bathroom frame decor

bathroom frame decor

today i'm going to show you how to firstinstall a simple cap and barrel single-layered system then we're goingto expand on that by building up this second layer. you'll see that a dynamicsystem like this will get high visibility and another great benefit ishow simply you can change out the graphics or artwork to refresh yourdisplay. so let's get started. what you'll need to know when you callin to place an order is the type of material you'll be using, its thicknessand the panel sizes, so we can help you determine the weight of the item. alsoimportant is the mounting surface so we can determine which hardware to use.after you've chosen an approximate

location for your display be sure to usea level and assure your panels are perfectly straight. here we will use theholes in our material as the template to mark the wall for our anchors. use one ofthese corner marks from the first template if you're going to step out toanother layer. overlap the hole with your previous mark, use your level and thenpencil in the other three holes. now you have four marks for your first layer andfour marks for the second layer the center mark will anchor and hold bothpanels. for lighter weight installs we supply the hd-wb2. this anchor isdriven in with a 5-32 hex bit. apply steady pressure and the anchorwill drive itself in. it is convenient if

your drill motor has a clutch feature,otherwise, just be careful here not to drive the anchor in too hard. if you dofind a stud in the wall, grip the anchor firmly with pliers or vise grips andthen back the combination screw out. you now have an hd-cbs1 combination screwthey can be driven into solid wood or hollow steel stud. be sure to use a pilothole when using just the combination screw. we have anchors available for almost anysurface and application, be sure to give us a call and we can discuss whichoptions will be best for your project. now, with all your studs in place you canthread on your first layer of barrels.

snug them down by hand. here we are using the shorter, 1 inch x 1 inch barrel for the first layer. now we will screw inall of your threaded studs to your first layer of barrels, or, you can thread thestud into your cap, then through the material and into the barrel, this may be the preferred method in some cases. these threaded studs vary in length, depending upon your materialthickness and cap and barrel combinations, so we'll be sure to get youwhat you need when you place your order. as a side note, having your material’s holesize just a little larger than the threaded stud will give you a littlemore freedom for aligning your panels.

now tighten up the rest of your caps, andthere you have an installation ready to hold signage and artwork. keep in mindyour material dimensions are not limited, and larger panels can require more mounting points. for this next step, we will need a longer thread in the centerpoint to account for the thickness of this standoff spacer, and the material’sthickness. screw in the stud and then the spacer, making adjustments as needed. now, you can thread on your longerbarrels for the second layer, just snug them down. next, the remaining threaded studs. nowhang your material. take another look to

make sure everything looks good on thefirst layer. install the upper caps. level out the material, and then finish offyour display with the rest of your caps. there are few variables that you mustconsider when designing custom layered systems, and that is, if you modify this distance, thethickness of the material, or the number of layers, this distance (where theoutermost panels reach to the wall) may be a custom length barrel. bear this in mindwhen designing a system with multiple layers and make sure to give yourselfsome extra time to work with us to ensure we can get you the rightcomponents. whether it be stock parts

such as these, or a custom length give us a call and you'll find that, with our help, something as complicated as a multiplelayered system, can become a simple, successful install. so thanks forwatching.

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