neutral paint colors for bedroom

neutral paint colors for bedroom

can't wait to decorate. there's so much we can make! how will it turn out? omg we're coming over open up, we're here! okay, you're yelling like, so loud. omg! omg! we're up really high! downtown los angeles. it's really high up. it's amazing, but don't look down. you guys know that we have our show; omg! we bought a house, this is omg! we're coming over where we go in the homes of famous digital celebrities. yes and today we are at andrea brooks's high rise apartment in la. you may know her as andreas choice on youtube; massive youtuber.

hello, it's andrea, welcome back to my channel. she does beauty and diy videos, she's super popular. she really needs help with her bedroom because she moved into this apartment and never pulled it together and she films all of her videos in that room. we're so excited to do this room for beautiful andrea and you know what else we're excited about? subscribing! you guys subscribe because we're trying to get to one million subscribers, so please hit that button! be a part of our family. yes! let's to check it out. we're going to make it beautiful and glamorous, contemporary! let's go! so it looks pretty much....wooooowww...

i feel extra short now. we're the same height, we've already discussed this. you're 5'1", right?yes. i love it. short people live longer.i love short ladies.okay! well, i'm married to one.ew! don't use that word. so, kate and joey just arrived and i'm really excited but i'm also really nervous because i have really bad luck with like, releasing control over to other people - but, i have faith in kate because i feel like we kind of have similar styles. the room looks like when we were here last.

i've lived here for one year and i've never really had time to like, fully decorate my bedroom. the problem is, is that i film in here so it has to look nice but it's such a big area that i never really knew exactly what i wanted to do with it. i love the cow skull obviously it's faux, so vegetarian. it is vegan.oh, vegan, right of course. and, i did order some things that i really liked online and my bed was really low too. you can tell a short person lives here. i've never purchased anywhere to store my stuff. yes, all your makeup, samples, everything.

i really like whites and neutrals, this way i can kind of control what pops of color i want. all that i know is i want it to be neutral. so that i'm able to like switch out pops of color. i want to be able to film in my room from any direction because it's filled with stuff. instead of my being committed to a certain color scheme, like i don't like painting my walls crazy colors. right. hotel glam, multifunctional, awesome space. with touches of my personality. of course. kate's great at are good at that!awe! thanks guys!high five.joey!

so, since you are a diy goddess, it's just makes sense that we start the first project diy style. perfect! while joey is prepping the boring stuff. you told me that you love glitter. i love glitter, metallic. kate's telling me that she wants to do some glitter art and i'm like yeah, i love glitter. girl, me too. because we're trying to go super classy, glamorous with your room, i didn't want to go like, traditional, small glitter. what would glitter look like under a magnifying glass? it would be like, big.

we could create the look of magnified glitter with good old aluminum foil! it's just more durable if we try to dothis on a regular canvas it could get a little saggy and i painted the sideswhite but can't just be any crumpled it has to be the right kind ofgeometrically shaped crumpled. as she start crumpling it together and likesetting it down it starts to really come together and then it was like iunderstood where her mind was it looks so good. then i have this which is thismirror effect spray paint ohit'll kind of change the look of the tinfoil a little bit so it's not ohthat's tin foil on your wall, it's more like metal.

i love how open you are to this. did yousee what my room was like before i just had actual tin foil laying around like oldfood yeah turn that shit in to art. first thing's first let's get some paint on thesewalls. i want to give you a subtle wall color change in our color palette plan ofplaying with neutrals and stuff like that, the subtleties of like wall colorreally do make a big difference. so andrea's apartment like a lot of rentals,it's just painted white. right now you have kind of like a almost like an ivory right?it looks, well i'm a bright white i'm a caucasian so we could, we talked aboutmaking this like a feature wall right? since you're a renter it's easier topaint over a painted technique. of course

you know i'm a fan of diy i thought why notdiy a pattern on the wall and the perfect thing to do that is a stencil.i have never stenciled. can i start painting? between the stencil and thepainting is going to take us forever, you guys can do the stencil i'll do the painting. soi'm really excited about this stencil that kate is doing on my bedroom rightnow i've never had stencil i never even really thought to do stencil on my wallit was always like a color or wallpaper but she's kind of like merging the two. idrew it here scanned it in build it in obviously because i want these areas tobe the negative space. it kind of reminds me of like a giraffe, oh i love way! that's my giraffe noise. i got the same

