new bedroom paint colors

new bedroom paint colors

trim color very important, people tend toalways default to white or off-white. it depends on what color yourwall color is for, what color your trim should be. so the darker your wall color, the darker your trim color should be. it should be a darker white. the great thing about ppg pittsburgh paints is we give ideas for your trim color! all of our color chips so that whenever you’re choosing the paint colorfor the wall, in our 5 color chip,

there’s always a trim color for you to pick as well. the creamer whites look better with thistype of white that they have here. it’s a little bit of a creamer,yellower white. it just transitions better and makes the room warmer. thesecond you put like an off white or just plain white trim, because you think trim shouldalways be just plain white, it can look really unfinished and too much of acontrast. so you want that nice contrast, a creamer white for your trim. for trim, and doors, cabinets, bathroom walls

sometimes people still want to go to the satin or semi- gloss, and you can go all the way to a full gloss but just know that a full gloss is going to give you a lot of shadows and pick up a lot of light. a flat obviously deflects light. now innew homes you don't have to worry about the drywall job being not good. we tend to recommend true flatsfor older homes, that might have some imperfections inthe wall. the second you put a flat in their it takes all thoseimperfections away. the higher the sheen the more you see the finish, so werecommend, still for walls it should be a flat or an eggshell, especially for a newhome it should be eggshell finish.

our manor hall finishes are our best paint of all. we use the speedhide in the new homes for heartland. if you want to repaint, manor hall eggshell isfantastic it's very scrub-able. i use it in my kitchen, where you’re able toscrub off spaghetti sauce, or anything off the wall and it doesn't come off inthe paint. the important part is that when you're using a flat or an eggshell youget a really elegant finish on the wall and people used to think that inorder to scrub the paint you had to go up in sheen, like a semi-gloss or a gloss. people still use gloss in their bathrooms andyou don't need to do that anymore.

the hundred-percent acrylic resins thatare out there and the eggshell and flat finishes have that ceramic scrub-able finish, that you don't need to use a highgloss to get there. it's always important to change the sheen from yourwalls to trim. like you don’t want to use flat on your trim, it just doesn't lookgood. if you have beautiful trim and you want to highlight ityou absolutely want to increase the sheen to a semi- gloss, satin semi-gloss , or glass and keep thewalls of flat or and eggshell. and then you get a beautiful transition andyou get a little bit of depth and

dimension to the whole wall.

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