Saturday, July 27, 2019

best benjamin moore paint colors for bedrooms

best benjamin moore paint colors for bedrooms

painting a wall can transform any room. thesecret of achieving a professional quality paint job on your walls is to paint one wallin your room at a time. you may need several sized brushes, including a smaller brush topaint near the ceiling and baseboard line, and a nine inch roller to paint the rest ofthe room. now a benjamin moore two and a half inch angle-sash brush works fantastic forpainting corners and cutting around windows and doors. start by carefully painting upagainst the ceiling line where the wall and ceiling meet with a smaller brush. now makesure to avoid painting the ceiling line itself. start by slowly painting or cutting in theedge 3 to 5 inches down the ceiling line to achieve a better quality finish. now for theaverage home you’ll need to have a sturdy

step ladder. paint out from the corners aboutthree inches on each side, then cutting around any windows, doors, and finally the baseboard.those of you using a conventional coating will have to cut in a small area at a time,and then roll in to the wet cut in area, then repeat the process down the wall. if you’re using benjamin moore’s aura,which sets quickly, you can make your cut-ins around the perimeter of the entire wall thenswitch to the roller to paint the rest of the wall. a technique that will help producean even finish on your wall is to paint the shape of a “w” on the wall with the rollerapproximately about 3 or 4 feet. then using a like up and down movement, fill in thatarea with paint before adding more paint to

your roller. this will help avoid a dimplingor orange peel effect. the use of an extension pole will allow you to paint from the ceilingto floor in one single roll. keep your roller loaded with paint, and afteryou re-load the roller with paint start from an unpainted area and work in to the wet area.paint from the top of the wall down using a technique until you finish the first wall.then repeat this method on all the walls in your room. wait until the paint is completelydry before you add the second coat; that’s the golden rule. and check the paint can forany recommended drying times. we’d recommend you use benjamin moore’saura premium paint that is designed to be tougher and more durable while maintaininga truer, richer color on your walls due to

its color lock technology.