best color for master bedroom

best color for master bedroom

symmetry, sleek materials, anda crisp, modern color palette make this masterbedroom a lux retreat. it all starts with theroom's architecture-- vaulted two story ceilings,and skylights that flood the room with light. dimensional woodtrim painted white adds visual interest to thewalls around the entire space. a luxurious queenbed anchors it all. the linen coveredupholstered headboard

gives a nod to the stylings ofa traditional wingback chair. texture and a subtlepattern on the linens let the bed's shape stand out. on either side ofthe bed are pairs of lamps, oversizemirrors, and two dressers that double as bedside tables. it's all centered under themost incredible light fixture. half art, half light. completely amazing.

even the neighborscan enjoy this piece, as it's hung at the right heightto be seen through the window. across from the bed isthe built in wet bar. beautiful blue cabinetry andglimmery, stainless penny tile make this specialfeature stand out. this wet bar is aluxury in itself, and there's anotherhidden feature inside. with the push of a button, thecoffee maker lifts up and makes way for evening cocktails.

an occasional chair, openshelving, and a huge tv round out the otherside of the space. one of my favoritethings about this room is all of the natural light. these three large skylightsflood the room with light throughout the day, and ifyou're in the mood to sleep in on a weekend, no problem. these blackout shadescan be activated without leaving the bed.

this beautifully styled masterbedroom is a luxurious space to start and end your day.

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