best benjamin moore colors for master bedroom

best benjamin moore colors for master bedroom

<> <> we'll just wait for your cue on starting hi everybody welcome to our very first design inside lunch with the designer q&a session i'd like to thank you for taking time out of your lunch to learn a little bit about some of my ideas for design and we have a number of questions

from people coming in so i'll talk to you about those all right so first question we have is from jen from logan square she asks how can i decorate with the color of the year? well right now there's some very interesting trends in colors we're sort of departing from the grey of times past and people are

looking for something warm i think they're trying to get charm and coziness back into their home's we're finding that even with room layouts so the open floor plan that's not even on trend anymore so people are looking for smaller more intimate spaces and they're looking for like more intimate warm colors so you find that with benjamin

moore's color of the year it's called shadow and it's this really dark deep violent color and it could be a challenge to work with so some spaces i think where it would really shine would be a powder room or small space and with a color that dark you really have to think about what you would pair it with so some of the colors that i think would

look really studying with this shadow color would be a soft blush pink very light pink and then a taupe would look stunning too now there are other colors of the year coming from different manufacturers and and color specialists so pantone has a color called greenery and it's sort of this apple green color and again it's this jewel tone it has

some vibrancy in it that we haven't seen in the colors of the years before it is a jewel tone it has some little poop like pumped to it um and that color i would not pair of a shadow it would sort of look like barney but it's an interesting color green is really hot right now furniture is just stunning in this color and then this other color i'm

seen is called a honey glow it's sort of this marigold color so it it brings in the warmth that people are looking for it's like this burst of sunshine so there are a lot of interesting color trends going out mostly it has to do with people longing for some warmth in their space and it's it i think we're going to continue to see that i don't

foresee us needing to go into the beiges people aren't looking for that in them in their spaces but they are looking for some more complicated greys okay another question we have is from dave of wilmette are there rules for color placement and the answer is yes there are absolutely rules that we follow here at design inside for color placement one

of my big big ones is to think about architectural masses so if you have this big bold wall make it a big bold color all right also i hate it when people change colors on outside corners so what happens when you have two different colors on outside corners is there select this visual tension that people see and you're i will immediately look

at it and its really really disruptive so i don't i as a rule i do not change colors on outside corners now if you have to do it try and make your colors little calmer so that that visual tension i'm talking about so you don't see that as much all right but bein rules are to think about architectural masses think about planes

in a house so if there's a wall and then a wall meets up and the same line those should be the same color all right oh yeah yeah don't be afraid to have two different colors in a hallway it's it adds some drama and it always scares clients when i'll suggest that but that's what i recommend if you have a door way so follow the left hand side in

color because we're western thinkers so it's as though we read so go from left to right with your color placement oh here's a good one this one's from beth in bucktown she says my contractor wants to use flat paint everywhere help yeah i get that a lot i think contractors like to use flat paint because it's so easy to touch up but it the colors lose their

luster and i need so much of why people hire a designer is to get an interesting color with some depth in some drama and so what i tend to do is it depends on the space but in a bathroom i like to use like a satin sheen you need the satin because it helps with them protecting the walls from water so i like to do a satin but now for other

spaces i do eggshell that gives it the luster and the deep color that we're really looking for when we select a paint color now i break some rules here and in closets i actually do a semi-gloss which will make which will make people's heads explode when they know that but the reason i do it is that a closet your kind of hard on a closet

and it i want to make it less likely to get scuffed so i like to do semi-gloss in closets and i know it's shiny but hey man it's a closet it's okay it can be shiny i think it's more annoying to have your suitcase have a big black mark on the wall then dead have some shiny closet okay here's another one small space tips and tricks here's

someone from her name's jesse and her room is only eight fit wide by 8 foot across so it's kind of a small space there's some things that you can do in small spaces so the first thing i recommend is to go big so that's counterintuitive go big so either have like a really massive piece of artwork so for example if your wall is eight

feet high you could have a five foot tall piece of art in that space or a five foot tall mirror something really grand in that space it needs it needs an anchor point to really draw the eye on then my next tip would be to have something about a third of the height of the total room and that sort of gives the i a mid-level focal point so it's

like the secondary mid-level focal point and that can be a chair or some sort of mid height case piece but whatever it is make it interesting so the profile should have maybe like a break top or some unusual arms and also it's really cool if it can be an area piece um depending on the scale so if it's about like 30 inches wide it can be airy

looking if it's wider then we're actually going for a different goal and that would be to make the space more grounded and on the topic of grounded spaces it grounded you need um horizontal lines in small spaces because it helps take your eye and extend the view of it so that's a little tip for some small spaces also think about your

corners um you can take a piece of furniture and sort of angle it but don't just have a chair shoved into a corner let it have a friend give it a little table or something that it can so you can set a drink on it different things like that and i don't know how we're doing on time but we have another question it's about

a person her name's emily and she wonders what she should spend money on in a space where she has kids and pets well um i always recommend that you put some money into your upholstery the actual fabric really matters when you have dog for our kids that could spill fluids all over your couch so trying to get sort of a medium to dark upholstery

with a pattern that will hide a multitude of sins that are sure to come to you on your upholstery now when it comes to like coffee tables and side tables i'd actually opted out of wooden things because dogs can chew on them and kids can take markers so instead i find that some metal metal is a good option there or even acrylic that

can be really light and airy and mega space feel special now another thing a lot of people bring up is they have small children and they're concerned that their kids will you know bang against a coffee table so a lot of times in those spaces i try to do an ottoman or something with rounded corners so that it's softer for a kid and they they

won't get hurt so those are some of my ideas um did we get any questions that came out okay she asks how do i brighten up my interior office and make it feel like i have some natural light i already have light green paint but i have six fluorescent tube lights yuck fluorescent lights that's terrible well one thing that you can do is add a lamp to the

space so that will help give you some dimension in your light quality try to get one of those reveal bulbs i like the natural light of that and then add a mirror you can't really do much about the fluorescent lights for the space sorry about that but you can you can sort of gate it with a mirror and a lamp that

will help it and then try to get some sort of accent lighting like 11 of those like himalayan salt lamps one of those would really add some charm to the space so those are some of my thoughts on that maybe if we have time i could talk a little bit more about let's see maybe i could talk a little bit more about why don't like flat paint so circling back

on best question so one of the reasons i don't like flat paint is that it's cuffs so easily and the color just doesn't pop so i really recommend not doing a flat paint well um i'm thinking that's all i've got for now and hopefully you guys learn something i learned something from this being my first time this is kind of an unusual experience and just want to

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one home at a time alright well thank you again hope it was fun it was fun for me thanks