best colors for bedrooms 2014

best colors for bedrooms 2014

in this tutorial you'll learn how to recyclefive t shirts from boring to absolutely amazing and unique.hey guys! after posting my do it yourself shorts tutorial many of you asked for moreclothes diys. so today we're making shirts, tops and all that cool stuff. i'll show youhow to transform five plain boring t shirts into fabulous tops that you'll adore. i promise.want to see it for yourself? let's do it! let's start with this spiral dyed fringe'll need a shirt, fabric spray paint, elastics, scissors and beads. first we are going tocolor the shirt using a spray paint. place the shirt on the flat surface. locate thecenter of your shirt and pinch it there. this will be the center of your spiral. now starttwisting the fabric like so. you can also

use the palm of your hand. then start featheringthe remaining parts into a spiral with your other hand until you get a nice little cinnamonroll. mmm... now i am getting really hungry. on with the shirt – we need to secure theshape with elastics, so that our roll shape stays in place while painting. tuck the shirtparts peeking out under your elastics like so. i want to color two opposite fourths ofthe circle in pink and the other two in blue. hold your stencil over the shirt so you haveonly one fourth of the shirt exposed and spray the color on. i started with pink for thefirst fourth of the shirt, now i am moving on to the blue spray paint. then go in withpink again and lastly with blue on the last quarter. using the same stencil cover theshirt and spray on the blue paint. spray applies

the color in a wider circle, therefore it'snecessary to use a stencil if you're working with more than one color. you can be quitegenerous because spray paint doesn't tend to leak throughout the fabric. you can alsojust pour some paint on the t shirt for a higher pigmentation. when you are happy, cutthe elastics and here’s the result. as you can see the edges are much sharper when tiedying with spray paint instead of usual fabric paint.if you want more colored stripes, just go ahead and tie the shirt into a roll again.pinch it at the same spot as before, twist, feather the shirt, secure with elastics andstart spraying. since i want to add just pink color this time i’ll spray a pink spraypaint over the entire shirt both, on the front

and at the back. cut the elastics and nowthe spiral design is even more pronounced. i love how it looks! like a cool skeletonspiral! finally we can proceed to the fringe part.start by cutting along the bottom part of the shirt to make it a bit more cropped andto get rid of the edge. for the cute fringe make narrow cuts vertically approximatelyhalf of an inch apart. you can go as high as you want with it, i decided to make aboutfour inches long cuts. you can cut both, the front and the back of the shirt in one go.this way you get equal strings on both sides and you finish quicker. next we need to pulleach string, this will gather the material and won’t look that freshly cut. beforewe start tying the strings i recommend placing

a piece of paper inside the shirt to separatethe front and the back strings. we'll decorate fringes with colorful beads. i decided forlilac, blue, white and yellow ones. take your first and fourth string - it doesn't materwhere you start and thread on three random colored beads. make a knot to keep them inplace like so. then take your third string go through this loop and pair it with thestring number six. add beads and make a knot. as you see, you need to have two strings betweenthe two you tie together. so now you must take the fifth and the eighth one, put thebeads on and make a knot. continue tying the strings with beads all along the front andthen turn the shirt around and continue the same steps at the back. take two strings,thread on the beads and tie a knot. in the

end you will get this cool cross tied fringethat i absolutely adore. you could just make a normal fringe, maybe add some beads to eachstring, but i think this cross tied fringe looks even better. my shirt had a wide necklineso i like to wear it off the shoulder. if you cut the fringe shorter you can totallymake it appropriate for school. it goes great with jeans and will give that fun and carefreeaccent to your outfit. next we are making this adorable cat shirt.we’ll need a shirt, fabric paint, container for color, sponge applicators or a paint brush,scissors, self-adhesive paper, pencil, a piece of cardboard and a printed shape or captionof your choice. you can print out words, smiley face, flower, animal, you name it. i choseto go for a how cute caption and a kitten

