neutral bedroom color

neutral bedroom color

hi everyone, welcome to another designlesson video. in each video i'm going to review some key design principles thatyou should keep in mind when you're thinking about renovating or decoratingyour space. so if you have a design dilemma and need some answers feel freeto comment in the section below with your questions or you can tweet me yourquestions on twitter @designchickee. your dilemma could become one of thesedesign lesson videos right here. in the meantime, let's get to today's topic! today i'm giving you my top fivebenjamin moore white paint colors. so many people ask me what my go-to whitepaint color is and i really have to

disappoint them because i don't justhave one. color is dependent on so many factors like lighting, sheen, room size,reflection, atmosphere, etc. so one color would never solve all those issues but ido have some favorites and i'm here to give you just my top 5 picks frombenjamin moore. so let's get to it! most white paints have an undertone ofanother color and my favorite undertone is gray. decorator's white is the palestof pale gray. it's perfect for kitchen cabinetry when you don't want starkwhite. imagine white chalk! i also love it on exterior siding like this. another favorite gray white of mine isoxford white. decorator's white tends to

be on the cooler side.oxford white is warm gray, but again just a hint of grey. one key way to determinethe undertone of your white is to put it next to other colors or other whites. youcan see here in this image the white is warm, pale and slightly gray. i love usingoxford white on moldings because it makes them look like plaster. anotherundertone of white is yellow or cream and in this case there is no betterchoice for a creamy white than simply white. you may remember it as benjamin moore's color of the year in 2016 and i thinkit's still a great choice. simply white is a beautiful soft white. it has just ahint of cream so it lends itself to many

interiors. most people i show this white toagree, it's just beautiful. i love it on doors and trim especially. all the wallsand trim work are painted in this color here and you can see there's a lightpretty look to the room. that's why i love simply white. paper white is afavorite of mine because it has a touch of blue. i love using this on walls wheni want an all-white room look without it being too bright.i especially love using this color in modern big open spaces like lofts. i alsolove using it in bathrooms where carrara marble is used. the touch of blue reallycomes alive next to the blue grey marble. and finally you could even call it mynumber one white paint... chantilly lace.

chantilly lace is a true white. it's whati use as a backdrop when i'm choosing other colors because it's just plainwhite and you can see all the other white undertones. but there's nothingplain about it! it's a great color for kitchen cabinetry if you're looking fora bright white kitchen. i also love it on trims around high contrast colors likethis. so there you have it... my top fivebenjamin moore white pants. here they are all together. you can really see theirundertones when they're next to each other. these are the white paint colors iuse most often but even then i still look at all my color choices atdifferent times of day and in different

lighting situations before i finalizethe color. so don't forget to get some large samples and try them out yourself.htanks for watching my latest design lesson video. if you liked the videoplease hit the like button, share it with your friends and don't forget tosubscribe! you can follow me on twitter as well and if you have any designquestions let me know and it could be the topic of our next video. plus if youhave some white paints that you love, love, love then add them to the list bycommenting in the section below. i'd love to hear about your favorites and howyou've used them. again thanks for watching this video and i'll see younext time.

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