How To Decorate A Long Skinny Living Room

How To Decorate A Long Skinny Living Room. Narrow living room looks very functional in the homes which have a long design. If your living room looks like a long hallway, use a few clever illusions to open up the space so you don't feel like you're living in a bowling alley.

15 Ways to Layout Your Living Room - How To Decorate
15 Ways to Layout Your Living Room - How To Decorate (Adeline Moran)
Dear How to Decorate, We recently bought a condo! How to Design a Long Narrow Living Room. If you're asking of the way to decorate a living space, eclectic theme is always among the best concepts that need to.

Now, we need help with how to furnish and lay out a long narrow living space that also has a dining area around the corner.

So don't despair Tracy, you are not alone with all this.

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The catch: The TV only fits on one wall. I have some ideas and suggestions which might help to get this room looking more lovely and feeling less annoying! A few tips on how to work with the shape of the room can help you achieve a furniture arrangement that looks balanced and functions well.

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