on the front, while painting kitty paws onthe back. it will look spectacular! first we have to cut out the kitten, the how cutecaption and the paws. i want to have three different paws sizes so i have to cut allthree out. if you want to have all one size, it’s enough to just cut it once. you canput any caption you like on your shirt. for example a real name of your pet if you haveone. when all the shapes are cut, place them on a self-adhesive paper, outline them witha pencil and cut them out. the important part for us is the paper embracing our i like to make one cut to reach the shape, a cat in this case and then cut it out inone go. in the end you need to seal the cut with a tape or a piece of self-adhesive exactly the same for the caption – one

cut to reach the letter, cut the letters outand seal the cuts. see how we get a perfect caption stencil. and lastly make few pawsstencils, i made two big paws, two middle sized and two small paw stencils.before you start painting, place a piece of cardboard inside the shirt. this will preventthe color transferring from the front to the back of your shirt. stick the how cute stencilon the shirt and don't forget to place a small dot inside the letter o and e. time for myfavorite part – painting. dip the sponge or a brush into the paint. always apply thepaint from the edge towards the center to get a sharp and neat edge. i am using pinkand green fabric paint for this shirt. i decided to color the word "how" and a "dot" in pinkand the word cute in green. normally the fabric

paint looks best on white fabric, but youcan also buy paint meant for darker fabrics. so if your shirt isn't white or some otherlight color, make sure to use dark fabric paint. i applied two coats of paint and nowwe can remove the stencil. first i am removing the two dots using tweezers. then i carefullypeeled off the big one. look how beautiful it is, simply perfect! let's move on to thekitten. stick the stencil in the middle of the shirt below the caption. when choosinga shape for your shirt i recommend going for a simple one. this way it's much easier tomake a stencil and color it neatly. also, keep in mind that if you are using one color,you will only get a shape of an image, so make sure that the shape is representativeenough. once the paint on the front is completely

dry, flip the shirt around and place the pawson the back. i decided to place them diagonally starting with two smaller on the bottom andthen bigger on top. i am making three pink and three green paws, starting with the pinkone on top. again, apply the paint from the edge towards the center for a neat result.when you are done with the first paw, go ahead and peel away the stencil right away. it’smuch easier to remove it when the color is still wet. the edge will still be sharp andprecise. i have been obsessed with fabric paint lately, i love how you can transformplain pieces in something unique and creative. you can also make a shirt for your friend’sbirthday, there is nothing better than a personalized present. and in case you were wondering, fabricpaint is completely washable, so you will

be able to use your amazing customized clothesfor many years. last paw stencil to peel off and i am all done with painting! i am absolutelyin love with this design, especially the paws on the back! we are not yet finished withthis shirt, no, no, i also want to cut it into a muscle t. cut away the bottom edge,i didn't want to go too short. and cut away the sleeves making larger holes for the armslike so. give all the edges a good tuck and we are all done with this gorgeous top. howadorable it is! i like wearing muscle tees with colorful bandeaus underneath, so herei went for the pink one. i finished this cute girly look with some distressed jean shortsand pink sneakers. for all you edgy girls i’m creating thiscool american flag top with side cut outs

and chains. you will need a black t shirt,scissors, chains, black thread and a needle, star studs, self adhesive paper, masking tape,red and white fabric paint, container for paint, sponge applicators or a paint brushand pliers. lay your shirt flat. cut away the bottom edgeto get rid of that sewed part, but you still want to keep the shirt long... next cut allalong the sides of the shirt. start where the sleeves start and continue cutting straightalong. but before you reach the bottom start cutting towards the corner, making a curvedcut to the outside like so. fold the shirt in half and cut the other side by followingthe edge of the already cut side. this way you get a symmetrical cut on both sides!get your chains, i am using two different

