neon paint colors for bedrooms

neon paint colors for bedrooms

so today i'm going to be showing you how to do a neon, festival inspired makeup look, and to do this i'm going to be using these paint glow face paints. these come in so many different colours and they glow in the dark - which is so cool. so they do lots of glow in the dark neon colours, they also do lots of glitter colours which are also really cool. they even have ones for your hair, so i'm going to be showing you how to use all of these in this video. so, i'm going to start off by using the pink ones and i'm going to draw some dots above my eyebrows. using all of these colours, i'm just going to be doing lots of different designs. you can basically do whatever design you want on your face. anything that is creative or floral or any sort of pattern that you like.

so on the other eye, i'm going to use a different colour. i'm also going to do some swirls on side of my face, using loads of different rainbow colours. i'm then just going to use the green to give myself some eyeliner. i'm just going to use the end of my paintbrush to do some polka dots around my face. so i'm now going to take some of this paint glow glitter and add it to my cheekbones. i'm also adding a little bit of this just below my brow. i'm now going to take some of this uv hair colour, which is also by paint glow. and i am just going to add a few streaks of this in my hair. this comes with a little mascara brush which i'm going to dip it in here to get the hair product out.

once it's on the mascara wand, you can streak it through your hair. this is actually so cool! i'm going to take some bits from the bottom and do random places different colours. i'm not just taking the orange one... as you can see this is such a fun and easy way to add colour to your hair, an obviously, it's perfect for festivals as it's just wash in, wash out. i also have some of these neon clip in extensions and i'm going to clip in a few of these now. these are super simple to use! all you do is unclip them here, find a piece of your hair underneath, clip them in and hide it with a little bit of hair.

i'm just going to do the same on the other side. i'm just lifting up a little bit of hair, clipping in the extension... this is obviously a simpler way to get colour into your hair if you don't want to use the hair streaks. so to finish off my crazy festival look, i'm going to add this hat - because how could i not! i mean it's so adorable! it's a blue hat which is a monster and i'm going to add this to my look. so now it's time to turn off the lights and see how i glow!

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