ocean colors bedroom

ocean colors bedroom

hey everyone, it's sarah with courageous color and i have another quick painting idea for you. this one is cool colors only so my first goal today is to get a lot of paint up on the board we are doing cool colors only so that's greens blues and purples even though i'm not using any purple today so far on the board i have some white and blue and i just want to get a lot of paint up on my canvas and move pretty quickly so that i can go back and blend it all together when you're using cool colors you can use your imagination and think of really anything that comes to mind when you think a blue or green or purple or all of them together?

i'm working on an abstract view of these colors planning on blending them together and thinking they resemble ocean or underwater so maybe that's how i'll incorporate all these together on this painting is by creating some sort of a water scene. i definitely want to have different values of these colors so light blue and medium blue and dark blue as well as different shades of the teal and the green so when you're doing your cool color painting beyond the cool colors that you choose

you can also use white and black to achieve those different values. i am using an eleven by fourteen canvas board today for this painting it's part of a 12 pack that i got on amazon and the link to the pack that i bought is at courageous color dot com slash blog and you can click on ten quick painting ideas and you can find that same link in the description for this video as well. i have painted almost all of this painting using just a one-inch brush and liquid acrylic paint and only when i go back to blend these colors together

am i going to change my brush and i'm only doing that just to make sure that the darker colors don't interfere with the lighter colors even though they're all sort of in the same family here but you will notice in just a moment that oops, i gotta go back and fix that so i'm gonna change my brush just so that i can fix this little thing here and go back and go over the whole thing with the finishing touches that i thought of now i am putting i have a lot of paint here i'm putting a little bit of white at the top

but i have a lot of paints on the board now and so i'm just gonna go over it in a wave motion to blend all the colors together and just sort of make it look like an underwater scene maybe later. i'll go back and add some coral or coral reefs or maybe some fish but for now, i just wanted to make a quick painting made of only cool colors and there it is i hope you have fun making yours

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