Thursday, September 5, 2019

best colors to paint bedroom

best colors to paint bedroom

♪[music]♪ - [announcer] with your host, sheryl borden. - [kimball] i'll show you the adjoining bedroom,that's down the hall, and how... it all flows together. - [sheryl] again, it's going to flow together. - that's right. and it's just the one bedroom,so it's not a huge home. and, we use colors of... - oh, yeah. - ... butterscotch and dark chocolate. myclient joked, if i keep using

those words, butterscotch and dark chocolate,he's gonna wanna sit in bed and eat all day. [laughter] so... and then we havethis lighter color that i like to use for the ceiling. and, you don't have to usea lighter color for the ceiling. there are instances where you can actually use adarker color than the walls. - that would bring, bring it down a littlebit... - yeah, it dep- - ... not seem so high. - that's right. it depends, though. if it'sa really big space, dark colors are great for hiding open, exposed duct, if you're in a restaurant...

- oh, oh. uh-huh. - or if you were in a really industrial loftthat you live in. - uh-huh. - but most of us don't live in spaces likethat, so... - mm-hm. [laughter] - ... we don't have 20 foot high ceilings. - yeah. - so, yes, it is good to keep them lighter,but you can bring in a pop of color, and it's very interesting when youdo that.

- and it's, it's interesting to me to seehow these all flow together. i would have seen these and these, but the fact thatya added the blue... - mm-hm. - ... keeps it from being, sorta boring. - right, because if you take this out, it'sjust a bunch a tan. - they're all the same. uh-huh. [laughter]yeah. - just a bunch a tans. - so ya need this, and this-, this orangeis a pretty vibrant. - this is pretty. uh-huh.

- so it's a nice balance of various shadesof warm tones, and your cool tones. - and then the red that was in the last picture with the dining chair gives a little pop that you can bring with your furnishings. - yeah, it does. uh-huh. - so that's how color flows through space.and then, this feel that we wanted to accomplish, was a very light and airy... - oh it is. looks, looks huge. looks- andvery open. - yeah, and very calming. - and there's a lot of sunlight, so the that we showed, there's

not a ton a sunlight, so you can afford todo darker colors. - but when you have a lotta sunlight, it reallylights up the color, and so you really wanna stay with the lighter colorsto match the natural light. - it's more subtle. i see. mm-hm. - so it feels more intuitive that way. sojust a really soft sea green, mixed with a really pretty buttercream. - and... we have another picture here. moving on into a bedroom. this is a pop of color, with bright yellow, but usinga mauve, kind of a purpley-grey as your background.

- oh, mm-hm. - so the wall colors are this. the ceilingcolor is this. but then, they painted the - table, uh-huh. - ... lacquer nightstands in a really brightdaffodil yellow. - that pulls out the yellow from the pillowsand the lamp shades. - that's right. - now if your'e a little- - ties it together. - yeah, exactly. and if you're afraid a color,you know, this would still be

beautiful in a room. - oh, yeah. mm-hm. - and you could do... soft corals, or peachesif you wanted to. - oh. uh-huh. coral would be pretty, too. - but this, if you're really... - wild. - ... like that dose of color. [laughter]well, and speaking of wild, if you're faint of heart, this last picture might bea little tough for... - no, i like it, but i probably could neveruse it.

- ... for some people. - so it's a very bright orange bedroom. - and this is great. this is a guest bedroom. - oh. - so this is great for... people that arejust gonna be there for a couple nights. i wouldn't recommend a color like this forlong-term, because it's not soothing. - day in and day out. - that's right. it's not a soothing color. - so here's the bright orange. but if youwanted to tone it down... and you could

paint part of the walls in this khaki tone,which pulls out the color from- - and what's the ceiling? is it in this one? - that's-, okay. - i can see how that would do. - really interesting. color is fun. it reallyis fun in clothing, and it's really fun in home furnishings. - yes. and i definitely recommend, when you're choosing paint, that you paint a sample on your wall. - like, a two-foot by two-foot sample. andlook at it in the morning, daytime and

nighttime, because it's gonna- - when there's light changes. - that's a great idea. - or you can put it on a movable poster board if you don't wanna paint 50 samples... - paint your wall [laughter] - right - ... across your room. - right, yeah. and move it, and because thelight will hit it differently.

- well, great. thank you so much. i appreciateyou sharing this information with us. - thank you so much, sheryl.