paint color combination for bedrooms

paint color combination for bedrooms

hi there! my name's rosanne, and i'm the co-founder of country chic paint, and in this video i want to show you how to mix differentcolors. as you probably already know we are able to make custom colors in anycolor that you want, so if you have a specific color you want tomatch, you can send us your color chip and we'll make a quart of paint inexactly that color for you. however, why not have some fun andplay around with the country chic colors, and mix some ofyour own

variations. in this video i'll show youhow to mix tints, shades, tones and different colors. so let's start with mixing tints. a tint is basically a lighter version of a color. it's also called a pastel. we can mix a tint simply by taking your color and adding some simplicity to it. simplicity is our pure white color. so let's, for example, take luscious lime and simplicity and create a new tint!

and i'll just show you on this piece ofpaper. i'm actually using my fingers. there's the green, and the white. so you can see how i've taken the luscious lime and added the simplicity to it to create anice light green, like a light apple green color. the best way to create a tint is tostart with simplicity and add a bit of color to it.if you start with the color,

you might need to add a lot of thesimplicity to get the tint that you're looking for. so now let's say you want to create ashade of a particular color. we're going to beadding some liquorice to it. so i'm going to take cranberry sauce and liquorice to mix a shade. our liquorice is our black color, by theway! so let me take a bit of cranberry sauce

and i'm gonna just add a little bit of the liquorice in it. when mixingshades, you want to be careful not to add toomuch liquorice, just start with a little at a time. just to compare the difference between the cranberry sauce and then our mixture. this is quite bright, but compared tothat, this is like a wine red color. this is a mixture of

cranberry sauce and liquorice, and its onepart liquorice with eight parts of the cranberry sauce to create a nicewine red color. usually, we're attracted to colors thatare a bit more toned down because they are more sophisticated. so we can create a tone by adding some hurricane to a color. instead of using hurricane,which is our charcoal gray with a blue-ishunder tone color. you can also use simplicity andliquorice

mixed together. so you create a tone bymixing a color with grey. so we're going take this color, tropical cocktail, and mix it withthe hurricane. and i'll show you what that looks like. i'm going to take a dab of the tropical cocktail and add a little bit of hurricane in it. and as you can see that really greys it. you can do the samething by adding simplicity and liquorice. now that i've shown you a tone with tropical cocktail, i also want to show youhow you do

tints and shades in the same color. we'll add a bit of the simplicity here to create a tint and just a tiny bit of liquorice to createa shade. you can obviously add a bit more of thewhite, simplicity, to lighten it up if it is too dark foryour liking. so we can do more than just mixing tints,shades and tones of a different color. we can create a different hue all together by mixing two different colors together so i'm gonna show you some examples here, but i want you to

go and play around with this because youcan create your unique colors by doing this. let's say you wanted to create a mintcolor. i'd suggest to start by mixing tropicalcocktail and luscious lime. the color might be a bit too dark, soyou'll want to add some simplicity as well to lighten it up. so for example, this mint green color that i mixed together

is a mixture of one part tropical cocktail, one part luscious lime, and two parts simplicity. say i want to create a nice lilac color i am going to take our midnight sky and our cranberry sauce and i'll also use some simplicity in it. this color was actually made with onepart of midnight sky, one part of cranberry sauce, and four parts of simplicity. so it's apretty nice color, i really like this one!

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