newest bedroom colors

newest bedroom colors

oh my god. hello creative weirdos! welcome! we're back omg we're coming over. we are already here we are in molly burke's apartment about to get started on her bedroom. guys, this episode is gonna be crazy we're doing stuff we've never done before. yes it's also we have a super cool sponsor the video sponsored by purple. i'm so excited. i love molly i'm a huge fan of her, huge fan of her videos, huge fan of just how inspiring she is and so this is just a great honor and a challenge. i mean we're doing interior design for a blind person hi, i'm molly burke and i am a youtuber and motivational speaker who happens to be blind i cannot explain how excited i am

that mr. kate is here because even though i can't see i'm obsessed with like fashion and beauty and design. i'm really hoping that mr. kate and joey can create a really cool like trendy pastel la glitter girl meets multi-sensory environment that's like super relaxing and zen because for me my brain misses a lot of stimulation without being able to see the world around me. guys if you haven't already subscribe also go ahead and thumbs up. welcome if you are new from molly's channel. hello welcome and also make sure to go subscribe to molly's channel too. let's get textural and

sensory stimulating and relaxing. let's do it okay! omg, we're coming over! open up we're here. okay, you're yelling like so loud molly! can i find out what color my room's gonna be now? she's so stressed about the color. because if there's anything else i don't like i can be like i'm just gonna subtly move this out of the room

but like paint, i can't like move my wall.that's why i'm like it's nice and neutral, it's like really subtle i think i'm probably most nervous about the color of the walls because i'm like but what if.....but i want..... the goal is pastel. because that is your vibe. yes a nice pastel relaxing vibe. i also love to film videos in my bedroom. so i really want the space to be like aesthetically pleasing as like a cute youtube girl background so the color of the walls is like really important for like how light reflects on your skin tone right so like pale pink the blush pink which we love, the millennial pink. faux furs, cacti and flamingos and all

but we also need a bed. i do like to sleep so 90% of blind people have remaining vision it's a huge misconception that blindness equals nothing at all and so in my case, what i have remaining is a little bit of light perception and shadow perception so because i can see light i can also see light when it reflects off of glitter and metallic things and i can also see lights when like they're in the shapes of things i can make out what shape it is so i love like neon signs. we're doing some sort of like vanity situation right like for you i'm not saying that but like what?! joey's giving away things

so apparently i'm getting a vanity i don't need the mirror aspect of a vanity but i certainly need the makeup storage aspect. molly is an excellent make-up artist i learned this from watching her videos and i was blown away by her makeup artistry skills. she just puts makeup on her face every day. obviously not using a mirror just by feel. her eyebrows look amazing so snatched. and when you're blind organization is probably the most important thing because if you put something down and it's not like in a dedicated spot you it's just lost it's gone forever. you have a very vibrant personality. which you express in your videos and we're gonna make sure that the room

amplifies that but still is obviously peaceful for you to come and use it as a bedroom too - it has to be functional for so many things. i'm nervous so speaking of. i believe in you so much it's easy to believe in kate, let's be honest. me not so much. kate, yeah. joey two rolls. yeah. you want two rolls? let's go two rolls. come on. let's go to two rolls are you ready for the reveal? he's about to reveal he's got the lid in his hand peeling it up color is.....beautiful! oh my god, i can't believe it it's exactly what i wanted!

i'm so glad you love it it's like a creamy white with a little tint of red in there. it's just like the perfect pink. so it's like almost white blush it's almost white blush pink. so it's got that light reflecting. exactly. she wants to film in this room so lighting is important so having light colored walls is great to bounce light off of and the lights gonna reflect around the room much better so yay. pink color she loves it. pour, pour, pour and stop. oh, it looks like melted ice creams coming out actually nobody's ever trusted me to paint before so i've really never.

