best color for guest bedroom

best color for guest bedroom

hi welcome to my office/ beauty room / guest bedroom and today i'm going to be giving you a tour ofthis room and sharing with you all the little details and where everything isfrom so come on inside and let's have a little look. just one thing before istart if you're new to my channel i'd love for you to subscribe it's free andyou get notified when there's a new video from meso now let's get straight into the room and the details so i guess i'll startwith the area closest to the door and it's that wall over there and the storybehind this room is that this is our guest bedroom so when we have guestscoming over that's where they stay but

it's also my office and also where i getready and i quite like beauty and fashion so i wanted a very femininegirly theme i decided on a white blush pink and gold theme and it was allinspired by these prints that i have on the wall i saw them i fell in love withthem and i decided to do the whole room around the printsso these prints are from desenio lots of my friends have to send your printsaround their house and as soon as we moved to this house i knew i wanted toget some prints up on the wall originally i wanted just one big gallerywall for this room and i designed the whole gallery wall on the deseniowebsite it was so easy to do you can

order the exact size prints that youwant and the frames and just put it all together and see how it's going to lookbut then when the prints came i started to look around the roomand i decided that i didn't want everything else to be bare so i ended upscattering the prints around the room and i'm so happy with how they look iordered the frames from desenio as well and they are really really greatmatthew my husband who put all of these up for me yesterday bless him he saidthat they were incredible and he told me to say on this video that they arereally good call see they're lightweight and the hooksbehind the frames are adjustable so you

can move them around depending whereyou'll nail this if you already have nails on the walls or just adjust themto make it look neater so yeah matthew wanted to make sure that i said that andi also have a very exciting discount code to share with you desenio havekindly offered all of my viewers 25% of their posters excluding hand-pickedcollaboration posters and frames and i'll leave the code here on the screenright now so it's valid from today if you want to use it and you get 25% offwhich is amazing i'm also going to leave a link in description box below to thedesenio website so if you want to check them out the link is in thedescription box so i'm going to tell you

a bit about the prints that i chose andwhy i chose them so i'm gonna go behind the camera now so i can talk to you alittle bit better about the setup of this room this is the first thing yousee when you come through the door which is over here you see the bed and theprints on the wall the shelf the little chest of drawers over therewindow more prints big mirror and my desk so let me start from the beginningso these two prints here are supposed to be chanel i think they look like chanellipstick and chanel they are varnish but obvious for obvious reasonsthere is no brand name over there and i think they just really work togetherbecause it's beauty themed the whole

room has kind of this beauty underlyingtheme to it i think the asymmetric look really works on this wall over therebecause it's a smaller wall it would look a bit overwhelm and if they weresymmetric so i really like that and then on this wall i have the bigger printsand one is supposed to be a chanel number 5 perfume i know that because ihave one over there can you see it looks very similar and the other one is aquote beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself which i think isreally really true and then following down here we have our guest bed this isan ikea bed it's called the hemnes daybed i featured this in an ikea haulthat i did

and i'll leave everything linked belowand i love this bed i love the look of it it looks really clean and i like theshape this pulls out into a double bed so if you have people staying over youdon't have to compromise but it still looks really nice as a sofa bedeverything i think pretty much everything is from ikea no actually thisis from ikea the rest of the pillows are from tesco this one is from tescothey're old ones from my previous house this one is from tesco as well and saysenjoy the little things which i love these two are from tesco and that one isfrom ikea the throw is also from ikea and i really really like it it's kind oflike a cable knit style throw in a blush

pink color so that's kind of the bedsetup area and moving on to this side we have a two shelves so this was here whenwe moved to this house we didn't put it up it was already there i probablywouldn't have chosen that place to put the shelves i probably would have putthem on back wall just to keep this entire wall free but you know what canyou do and over there i just have a few bits and bobs so that photo frame hereis from us at our old house when it was snowing and the frame is from next thisis a little welsh thing if you're well sure if you speak welsh can you tell mewhat that says because i don't actually know i think it says something to dowith happy home happy house something

like that and that me diffuser is fromeither tesco or primark i'll leave everything linked below a birthday ihave a candle and i don't know where that's from because that's really oldfrom our previous previous house and that photo frame is part of a sets thatyou'll see over here i think i got that from the range and then next to theframe oh let's go back to the top i have that little snow globe which i got fromamazon and my little jewelry tree which i got as a present birthday present andthen let's move back down we go back to thisside of the bed and we have my chest of drawers and this is an ikea annexchester drawers this one has five

