newest colors for bedrooms

newest colors for bedrooms

one of the top questions i get hands downis about paint color and what to paint and how to paint your house. if you've wondered about paint, then stickwith me because i'm going to give you some of my top tips. my first tip is to look at your home and decideis it open concept or is it separate rooms. the reason i say this is if your home is anopen concept home one of my best tips and what i've personally done is to paint allone color. i think it really opens up the space. it creates flow, and there's no separation.

if your space is not an open concept and you'vegot more separate rooms, you can still do this and paint it all one color, but i thinkyou have a bit more flexibility in playing with color in those separate rooms. a tip with that is you could do a similarcolor in a different shade. say you were doing a gray in your living room. you could go with a darker gray in the separateden or dining room. my second tip is be open to dark colors. i say this as someone who loves white so muchand suggests a lot of white when i do color consultations, but moving into 2017, you aregoing to see so much dark paint and i love

it. actually, 2017's color of the year with benjaminmoore is actually a very dark black, almost purple color, and it's gorgeous. it can be a bit intimidating though. how do you use it? think of it in small spaces. i really like dark colors in a bathroom. i think it can look great and cozy in a bedroom. if you have a den, that's a great place totry the dark colors or behind the wall of

your bed. i think that's another area that you can usethese dark colors. be open to them. don't be afraid of it. you're going to see lots of these greens anddark blues and blacks, and they can look fantastic. tip number three is don't be afraid to paintwood. i know this is stereotyping, but men usuallydon't like it when i suggest this, and women love it, but let me explain myself here. painting of wood can make such a huge differenceand be a fraction of the cost of some other

choices, like if you have a kitchen you don'tlove anymore, but the kitchen cabinets are still good quality. think about painting it. i don't suggest you paint it yourself becauseit can be a pretty big task. i would suggest having someone come in andthey'll actually spray it for you, but it can look like a whole new kitchen. also, if you have just some dated panelingor wood baseboards, painting them is such a great option and makes a huge difference. now that i'm sharing all my color secretswith you i've got a couple bonus tips that

i think you'll like. the first one is think matte. you're probably seeing this all over in fashion. matte lipstick is very in. whatever is in fashion seems to translateinto the home, so painting things in a matte finish, and i'm talking about those dark colors,specifically a matte black, is really popular right now. this is great if you have an old dining tableor a side table and you want to paint it. think about painting it, instead of the highgloss that we were all doing the last few

years, think about painting it in a matte,and it'll just really update it and make it contemporary and fun. my second bonus tip is about your ceiling. most people paint their ceiling white, whichi can understand this. it's easy to do, and it's pretty safe, andyou absolutely can do that, but a great tip is to paint it a same color as your walls,but just do it a half or quarter tint. for example, if you have a gray wall or ablue wall, take that same color and get your painter to actually mix up that color at justa lesser tint and put that on the ceiling. it'll really give the illusion of a largerand taller wall and will look beautiful and

seamless together. now that you're inspired to paint, i knowit can be so super overwhelming to know what actual color to use on the wall, so what i'vedone for you is included a freebie of all my favorite colors and you can link to thembelow. i hope that you liked this video. if you did, please like it, make sure yousubscribe, and i'd love it if you could share it with your family and friends. remember to hope on over to karladreyerdesign.combecause i do send out a weekly newsletter with tips and tricks on dã©cor and designthat i only share over email.

i'll see you there.

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