dining room for small space

dining room for small space

these 5-creative small dining room table ideas can be a great guidance when you want to transform the look and atmosphere of your dining room. don’t underestimate the overall layout and the dining table. in fact, when you have super small area, having a multifunctional furniture should be in your wish-list. this is 5 creative small dining room table ideas

for limited space by your list maker simphome.com. 5. the attractive multifunctional table if you take a look at the design, you may think that it is only a regular mirror, right? well, it turns out that it is a foldable mirror that can also function as a dining table. when you don’t use it, simply fold the table and voila! it turns into a mirror that can make the room look attractive.

but when you want to use it, simply retract it and add a chair so you can enjoy your meal without a fuss. a pretty smart arrangement, right? 4. bigger multifunctional table this piece is perfect for a bigger space, although not so big. as a part of the 5 creative small dining room table ideas, this table is definitely marvelous.

when you need it, simply pull out the chair and you can sit on it. but when not, simply tuck the chair in the construction. can you still use the table? of course! feel free to use the surface to place anything you like, even an attractive centerpiece. keep in mind, though, that the surface isn’t too wide or spacious so when you want to add a centerpiece,

choose a small or compact one. 3. corner space making use of the corner is definitely one smart plan for these 5 creative small dining room table ideas. and if you really want to maximize the usage, consider using the diner table look, which can also serve as the additional storage compartments. the diner style is unique and catchy,

and when you are able to add storage on the bottom area for dining ware, the overall style is super great! if you want to add the comfort, simply add a cushions. with the corner space and a place close to the windows, you definitely have created your cozy spot. 2. side space on the table is it possible to add a storage compartment on the dining table?

why not? this is an example that a dining table can also serve as the storage area. with one side of the table being attached to the wall for saving space, the other side can be used as the storage area. this side area comes as an open shelf design that makes it ideal for added storage option. if you care so much about cleanliness,

consider having a glass enclosure or door. before we get to number 1, i invite you to check subscribe button under this video. if you never press it, click it, include bell icon beside it. your support means mood booster to us and that means a lot. thank you for that... 1. foldable pieces this is a great idea when you have super limited space.

with the foldable table and chair, you can have an efficient room management. when you fold it up, it clears out the space. when you need it, simply lay it out. you only need to match this design with simple but catchy wallpaper and floor design. are you interested trying one of these 5 creative small dining room table ideas? if you learn new things from this video,

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