drawers but they also do ones with moredrawers and next to it i just keep a spare mirror and my little makeup bag inthe corner the mirror is from tesco i think and the bag is from primark so ontop here i have this little glass tray which is really old and i think it'sfrom the range but i'm not sure and i just have a little assortment ofperfumes like many perfumes and my favorite prettier perfumes and then ihave this little jewelry tray which is from primark and i have this jewelrystand which is also from primark and this lamp is from ikea and i changed thebulb i bought this bulb in wilko and the good thing about it is that you can haveit cool or you can have a warm light

which is amazing and i prefer to leaveit in the cool light in the day and change it to warm light in the eveningso moving on to this wall over here we have a couple more prints from decennialand that one says love the one below is just pink to go with the pink gold andwhite theme and i thought today went really well together for some reason ireally really liked that corner it's you know it just gives me a lot of peacelooking at it then on my windowsill i have that plant which is from next and ireally like it i like that it's so green it's a really nice natural green colorand then here i have my makeup brushes i've got too many of them and the potsare all from different places and this

one was from tesco i think this was acandle i depotted this was from the range and the onebehind was also from the range so that's the windowsill now moving on to thatside of the room i have another to send your print and so theseare shoes nice pair of shoes over there they meant to be what do they say jimmychoos their home and then i have no there's me with my massive camera i havemy big mirror this is also from ikea freestanding mirror and i like thismirror i think it's a little bit too big i didn't expect it to be that big when ibought it and then when we set it up it was like this enormous thing i prefer asmaller mirror but i really do like it

it has this little area at the bottomwhere you can put things on top and then it moves as well i've been down likethat kind of gradual so then we're on to this corner of the room which is myoffice corner and over here i also have more ideas stuff so that table is inikea mom dressing table and i've had this for years and years and years and ilove it underneath you have storage so there's a big set of drawers here thatyou can store loads of things i've just got random nests in there and this chairit's also from ikea it's a clear acrylic chair and i wouldjust put this ikea for what does it call the fur rug on top butit's a nice clear acrylic chair and this

just makes it a little bit cozier for meto sit on so on top of it i've got my imac and this is a 27-inch apple imacand this is where i do most of my work and my sony headphones over there justhang in on the side the little trinkets here this was a present the little dog idon't know where it's from this is from tesco it's a set that says oh hellodarling and i just keep someone from randomness we've got earrings necklacesof perfume and spare memory cards then over here i have a little notebook fromchannel mum all those my network and i absolutely love them i'll leave a linkto channel 1 below so if you're a mum definitely check themout and i've got my glasses and a pen

this little plant is from primark thislittle guy is also from primark that's a frame from our wedding and i'vementioned it before in a mini office tour that i did a while ago behind therei have my hard drive and that's a last seat hard drive and it's just hide inthere the fairy lights are from primark and this is my shopping list that i gotsent from a pr and this little mirrored chest thing is from the range i'm gonnasay not sure i cannot leave links to everything below this was a present frommatthew it's just a little egg that holds my jewelry and clothes you owe andopened like that didn't mean to do that and then on the floor over here i haveanother one of those ikea fairy rugs

that is my guest room slash office giveyou another pan around the room so you can see the layout and it ends here sohere over here we've got the door i've got this empty corner there but that'swhere the door opens so focus focus camera there you go that's where thedoor opens so i can't put anything over there but i do have space on this sideof the room i don't know what to do whether to just leave it i've kind ofliked it free space a bit of free space is good so what do you think let me knowin the comments below what you think of my room if you like it if you have anysuggestions for me and don't forget to check out that to send your discountcode in the description box below a big

thank you to descend you for workingwith me on this video i was such a fan of the brand already and it was apleasure working with them and making my room look prettier and having everythingcome together there's also links to anything that i can find online in thedescription box below so if you fancy anything check out the links and you canfind out more about everything that i mentioned in this video if you likedthis video please give it a thumbs up share it with your friends and subscribeif you're new so you can keep up to date with my videosi do videos about parenting beauty lifestyle home decor i hope you're allhaving a lovely day and i'll see you all

in my next video bye

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