wall color but in a semi-gloss.uh did i open the right one? you did. you got to tell me these things kate,how many times have we had this conversation? when i'm doing the projectsyou have to tell me the details. how many times you had this conversation? whereyou have to listen to me because guess what dude i did tell you this project.andrea, excuse me i just want you to know that we actually dolove each other. i thought you were gonna come slap her yeah. i want to give her aglamorous elegant backdrop it has to be a light gray with a warm undertone soit's luxe and glamorous and not too cold so tape e tape.all right i'm gonna start. yeah just go you're just

gonna go down exactly we should kick her out. but she's havingso much fun. joey really knows how to be a party pooper. i actually have some things to dotoday so i'm going to go do them. that sounds like i'm gonna go watch game ofthrones in the other bedroom. i might do the quicker you get out of here thequicker we get this done. i'm out of here get excited!so these are the little rolley guys. oh my god they're like toy trains, okay youdon't care whatever great see you later bye have fun up therecool good talk. so we got these cool flush-mount curtains that are a trackthat runs across the ceiling she's got a

cement ceiling which is a little trickybut i got my masonry bits and i can just get those in i'm gonna get sweaty butyou got to do what you got to do to get those curtains up folks. part of thisproject is we're raising the whole room up because everything in here is reallylow. she had her tv on this little stand is way too low not enough space we're goingto mount that tv get it off the stand clean it up with a nice cable hiderso we'll mount that and paint it the same color as the walls justautomatically upgrades the room cool. kate! what? i'm here i come bearing the mostbeautiful knobs you've ever seen. those are so cool. and look each one is unique.....oh manthose are awesome i want these.

stud earrings. we found the most amazing knobsyou've ever seen on planet earth i don't even actually think they're from planetearth i think they're from some beautiful fabulous planet. what's half oftwenty-five and a half? i don't do that. i'm gonna get this as exact as possible buti'm not a cabinet maker i know you think i am but... i never said that. all righthere goes nothing. what do you mean here goes nothing? here goesimportant things we're gonna sort of pimp it out bydrilling custom holes in it and putting these really funky knobs. it's reallytaking this piece that's inexpensive and just upping the quality a million amillion dollars i pay a million dollars.

those knobs made this very heavy,perfect! so andrea gets a ton of makeup samplesshe also has clothes that she needs to put away in some drawersso this media console / dresser is the perfect piece of furniture for that.kate got this giant floor-to-ceiling mirror that we're gonna mount on thewall, it's gonna be perfect right next to the door to the bathroom right next tothe vanity space. i think this is the prettiest desk i've ever seen. yeahamazing. do you know what style this is? luxury.parsons. andrea needs a desk / vanity someplace where she could edit on herlaptop but then also some place where

she could put on her makeup. you sit atit and you're just like wow okay i'm gonna make some money at this desk it'sin a champagne color but obviously it doesn't have that many drawers it justhas these for her like pens. where's this going? but that yeah for here because ithas these drawers with these little label thingies and on those labels i amwriting lips eyes face, that can be where she can organize and have some favoritessuccessful. no joey no don't rest on this. go go build thebed go build the bed, if you're tired go build a bed but don't sleep in it. a treeor a plant is a really really nice item to bring into any room, you want to havethat organic element to juxtapose all of

the furniture that you have going on andfiddly figs are one of my favorite things to use in any design they have bigbeautiful green leaves. okay so i love the magnified glitter art as the center,and then we have a bunch of options. i think we should do like another piece ofart right here that just says dinners done. somebody got leftovers. let's callthat leftover. don't be fooled that thing would be hanging in the art gallery indowntown la in a second that is some hip modern art books i love that picture.well of course you love this picture its two cats. but i also love how youdid the brushstrokes on the edge. well yeah i did that because there was like awhite border for when you printed these.