sizes of silver chains, and sew them on thesides of the shirt. the chains will hold the back and the front of the top together andwill also add a cool detail to the design. using pliers cut about 3 inches long chainpieces. a combination of thinner and thicker chains will look awesome. take your threadand a needle and make a knot. now we’re ready to start sewing. flip the shirt insideout because we want to attach the chain on the inside of the shirt. make a first stitchwith the needle going inside and then up again. lead the needle through the chain loop, andmake another stitch like so. make two knots to secure the work. we have sewed one sideof the chain to the front fabric of the top, so now we have to sew the other chain sideto the back fabric of the top. repeat the

steps making sure that knots and the chainend will be on the inside of your shirt. you can buy chains like these in a craft storeor you can use pieces of old necklaces that you don’t wear any more. i never throw awaymy old jewelry because there are so many parts you can re-use. beads, charms, chains allthat can be used for your future diy projects. cut another three equally long chain first chain was thicker, so now i’m taking this thinner one with a cross. this is actuallya part of an old necklace i don’t wear anymore. also, i recommend checking the jewelry sectionson sale, you will definitely find a lot of super cheap diy supplies there. a necklacewith a lot of chains will be definitely cheaper than buying a chain in a craft store. youcan then use it for anything you want. i am

keeping about half of an inch space betweeneach chain. i went for 4 chains to begin with and this is how they will look when the shirtis on. pretty epic! time to sew four chains on the other side of the shirt as well, againtwo thicker and two thinner ones! i used the clip to mark where i want my first chain tobe. i decided to add a couple of chains more on each side lower on the shirt. this is whyi love making my own shirts so much. you don’t need to have the entire shirt design completelyplanned from the beginning. just start cutting and creating and then try your shirt on andyou’ll see if there’s something missing. you’ll get so many awesome ideas along theway! my last chain is on so i can flip the shirt again and pull firmly all the cut edges.see how cool the sides of our shirt look!

absolutely amazing!for the american flag start by placing a piece of cardboard inside the shirt to prevent colortransferring on the back. take a rectangle piece of self adhesive or normal paper inthe desired size of your flag and stick it on the shirt where you want the flag to be.stick four masking tape pieces all around it, and then peel the self adhesive paperaway. stick masking tape pieces horizontally one close to another. then peel away everyother tape piece and you are left with the perfect stripe stencil. in the top left cornerof the flag, we will attach the stars studs so we need to keep it black. dip the brushinto red fabric paint and start coloring the first stripe. i want the flag to have thatdistressed look. to achieve that, don’t

color the entire stripe perfectly from edgeto edge. leave some parts on the edges without color. just paint quickly and don’t payattention on making it neat. this will give you a cool distressed flag look. we're donewith the red paint. make sure to use fabric paint for dark fabric if you want the colorsto look bright on a darker material. stick new pieces on the top left corner as beforeand on the red stripes when they dry. go in with white fabric paint. i like coloring thestripes with a brush as it gives a more distressed result while the sponge applicator will giveyou a more even layer of color, which is not what we want in this case.we are ready to peel off all the tape pieces! i like to still keep the top and the leftone on for the time being – they will guide

me where to place the stars. take the them on the top left corner of the flag, push them through the fabric and with thehelp of scissors bend the spikes inside. peel off the two remaining tape pieces and we areall done with this epic top! since the top has cuts all along the sides, i am wearingit with a black bandeau. see how the chains pop on top of the black! at the bottom ofthe shirt i tied two knots to hold everything together and i paired it with distressed denimshorts and white sneakers. or you can also make the same design on a white shirt. inthat case you will need red and blue fabric paint. color the little square on the topleft corner in blue and make red stripes elsewhere on the flag.from rock chick style to happy and cute. i’ll

show you how to easily make a halter top outof a plain shirt. for this project we need a white fitted shirt, scissors, few needlesor pins, white thread, heart shape print–out and colorful fabric pens.lay your shirt flat and cut away the sleeves. make a cut on both shoulders to separate thetop straps. then flip the shirt around and make a cut across the back of the shirt connectingthe bottom of the sleeve cuts. be careful that you only cut the back layer of the cut the neckline on the front of the shirt, keeping that rounded shape. now weneed to make a fold on the neckline. fold about half an inch edge of fabric towardsthe inside of the top and secure it with needles all around the collar. cut away any extrafabric in the corners. it’s time to sew