roller. first time, first time for everything. oh that's so fuzzy! right? oh oh, molly two rolls! i think joey's, you know up for a bit of competition. yeah do you do your own stunts? what does that mean? do you want to paint on the ladder? oh my gosh joey i'll support, i'll support. let's do it! joey really likes to push the boundaries, but hey molly's up for it and there she goes blind people have no balance just so you know. oh great you tell us as you're eight feet up in the air. guys it is not that hard to paint a room it anyone can paint a room, but molly is

doing it better than most people to be honest. well now that we know you're a professional painter i think that it's time we go see how good you are at other diys oh, the answer is not she's totally passed this painters test. not that it was a test, but she passed it with flying colors. so now it's time to get a drill in her hands. all right, the girls are gonna go do their thing joey two rolls has got to crush this room real quick because we have so much to do in here i got this.... close call

i am so excited about this project now, obviously we're kneeling on this thing which you can kind of feel yes feels like big wood board. exactly a big wood board it's about four by four and then here is the real fun stuff so i'm pulling this box in front of you and i want you to just dive in you know what these are. i know what this is so there was this room at vidcon 2018 that i walked into i found this like cave of stuffed animals and i walked in and it like sucked away all of the bustling noise and it was the best feeling ever and i knew instantly i needed that in my room. so because molly knew that i was gonna do something along the lines of a stuffed animal wall

she was also very specific about which animals she likes. and just so you know i specifically didn't get any super bright colored animals so that we didn't throw off the color palette this board is actually, we pre painted it the wall color so that if there is any exactly any gapping which i don't plan for there to be much. it'll be the wall color so basically we decided to use some small little screws just grab a little bit of their back fat if you will and just screw them down onto back and then they fold over cover the screw, so there's no no, you know nails in the hands or anything around your neck. so this is looking good

so i need a lot of time to be able to finish this up so i'm just gonna go after this, but i really wanted molly to interact with it as well but i have one more project to do with her before we kick her out and it involves gallop. this is gonna be our little photo studio for gallop how are you gonna see my very black dog? it's gonna be like a very sort of like a moody portrait. oh gallop can pull off moody very well and then i also have these which, here are these angel wings? yes! you guessed it!

they're really really cute i'm hoping they're they're meant for obviously kids, but i'm hoping we can get them on him yeah, you know he is a guide dog not a supermodel and so he's a little camera shy usually have to pull out a little bit of cheese and he's not picky about his cheese just cheese like that's the end goal is cheese. joey, do we have any cheese? what? you can pull him too, like if you want to slide him as well people are like why don't you have an instagram for gallop? like it takes this much effort to get one good photo. oh my gosh this pose is actually really cute. okay. wait, let me review. give him his cheese

i think we might have gotten it. that was amazing he's like i'm leaving if this is what you're doing i'm leaving he needs some water. he's salty about it gallop already knows what's going on because this is moment where i'm kicking you out okay! so gallop and i are getting kicked out of my apartment which is very sad. and yeah, the next time you come in it'll be done it'll be the big reveal! are you excited? i'm so excited i know me too i'm a little nervous though. there's a lot of work to do. good luck thanks. alright. i'm out. bye. bye

how's it going? good. did you kick molly out? yeah, she's gonna go do some stuff with gallop. okay. so are you done with the stuffed animals? no because i want the bed to be like nestled amongst the panels and so i don't want to cover the ones that are going by the bed entirely like i'd rather see where the beds gonna hit. when she walks in you have the wall where we're gonna put her bed, but we're not gonna center her bed like i usually do we're gonna put it off to one side that can be kind of the sleeping area and that's gonna be anchored by the stuffed animal wall

so we need to get the bed into the room early on because i want to make sure that i'm not putting stuffed animals back behind where the mattress is gonna go that's pointless they're not even gonna see them. i'm actually really excited about this mattress. all right guys for the bed we are bringing in a very special mattress this is the purple mattress and we have the top-of-the-line the purple 4, that comfort grid technology i cannot believe that this is what you sleep on. yeah, it's why it's like it keeps you cool it cradles your body the honeycomb is just really like has like a mushy feel but not like overly mushy. i don't know it's just it's comfort tech. oh

you can you feel the honeycomb this is gonna be so amazing because this is just like another textural moment in here. i mean, i don't know what this crazy voodoo is, but this thing is magic the whole thing with this too is that it's supposed to keep you cool. i can feel it. i'm like sweating but like my backside is like not sweating for once. okay, so not only do we get the purple mattress. we also got a pet bed. oh my gosh i might need to sleep on this this is great, we also got pillows that are made up of the same smart grid technology, which feel so cool oh my gosh. wow this is supposed to be like super good on your spine because it's like more of that smart grid technology

