this one needs a little bit i think anactually get that done with sanding all right so mock-up some doors what we gotto do is cut these down to width first and we've already got the table sawready to rock and roll

so i don't have to cut these door partsand these styles over here to length because the whole door is gonna gettrimmed down once it's all glued up with a straight edge so pretty much here i'mjust gonna mark it lay it out long and we'll do one cut with the track saw toget the door down the size but essentially you can kind of see like wegot a door kind of what our door will look like i like it i think that i wasworrying where we're gonna have to stain it because of the hickory but i thinkit's so subtle that like it actually looks pretty damn good i'm only gluing these up to make it alittle bit easier i know that these

all of these should be tight so a bit of a hiccup here this board hadsome tension in it and i thought it might come out when i added the railsacross but it didn't so you can see that there's almost a quarter inch of a bowacross this surface of the door it's bringing this side out now that i haveit mocked up and it's taking it out of flat so i'm gonna have to resaw anotherpiece all i've got left though is hickory so i'm gonna square that piecedown and we'll recut this style it's a shame it sucks but this is part of lifeit should still kind of match because i have those two pieces of hickory in thecenter door and then i'll use this as

the hinge side on the far side sometimesyou got to make a lemonade when life gives youpineapple huh so it couldn't get the hickory to the thickness i needed it sowe're gonna have to mill another piece for this style i've got these old beamsi'm pretty sure they're white oak or chestnut whateverlet's get these milled up doors are dry we're going to build thejamb now we have to do a custom jamb for our custom opening because this is acustom woodshop i'll do four or five really lightcoats i already have three on here just for shrinkage purposes we pre-finish to those if you guys paying

attentionthat's why that'll expand and contract and when it does that if you don't prefinish them it's gonna leave a gap on the outside when they shrink thatdoesn't look finished we just really didn't look thereso for these doors i'm using general finish's enduro var its bar none myfavorite finish for reclaim - reclaimed rustic style furniture you get a greathigh build out of it kind of concept super durable has a little bit of anamber through it and it's not just a full oil-based finish so it spreads onreally smooth i'm a big fan if you guys are interested i got a link down in thedescription

for you thank you guys so much for checking outthis build these things turned out absolutely insane and if you want to seeanother one of my custom projects like this i got a video queued up for youright here i also want to thank my sponsor on this build timberland protimberland pro is my go-to workwear apparel company i got a link down in thedescription if you want to see more from themand lastly thank you so much for tuning in go punch your next project in theface and i'll see you in the next video