the folded edge. thread your needle, go throughthe folded edge and tie the ends of the thread together twice for a secured knot. continuestitching up and down along the neckline, making sure you have enough space for a stringin this pocket that we are creating. keep removing the needles while stitching untilyou reach the other side. make one final stitch through the fabric upwards. go through theloop with a needle and make a knot. repeat this twice to secure your work. cut away theexcess thread. on the bottom of the shirt i am just going to snip of an inch of thefabric. to get a straight cut, fold the edge upwards, you can secure it with needles andcut along the line. we’re going to use that extra fabric to get a string for our halter.i had to pin the edge along with needles as

the fabric kept rolling inside. you shouldend up with a fabric ring that you need to cut on one side to get a long string. youcan also cut away the already sewed part here and sew it yourself by making a few stitcheslike this. now you got a nice even string for your halter. pull it firmly to give ita more rounded shape, attach a pin on one end and lead it through the folded pocketon the neckline. do this step by step. lead the string through the pocket a couple ofinches, deruffle the fabric, go on a few more inches and deruffle again until your stringcomes out on the other side. pull the string so you have equally long pieces on both sidesand deruffle the neckline. make a knot on each end of the string. you could also threadon a bead before tying a knot. that would

look so cute! give all the cut edges a tugand we are done with the shape of our top. but we still have to give this plain snowwhite halter some color. cut a heart shape out of the print out and place it on the centerof the top. to keep the fabric stretched and flat you can place some heavy objects on thecorners. secure the stencil in place with some masking tape pieces.finally we are ready to use some fabric markers! i am going to fill the heart with colorfuldots of different sizes. first i am making some larger dots and then smaller to fillthe empty space around them. i am using pink, yellow, orange, turquoise, green and purplemarkers to create a color explosion in a shape of a heart.the fabric markers work best on white fabric,

see how live and bright the colors are! afew final dots and we are done. peel off the masking tape pieces, remove the stencil andlook at our absolutely spectacular design. the heart looks like a beautiful mosaic madeof tiny colored stones. so pretty. i paired the top with my yellow shorts and white sneakersfor a simple yet lovely look. last but not least we are making a knottedsmiley shirt. you will only need a shirt, piece of chalk or a pencil, and scissors.that’s it. lay your shirt flat and sketch where you want to have a smiley face. makethree cuts along the lines. next make short cuts crosswise on the left and the right ofthe cuts. give all the little strings a nice tug. now we need to knot the left and rightstring pairs together like so. i like to knot

each pair twice. pull the knots firmly tosecure them. here i am also cutting the mouth, pulling the strings and tying the upper andlower pairs together. this knotting technique is a great method for shrinking shirts thatare too big for you. it gives you some nice ruffly texture and also makes the shirt morefitted. in the end i am just going to cut the bottom edge of the shirt. i’m snippingaway some fabric on the neckline to make it a bit wider, so i can wear it off shoulder.and i am also cutting away a bit of the sleeves. here goes the first one. i placed that extrafabric from the right sleeve on the left one as a guide. pull all the freshly cut edgesso that the material rolls up and our fifth shirt is finished. i paired it with a flowynavy skirt and white sneakers for a super

comfy but very adorable look.and these were my five diy shirts ideas, i really hope you guys like them. if you wantmore clothes diys give this video a "thumbs up" or let me know in the comments. also tellme which of the five shirts is your favorite because i'm really interested in what stylesyou like and this also helps me when i'm planning for new diys. ok, i hope you're doing greatand i'll talk to you soon! bye! give another life to your old clothes andbe the creator of your own unique style. along the way you will freshen up your closet, savemoney and protect the environment.