oh, i might have to take these home. all right, here's some smart comfort grid for your eyes thank you, please enjoy the spa moment actually just kidding don't enjoy this spa moment we have so much to do! get up joey we have to measure this! okay, so we've got the mattress unrolled and the bed set up so now we just need to push it against the wall so we can place the panels and just trace and see where we're stopping the stuffed animals so it looks like the bed is just kind of built into this whole giant headboard and then on the other side will be a sequined wall and that's gonna anchor her new vanity. talk about a sensory experience i know a mix of like tactile and visual and this is our window where the pink is. yeah so right here, we're gonna do a cutout. so we'll just use plywood

alright, so for the sequin wall, we're just going to use the same thickness plywood that we're using for the stuffed animal walls and we're gonna upholster the plywood in the sequin fabric. and then on the plywood we're doing a rectangle cut out because i've got some awesome neon signs for her. they're like the little neon sheet so this will be our vanity or with organized make up a seat she can sit down and then we'll have the neon light peeking out of the cutout of the sequins. it's gonna look so cool okay. so now on the other side of the room we have fiber-optic curtains. it's an led light source that shoots down a branch of hundreds of fiber-optic cables and basically it has little pieces of glitter throughout the cable to refract the light. oh my god so then what we'll do is we'll mount the like curtain rod above

the dresser and then wrap this around the curtain rod and just kind of make it look sort of like a tangle of glitter we've got so much to do. kate's gonna finish getting the stuffed animals installed onto the plywood as she finishes those sheets i will get those installed on the wall. i'm also gonna work on getting the sequin wall up alright guys, so we worked late into the night last night to get the room mostly complete we had 600 stuffed animals to get on the wall which took a while we are here, to do finishing touches and we're gonna start with a rug cuddle this rugs awesome it's a pink shag and it is fuzzy and so soft. oh my gosh talk about textures. ah look it i love the sequin wall so much. okay, we gotta bring in the vanity

i don't like laying down with my bangs. you need me to hold you up can you get me in pillow? lift up lift up lift up lift up crunch hundreds we need to bring in the vanity we were gonna bring in the sensory buffet. i have so many awesome things great artwork and reveal. oh my gosh hundreds you need to get to be a better pillow okay

go you go you go i got things to do oh my gosh, this fiber-optic curtain is it's something we've never tangled with before. joey and i are trying to figure out how to artistically drape it over the curtain rod that he mounted up above the dresser and it's interesting. no, no no no, no. no, that looks terrible. what? no, absolutely not. kate. trust me. kate. oh this is like a no look, no, look. okay. wait, let me see. let me see. let me see maybe don't pull it. yeah, pull go let it go vertical like that

oh my gosh okay, i'm so amped about these fiber-optic curtains we've never worked with fiber optics at all in any of our designs on top of the dresser we're putting the sensory bar. you know, i love to style the surfaces of things whether it's a dresser or a sideboard so this dresser we have to style in a very fun way for molly. okay, now sensory bar look, i'm gonna show you i have this frame. yeah, and i got these braille keyboard letters as you know text art is really big and we always do like the quotes and everything okay, so you guys know that i love to write little quotes in frames so just this cool wood frame put some pretty pale pink paper in there. and now i have to think of a word that

doesn't use multiple letters because they're keyboard letters and we have one of each smile that's perfect, but i think i want to do what if we do. wait, what is it when you do shift, alt control, alt smile? that's cute computer tech just like when we come to your room and you need to reset for the day or reset for the night control alt smile so i love the idea of the sensory buffet as something that molly can access for when she wants to just you know, play with things with her hands and just kind of go into you know decompression mode. so i'm getting her a whole buffet of these items in glass apothecary jars placing some of molly's perfume on this tray because of course another sense that she has very heightened is her smell

so gallops pet bed is in the corner and i'm covering it with this really soft throw blanket and i'm also giving gallop some throw pillows because why not? above gallops bed we're hanging another one of the neon signs that's battery-operated. this one says love which i know she'll be able to see since it spells out with the lights and gallops symbol is a horseshoe. so i found this little small horseshoe that you can mount on the wall and i'm mounting it up turned which gathers the good luck as it falls in right after the love. so it says love u yesterday i also edited one of the photos that i took of gallop i got one. that's so cute he's like looking up at the cheese and we are able to get it into this beautiful brass frame. i also have something else planned for this portrait though

i'm gonna actually glue on white feathers on to the angel wings so that molly will actually be able to touch the photo itself and feel where the wings are and this will actually be like an interactive tactile photograph these throw pillows are so cute. we're using one that has like little free tassels on it and then hello how rad is this knot one? it's just like a gorgeous creative weirdo brain and it just feels really cool i think it'll be stimulating for her to touch and hug and cuddle. so something that molly's informed me about is the importance of sleep for blind people because their circadian rhythms aren't able to be regulated by the sunlight like sighted people so they can sometimes have non

