paint color bedroom ideas

paint color bedroom ideas

sometimes a small bedroom can feel more likea cave than a cozy refuge. if a space lacks natural light, smart storageand the right color palette. small bedrooms are uniquely difficult to designand decorate because of one essential piece of large furniture: the bed. however, just because you have a large bedin a small room, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your sense of style and, moreimportantly, sense of space. by following some simple bedroom design rulesand color schemes, you’ll be amazed how quickly a room transforms. if you’re not blessed with a decent sizedbedroom, we’ve got a few tricks that will

help make your shoebox bedroom feel like aspacious sanctuary. we have put together a list of 25 simple answersto the timeless question: how do you make a small bedroom look bigger? from simple touch ups to complete bedroomredesigns, read on to find solutions that work for your bedroom. how to paint your walls to make any spacelook bigger 1) paint your walls light colors the reason this works is simply because lightercolors will reflect the light, making it seem brighter and roomier.

darker paint absorbs light, which will feelsmaller and more constricting. in this bedroom, the walls are painted a light,lively blue color, making this small room feel much larger. when thinking about your bedroom design, tryto stay away from dark colors. 2) monochromatic paint coordination is an important feature of anyroom design and the best place to start is with your paint. use monochromatic paint colors throughoutthe room to create fluidity and space. painting the room with different or oppositecolors will segment off portions of the room

when viewing, making it feel smaller. this small room uses shades of blue to coordinatethe flow of color. make your bedroom look bigger with furniture 3) use space-saving furniture not all small bedroom design ideas are opticalillusions. obviously, the less furniture that you havein your bedroom, the bigger it will look. a simple solution would be raising your bedwith risers and then storing your clothes beneath. you can also purchase beds with built in storagebeneath, like the bed pictured here.

but, don’t stop there, get creative withthe rest of your small room design ideas. utilize folding desks and chairs and storethem when you aren’t using them. 4) avoid excessive furnitureyou don’t always need two bedside tables, especially in a small room. this tip is relatively simple on paper, butsomewhat harder in practice. it is always nice to have extra things tomake your life easier, but if space is an issue, less furniture will make your roomseem much bigger. by keeping the bed on the floor and usingonly one small table as the only piece of furniture, this small bedroom looks much bigger.

5) keep low to the groundstay away from tall chairs and tables in your small bedroom design, and definitely get ridof the high headboard. by keeping things low to the ground, you arecreating more space above, which keeps the wall cleaner and ceiling seem higher. the bedroom pictured here has smaller ceiling,but by keeping the bed on the ground, it makes the bedroom look and feel much bigger.

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