neutral colors for bedroom walls

neutral colors for bedroom walls

hey guys! it is courtney from gray house studio welcome to our home. today we are going to do our first room tour of our newly made over guest bedroom. to start off this room makeover we needed to do a little rearranging. we initially had the bed in front of the window but it was just making the space feel a little closed off so we moved it to the large wall

and the change was drastic. it immediately opened up the space and made the room feel a lot larger. so, when our guests first walk into the room we want them to feel welcomed immediately so we created this little cute welcome center you might recognize these crates from our fall crate display. after fall i decided to re-purpose them and

move them in here and the make for a really cute stand. you can search on our website "fall crate display" to see how we transformed these crates. if you know anything about me you know i am obsessed with vintage suitcases so when i found this suitcase here i bought it immediately and then was later going to figure out what i was actually going to do with it.

when i decided to create this little welcome center. i was like this is the perfect place to store all our welcome items for our guests so in the basket we have we have our guest book, we have some water bottles, we have some snacks in case they get hungry at midnight and they don't have to make thier way to the kitchen and try to find something. we also stored the remote

so it is always in a handy place where they can find it and we made it really visible for guests to find out wifi password. whenever we have people come over i feel like the first thing they ask is "oh hey! how are you? what is your wifi password?" so we made it really clear and really handy and i actually got this cute little photo stand when we visited magnolia market in waco

a couple of weeks ago. it worked out perfectly to make our wifi password stand out so they can immediately find it. another fun thing i incorporated into this space was this wooden vase that came from target as well. that is a larger version of our wooden vase in our guest bathroom which also has the matching shower curtain that matches our duvet cover

so it really ties in the two rooms and they feel like one big long room for our guests. the basis for this whole room came together from this duvet cover that i got from west elm. i love the tropical theme and the bright colors since most of our house is really neutral. so, this was our existing bed but to kind of make it a little bit more complete we actually built this headboard,

brent and i, that looks just like one from west elm. we didn't have time or money to build the entire bed but the headboard automatically just adds so much more and makes it feel complete and with it being tall add a sort of art feel to this wall and feels it up. when i was out shopping i found this really fun pillow at target and i love it because it adds a different texture to the bed to contrast the headboard

and it matches really great with my existing duvet cover. brent think it looks like suley from monsters inc.'s fur which kind of freaks me out a little but at least he is relating to the pillow and likes it. in this corner of the guest room we created a little bit of a reading nook. we got this really nice chair from target that is just a neutral so that we could add a cozy blanket that adds a pop of the color of the green/greenish blues

so our guests can cozy up and read in this corner. we got to recycle and reuse what we already had in the room which was our branch yarn wall hanging which you can find on our blog just search "branch yarn wall hanging" and we show you how to make this.

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