yeah but that's so cool. it was just a quick fix,a gallery wall has that very contemporary look andrea has a lot offriends she's well loved i'm gonna add some black-and-white photos of herfriends pets travels she's been to some awesome places. this is like just astandard carpet on the floor here so we're gonna jazz it up with a littlefluffy rug love a little fluffy rug love a little hug with my love on the fluffyrug. oh gosh it's heavenly and glam oh i know what's coming. let's enjoy our walllet's enjoy our wall oh yeah i know can we just talk? that wall looks amazinglaying on this rug. it turned out better than i imagined, we use the semi glosspaint so that it's the same color as the

walls but it has a sheen to it it looksbetter than any wallpaper we would have used so i'm so glad. joey we don't havetime for this. why do we do these in one day? because of you say so.yeah well they have to get done in one day so come on. wow how quickly he changeshis tune wow before andrea had i think a fulllooked a little small with low to the ground we're bringing in the queen bed imean it's a queen bed but it's also the queen andrea's bed. we needed to bring inmatching side tables because in order to get that contemporary hotel look they'vegot a match and then we got some glass made perfectly for the top so it reallyjust lux's up those side tables that

were a thrift store find and now looklike a million bucks. we also added some heavy brass knobsjust those little touches make them look like completely new pieces. got yourcorner? all of sudden acting like you know how to do this you. have your corner? whotaught you this? my mom. did she? yeah this looks like to me. oh joey joey let andreabe the first one on your bed not you. can i please try it? why can't i try the bed ijust want to make sure that it's comfortable. can i try it?we can do military corners. okay you can do military corners i don't knowwhat those are. i'm making the bed really luxurious with layered linens i'm notusing a matchy matchy set because i

really want it to look sophisticated andwell-designed don't just use the standard size rectangle pillows get someeuropean squares they are the same price as regular pillows make sure you getthose european square sham pillowcases to go with it and that just gives youthat hotel look. so we really have to highlight her windows with aconversation area and i found the most amazing chairspleated blush pink like the palest pink you've seen, they have a brass base to themthat swivels i am giving her next to the dresser a basket with some throwblankets and an extra throw pillow so she can get cozy on those chairs.

above the side tables i wanted to giveher some art because that really gives it a hotel look, so i got these brushedsilver frames with mats and then inside i just painted some really simplewatercolor palm fronds because she lives in la after all andrea has three pets she has a dog andtwo cats so we gotta give them a place to sleepthis little dog bed was so perfect because it's really fluffy and cute andit's in our color palette so i had to get it and stick it in the corner. should i cover my eyes? i'm so scared.ready? before i cover my eyes and walk

into the room i told kate i was likeeven if i love it i'm not a screamer. don't look don't peek don't hit your head.well guess what happened when i walked in? at your leisure, one two three she literally shrieks. i think i screameda couple times actually oh my god! are you scared of it? like god i amso this is the cutest room i've ever been in in my entire life. i would agreewith that. even like the friends that decorate really good yeah their roomsaren't even this good. i mean i've never been there but i agree. of course she loves it!it's amazing! look at your new hut

it's a dresser joey he loves to call it a hut.oh sweet gold dip knobs, slabs of stone lush chairs..... i'm like freaking out right now and i was really afraid at first whenyou guys were going to like paint my walls i really like having white wallsbut like this is the perfect color. glam all these neutrals playing on each otherit's dimension its glam you can change out the throw pillows you can bring inpops color i just painted those two palm leaf things to represent la. oh my god it'slike you're in my room. your guy's crazy cool abstract art. i know i lovethat. this desk is epic like the finish on it. that actually is leaf withchampagne leaf and then look i just put

in those placeholders the little labelsyour favorites to be in there on rotation this is like 20 times better than likewhat i was envisioning in my head i didn't know it was gonna like look likea royal bedroom or something. it's kind of like a really good dream likeyou know when you have a good dream and like you live in this perfect house and thenyou wake up and you're like i'm still there like that's still my bedroom and i'mawake it's great! omg we came over high-fives ohgod i'm so happy that kate and joey took the time out of their schedules to dothis for me can't wait to do a room tour

ha ha good job good job joey!once again you killed it! you killed it! we killed it! pat on the back, okay well whatever. this was super meaningful for me because i am friends with andrea and iknow how hard she works and she's so awesome on youtube you gotta check outour channel andrea's choice, i'm so glad that she loves her room it's soglamorous and beautiful like her. go subscribe to her channel watch all ofher great vids and please subscribe to our channel. we want to reach 1million subscribers before the end of the year. we're using hashtag mrkateone million so just click that subscribe button and be part of our creativeweirdo family it would mean so much to

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