24-hour sleep wake disorder, so we are providing her some gorgeous black out curtains so that she will be able to fully black out the windows turn off all the lights in her room and be in her peaceful cocoon. i'm organizing all of molly's makeup in these cool acrylic organizers and i'm also placing some other items in her little cotton ball holder some candles that smell good and also another very important symbol that she wanted to get into the room. somehow is a daisy because her old guide dog was named gypsy and her symbol of molly told me is a daisy now molly's followers on instagram and youtube they're all called the killer bees. so she also wanted bees in the room okay, the room looks amazing guys, but more importantly it feels amazing and it smells amazing and it glistens

amazing just a little glimmer. so i think we're ready to bring molly in it's gonna be one of our most interesting reveals ever we're gonna count down and then make her open her eyes how's that gonna work? the anticipation is killing me. i have been stalking. mr kates instagram story to see if i can get any like hints and clues and my mom's like stop looking i'm like, i can't eyes are closed. okay? you're really committing so sound and cozy. it smells really new in here. oh picture what it looked like before what it felt like before.

one....two.....three oh my god! before oh my god the rug cuddles must have been everything on this. reach your hand up you're new vanity chair so these are clear acrylic. i was gonna say these are acrylic aren't they? and a fuzzy seat. this is like my favorite type of chair yeah, yeah, so then here you have a vanity yeah i put some. some of my way too much makeup

oh i like these edges there's metal edges and then up here all along the back you have new acrylic organizers for all of your. yes! you can already see them? yes, oh my gosh and the lights aren't even on lips oh my god, its lips cuz its makeup. yeah a cactus yes, cuz i'm so basic. yeah, the wall. yes. it's sequins and they change what color is it? so it's gold and then it turns white. oh my god oh, it's like a shiny gold on one side and matte on the other it's a moon that you're touching now. oh my god, i was gonna guess a banana and then back here is a vase with

daisy. for my daisy girl. exactly. so she's represented here everyday. so by the daisies on the wall gentle. is this braille. no they're little bees oh my god. it feels like braille it's a whole swarm of your killer bees coming off of the daisies and it leads into the i mean but i led it to the light switch. that's so cute. so these are guiding me. yeah, your little killer beats so your bed is now it's over here more so you have oh it's very high up and so squishy oh my, look at that and so this is linen it's one of my favorite natural fibers to use and it gets softer and softer i said to my mom i bet she's gonna do linen

she loves linen. i love linen it's a blush pink linen with matching blush pink pillow the sleeping pillows and then then you got your throw pillows check out that front one. what is this? where did you even find this? i could wear it as a bracelet like a giant scrunchie a scrunchie under a magnifying glass or something there or like an atom. i don't know, but it's a blush pink gallops gonna have to learn that's not his that's not his this one has little tassels on it

i love the texture and then of course your headboard wall. my stuffies, oh my gosh they're so cute and i love this like i feel like i'm a psychic yeah, it's very magical yeah, so this is on your little side table ledge. oh, it's so cute. and then you have another one on the other side this is also your room is like split now, right? so this is like you're sleeping side with your stuffed animals and it's like 2/3 of the way it turns into it vanity madness with vanity stimulation with the sequins and sparkles so then over here is your new dresser you won't hit them. i mean i am not blind and i always have bruises on my hips from hitting yes

that's a real thing. i'm very clumsy. this is a whole strand of little bead lights. no yeah, they're led. and so this is what i call a sensory buffet. oh just for when you're super stressed what even is this? it's like a stress ball and there's a couple different colors in there there's options there's so many like fun squishy weird things. i also love to use quotes or little texts in rooms so this is an interactive text art for you okay, there's there's l there's e there's i there's m

the s is upside down. we can remake that an upside down s, very good. braille fail for a moment i was reading it i'm like have i forgotten how to read braille like i read braille almost every day in one way or another like how can i not read like is this like some obscure german braille that i've never heard of like i don't know that's cute. oh i love the effort! i love effort that was put in. you also have this fun thing which like i'm sure you had those as a kid. oh my god i didn't i should have oh my god wow, they're great to put on your face. and then it just leaves your impression. yeah, i didn't do that

