most relaxing color for bedroom

most relaxing color for bedroom

this episode of dnews is brought to you byjackthreads. do you wanna know what color gets me in themood? hey guys, julia here for dnews the colors man, the colors! if you’re notcompletely color blind, kid, you might associate certain colors with certain feelings. butthe idea that colors affect moods seems like.. well like baloney to me. but studies as far back as the 1930s showthat people, at least in the western world associate colors with specific feelings. weuse colors as metaphors for emotions. red represents anger, while blue is seen as sereneand dignified. a study published more recently

in bmc medical research methodology foundthis to hold true. some healthy people picked a happy yellow as associated with their mood,while some people with depression and some people with anxiety picked shades of greyto describe their mood. colors can even change the way drugs work.seriously. the color blue makes for better sedatives while red makes stimulants moreeffective. speaking of red… there really seems to be some strong feels surroundingthe hot hue. red seems to be a universal color that meansstop, danger or hot. while you might think this has to do with culture it might haveto do with our biology. one study in the journal emotion found that when people see red theyreact stronger and faster. red is often seen

as the sexy color, and one study publishedin the journal of experimental social psychology found that to hold up across different cultures. but it’s not just people, one study publishedin psychological science found that male rhesus macaques avoid or act submissively aroundsomeone who wears red. another study published in the journal evolution and human behaviorfound that female macaques tend to gaze longer at images of male hindquarters surroundedby frames of red than the same image framed with blue. so maybe the roots of red reactionslie deep within our dna. some scientists think this could because redis so important for communication. a flushed face could signal that someone is angry orready to hit the sheets.

but other colors carry meaning too. kermitwould be happy to know that it’s pretty easy, well calming being around green. onestudy published in environmental science and technology found that the color green mightmake you enjoy your workout more. the researchers found that men who looked at the color greenwhile working out were less tired and had less mood disturbances. other studies show that colors with shorterwavelengths like blue and green evoke feelings of calmness. a study published in appliedpsychology: health and well-being found that kids with adhd experience fewer symptoms afterplaying in an outdoor green space. green might also help enhance your creativity,according to a study published in the journal

personality and social psychology bulletin.these benefits of green might be because a lush green landscape meant a fertile landwith plenty of food for our ancestors. blue can mean a few different things. oneshade might be calming while a darker hue might signal sadness. but blue light mightperk us up. one reason might be because blue acts on our biological clock. on a brightsunny day, the sky is a brilliant blue, telling us to be awake. this is one of the reasonswhy the blue light from your laptop and phone screens can keep you awake at night. so if you want to get pumped up, you shouldbe seeing red. want to calm down? surround yourself with hues of blue and green.

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red the same as my red? or is your red likemy blue? check out this video here anthony throws on his rose-colored glasses and takesa look.

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