yeah, there you go oh it feels weird straighten up. oh, yeah there you go. now you can just take your face away and it's there how does my face look? it looks cute, a little smushed your mouth is partially open okay, moving into this corner this is gallops corner, oh so he got a squishy bed just like you a horseshoe. it's a horseshoe that is so cute oh and he has more toys

and i gave him some throw pillows i love gallop has throw pillows my dogs officially bougie yes, and then above his bed. can i have his bed? oh, this is good choice gallop. he has a sign too above love u. yeah and then while you're down they can feel those lush curtains, yeah full blackout blackout there's a wall to wall ceiling to floor in here which we photographed yesterday. oh so cute and it's a very sort of dramatic beautiful look. black on black. exactly but he's like glistening and his eyes are shining and his nose is shining and his little chin whiskers are glistening. be honest

do you love it? i love it's a lot to take in yeah, yeah, i think i'm gonna spend days discovering things totally being like this is my favorite. i'm just so inspired by molly. she is somebody that has taken a quote-unquote disability and made into her superpower and i am just so thrilled to know her as a human being and doing this room for her was really a personal challenge that i wanted to undertake and very much wanted to succeed at because i like her so much. like every little bit of my personality and like wishes for the room was captured in some way and i am shocked they were able to shove every single one of my dreams into one like small to medium size bedroom. alright guys, molly's mom is also here

so we wanna bring her in and just see what she thinks about it! oh my god! that is gorgeous. i love it, it's so you molly look my clear stool with the fur oh you always wanted. i always wanted a clear stool with fur it is so soothing it is so beautiful look at gallops corner he has throw pillows i feel like we should turn out the lights draw the blackout curtains and show you what it looks like this is so so special

do you know what it looks like it looks like glitter to me like it looks the way glitter looks to me everybody should have these. it's so peaceful. this is so there's different settings like this is on like the fades setting so where it fades into the different colors. oh and look the banana yeah, it looks like a banana i'm ready for mr. kate to come back and decorate the rest of my apartment because i thought i was good at interior decorating until now it's so zen. oh, this is like perfect cuz it's that's like a multi-sensory room at its best as when it's like it's really stimulating meets really relaxing, right, you know like that's like the whole idea behind

kind of making multi-sensory rooms for people with disabilities is it's like it stimulates our brain in a way that the world doesn't but it's also not overwhelming. it's like this like perfect combination and that's like exactly what this oh goodness so, you're happy with it? i love it so much you guys nailed it i couldn't be happier we're gonna oh my god. yes. gallop! look, he's interested in the carpet. oh, he stretching. oh, stretch it out. he's like wait a second. i'm sorry this do you like it? this is your bed oh he's looking at the toys. he's like screw sleep

gallop they're all yours. you guys nailed it i just couldn't be more thankful. i'm like my little oasis i have everything represented that i wanted and i know i give you so thanks. oh good i hope so it was lovely meeting you mom molly just enjoy we'll see you on the interwebs i'm just gonna hang out with my stuff. i'm gonna have to name all of them oh my god, your gonna name all 600 of them. this is is gonna be a long process wow this is gorgeous. that was amazing. i mean, what a unique experience

guiding molly through the room and having her see those things like i'm so glad that she got to see the shapes and the fiber-optics like literally everything that i was hoping she would be able to experience she did guys what did you think that was amazing that was so next next level i mean molly is just such an inspiring force of nature and so like i mean it was really really important to me for her to love this room. and she's thrilled. she's thrilled her mom's throughout her dog's thrilled yeah, i'm thrilled. you're thrilled okay, oh wow clearly we're slap-happy and need to go home yeah it's been awhile

we've seen a lot of stuffed animal butts molly thanks so much for having us over guys. if you haven't already subscribed to her go check out our channel subscribe she does amazing videos.amazing, she's so inspiring go follow her on instagram like i'm obsessed with her you guys will be obsessed with her go if you guys are new to our channel hit that subscribe button yeah, what's up? if you're new from molly's channel. hello. welcome killer bees. we love you we're creative weirdos over here let's be creative weirdo killer bees huge thanks to purple for sponsoring the video guys if you need anything in that world of crazy comfy tech comfort tech, go to make sure you subscribe and stay weird, stay creative, stay you bye!

so cool, what do i have - just look don't scratch, don't scrape it that's really small okay hang on

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